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Tuesday links

  • Dems meet to try to figure out how to win back the heartland even while making clear their total contempt for everybody in it.
  • What Tinder knows. And that’s probably nothing compared to what F*c*b**k knows. Or what the vermin who buy and aggregate their data know.
  • It’s a small study, but more of this type are coming: Magic mushrooms reset the brains of depressed people to a healthier state.… 8 Comments
  • A couple freedomista Patreon creators

    Of my 19 new patrons, two of them — familiar faces — have Patreon creator pages of their own. I was moved that creatives who are trying to raise money on Patreon themselves would step up for me. So here’s a shout-out to those two, whose work you’ll enjoy: Montana Homesteading is Kit Perez. You know her as the high-energy proprietor of The Patrick Henry Society and The Order of the White Rose. She started her homesteading blog on Patreon early this summer, then almost immediately had to set it aside to deal with everything from wildfires to a new…


    Thinking books

    Just got word! Twenty patrons now and $122 a month in pledges. Second goal met. So it’s official. I really am going to have to get on with writing that story. Soon. (And get on with writing several more thank you notes! As well as one more Patreon goal.) Even if the promised story is exclusive to the patrons for now, this whole thing has got me stirred into into thinking in a way I haven’t in years. Thinking books. Old books. Books to be revised. New ways to get those old books back out there. And (could it be?)…


    Thinking RebelFire

    Well. That was quick. On Monday I wrote that suddenly I was living above my means and would commence cutting and selling. I asked if I should open a Patreon account solely to keep ‘Net access going and pay hosting costs on the blog and Claire’s Cabal. “Yes,” you said. On Wednesday I created that Patreon account. Subscriptions quickly approached my $60 a month goal. Patreon likes multiple goals. So what the heck. I created a $120 a month goal level, adding a performance promise. I figured keeping that promise would would quite a ways in the future. By this…


    Weekend links

  • Making “frugal” sexy.
  • Why did the left go nuts when Trump obeyed the law on Obamacare?
  • Although this article manages to sling the usual mainstream insults, there’s no question: Art Robinson and his family do fascinating science.
  • Clayton Cramer — whose research was instrumental in busting lying anti-gun “historian” Michael Bellesiles — is writing a book on mass murder in America and would like reader comments.… 9 Comments
  • If somebody’d only told me I’d be taking pictures through black, salt-spattered glass …

    Yesterday Neighbor J. took me to the Big City for a special treat. Not the utilitarian place I laughingly call the Big City. But the really cool place I laughingly call the Big City. So I’m behind on correspondence — especially on thanking people for subscribing to my Patreon. I’ll catch up with you. I promise! But it was a fine day. Even though it wasn’t a fine day. I took one of the new blog cameras with me, just in case. J. treated me to lunch at this incredible restaurant. I haven’t understood the point of people taking pictures…


    A GoFundMe to restore Erin’s face

    Gun blogger Erin Palette was mauled by a 90-pound dog. In her face. The dog nearly severed her lips. The GoFundMe established by her friend Matthew House has more than met its goals, but it sounds as if there could be unexpected medical expenses ahead and a long rehabilitation. Oleg Volk is offering a wonderful incentive to larger donors. (H/T LN for the heads-up and for all three links)

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