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Friday links

  • Utah adopts the nation’s lowest blood-alcohol limit for DUIs. This affects gun owners, too. And may soon infect many more states, as the NTSB recommends the (absurd) limit. Do I smell a government looking for more opportunities to make money by creating new offenders?
  • How the fedgov made health care more expensive and made heroin cheaper.
  • Flash story: “The High Cost of Contact.” Favors delivered by force do tend to be expensive. (H/T MJR)

  • Free printable USGS topo maps

    Here. It’s not at all intuitive how you use the main map to get the topo map you’re looking for. Mostly, zoom in, zoom in, and zoom in again until you see the little red rectangles for the quad you’re interested in. Select said quad map; save or open. Then zoom in, zoom in, and zoom in again on the quad map to see good things like logging roads and trails. (H/T MJR) 0


    Theda’s kin

    I set out to draw Theodosia Burr Goodman Brabin, better known as Theda Bara, the silent screen’s original vamp. I was going to do her beaded headdress and all. But the further I got in executing the under-drawing, the more sure I was that I couldn’t get a good likeness. So I drew her … um, great granddaughter, instead. The likeness was closer than I expected. But this is incomplete and a failed experiment. Some okay things about it, but mostly Yet Another Learning Experience. I’m not even sure I’m going to post it. 1+


    Yet another “build it in a day” tiny house (with a difference)

    Yes, yes. We’ve all seen plenty of those tiny-house, build-it-in-a-day (as long as you don’t consider permits, site prep, plumbing, electricity and probably half the other things that go into building a house) miracle structures that are going to solve all urban woes/disaster aftermaths/third-world housing needs. But this one’s different. Aside from being roundish, it’s 3D-printed on site. Is that cool, or what? The video explains. The video also starts out obnoxiously like a corporate promo ca. 1988 (and I should know because back then I wrote a bunch of the things). But eventually it shows how the house “grows.”…



    Tamara de Lempicka, one of the twentieth century’s fabulous forgotten figures. A very Art Deco person. This is also always what I’ve imagined Dagny Taggart looking like. Pencil on Stonehenge paper. Light background color added to the scanned image. One of these times, I might try taking on the full image (from the link) rather than just head and shoulders. Ms. Lempicka seems to have been an awful bitch. But talented. And definitely fabulous, at least in that oh-so-dramatic photo. I’m particularly pleased with how her face turned out. 3+

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    Life in the microwave lane

    The dog is just because. —– After a scattered and exhausting weekend, I woke up today to a long email from a friend that reminded me of the connections between freedom, creativity, and spiritual strength. I breathed deeply, grateful for the message. I resolved to refocus. My resolve lasted until I went to give the critters their breakfast and discovered the microwave was dead. I ended up focusing on DIY repair sites for a while. Along the way, I ran into this snarky article, “How to Turn Your Microwave Into a Camera.” The title of the just-posted Advertising Age piece…


    It’s a wrap

    Yesterday, Lies of Omission, the freedomista documentary-to-be, finished principal photography. My involvement with this project has been minimal, but I was there for the final day’s interviews and it was as great a meeting of minds as I’ve taken part in in years. I was there because they had to reshoot my interview from last fall. Which I’m sure made nobody happy. T.L. and Sammi Davis both had to make long, costly extra trips. Although my trip to join them was short, I was as excited to be re-interviewed as to have my my fingernails pulled out by hot pincers.…