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Month: July 2015

Going to the dogs (and a small reminiscence about going to the horses)

Just a little lite something this morning: A Hollywood animal trainer’s secrets for getting dogs to act on cue. (H/T PT) I’m definitely going to see that movie White God, though it sounds as if it’ll be painful to watch.* The latest place therapy dogs (or even just well-behaved family pets) are showing up: funeral homes. —– * It’s true and a relief what she says at the end about the differences in training movie animals today vs in the past. She uses horses as an example, how they’re now trained to fall in battle scenes rather than cruelly tripped.…

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Midweek links

No surprise at all: economic freedom creates personal happiness. One documentarian’s fight against the absurd (and profitable) copyright on “Happy Birthday.” Looks as if she now has some powerful ammo. Love it. A rogue Dairy Queen has been going its own way since 1949 (though why it doesn’t just go independent and avoid the franchise fees is a question). (H/T Jim B. in comments) As jed noted when he sent this item: good news, but not fast enough. 🙂 Bovard on how disability law went nuts Lessons learned (although probably mostly not learned) from the stupid, lying, inept drug raid…

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Tuesday links

Lenore Skenazy (once again) demands that kids — and their parents — be free to walk free. It’s fascinating just how many ways the $15/hour minimum wage is backfiring. J.D. Tuccille has yet another. (And it’s great to see his Disloyal Opposition blog back again!) Via Sipsey Street: It’s no surprise, but soooo gratifying that the number of guns being manufactured has doubled during the Obama regime. Yep, as I guessed yesterday, Chrysler is handling the hack-a-Jeep (or anything else we make) fix staggeringly poorly. Also yesterday I said that no writer had ever come up with a description of…

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Monday links

Intriguing DIY all-terrain cart/carrier. (H/T MJR) Drawing — by hand, even doodling — enhances memory and other cognitive functions. Remember last week’s remotely hacked Jeep? Chrysler has now recalled … well, basically every car it’s made lately. No need to take your auto to the shop, though: just wait for the USB stick or download the software. OTOH, given the company’s record of mishandling recalls, don’t be too optimistic. New micro device delivers drugs directly to the brain. Not my brain, buddy! “Don’t Blame Trump; Blame America.” Once you get past the offensive title there’s a lot to agree with.…

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Weekend links

States that have legalized cannabis show a remarkable decrease in deaths from opiod overdose. Much though I respect animals, I think this is a bad idea. (H/T PT) On the other hand, we could use some pretty basic changes of policy (and of heart) toward our beloved companions. This man lived on the streets for two years because no homeless shelter would accept him with the dog who’d devoted a life to him. (Fortunately, help eventually stepped in.) Ohhh, how the IRS loooooves Obamacare! Two on Sandra Bland (and on the expectation that serfs must obey any command of their…

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Don’t have much

Sorry I don’t have much for you at the moment. Been a weird week. When not feeling inert (probably lack of sleep + gray weather) I’ve been busy beginning or resuming long-delayed spring projects. Picked up another 75 pounds or so of broken glass and rusted metal from the lot across the street. Scrubbed stale cigarette scuzz out of Old Blue. Am gradually de-nailing, cleaning, and sanding 150 pieces of beadboard for my ceiling project. It feels good coming to life again. If I do too much my ankle reminds me to slow back down. And unfortunately the ankle’s idea…

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Thursday links

Eleven things to quit right now. (Might be more helpful if that list came with some how-tos …) Theodore Bikel has died. He was one of those amazingly talented people. The late Dr. Seuss has him beat, though. He’s managed to come up with a “new” book years after dying. (Amazon link) Judge bans Bong-a-Thon from the town of Stoner — yes, Stoner — Colorado. (H/T jed) Yet another reason to prefer older cars. Remember those bootable drives with the prep info? Mark, aka Greylocke, their creator, is adding files of surgery basics. And he’s still looking for somebody to…

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Carl-Bear on anti-gun fiat incrementalism

The discussion began here. How dangerous is it, really, if the fedgov pursues its current course of trying to forbid gun ownership to millions of (very arbitrarily defined) “mental defectives”? Carl-Bear Bussjaeger took his thoughts over to his own site. Among other things, he says: They came for the convicted felons, but I wasn’t a felon so I said nothing. They came for the misdemeanor domestic violence offenders, but my wife hadn’t reported me for intimidating her by yelling so I said nothing. They came for the Section 8 residents, but I wasn’t on Section 8 so I said nothing.…

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