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Month: September 2016

One of those odd and probably meaningless encounters. But …

Wednesday was a heartbreaking end-of-summer day. Beautiful. Perfect. But sad because even without looking at the weather report, you know you might not have another one like it for a long, long time. So Ava and I took advantage as much as possible. I worked and read and knitted (another dragon) outdoors while she lounged and barked at the neighbors’ invading chickens (which they’ve given up attempting to keep in their hole-y yard). In the afternoon, we took a long drive, followed by a walk along the river. And there we had one of those odd moments where it’s hard…

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Not too late for a debate meme

I stole this from “my” F*ce*b**k page. Now you know of course that I don’t have a FB page. But this morning I awoke to an email from a friend thanking me for “my” new FB meme (above) and saying she’d been spreading it to her family members who’d been spreading it to other family members. And of course I’m going, “Whut?” Turns out there’s a fan page. I knew about that. But it had been inactive for a year or so and is now in full swing again. So thanks for “my” FB meme, Dan McCall (who seems to…

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Anybody out there with solid nuke/bio/chem prep expertise?

Over at the Cabal we’ve begun a discussion of preparedness for nuclear/biological/or chemical warfare. This hasn’t been a huge concern for a lot of us (for many reasons) But with one presidential candidate already making noises about an air-war with Russia and another who seems to take nuclear capability less seriously than he takes his morning comb-over, it’s time to look more closely. If you’re a Cabal member (or want to be), you might want to look in on this discussion. It would be especially helpful to hear from anybody who has real (not Hollywood fantasy) training or experience in…

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How I spent my Tuesday afternoon

Cussing. Mainly. Otherwise known as installing my first-ever gutter and downspout. It was just a 14-foot span and would not have been a difficult job at all, had I had the brains to ignore the manufacturer’s instructions. Those instructions called for gluing together the entire main gutter span — in this case a 10-foot section and a two-foot section — before bracketing it to the fascia board. Given that the glue sets in geological time rather than human-relatable time, that meant I was up on a ladder handling (all by my lonesome) a 12-foot gutter section that flopped like a…

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An all-critters post to cheer you up

Since you suffered through last night’s debate (even if you didn’t actually watch it), here’s a nice palate cleanser for you: critters! Bulldogs are terrible, terrible animals. Here are 22 reasons you should never get one. Neglected pit bull loses most of her puppies, then adopts a beagle. A sweet weeper — though I do question that photo of a “two-week old” beagle pup. (H/T ML) And man, this is one gutsy guy. Here’s a badass squirrel who becomes even badderass when subjected to a Photoshop duel. This qualifies as being about critters only when you consider that so many…

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Bigger than the moon landing! Bigger than the SuperBowl!

So. ‘Bout those debates. Are you going to watch tonight (or depending on when you read this, did you watch)? Tonight’s debate is supposed to be BIG. BIG. BIG!!! About the only thing it hasn’t been billed as “bigger than” is the second coming of Christ. And yeah, I can see how in this suddenly close race, people might want to tune in to see if Trump says something outrageous or really does invite Gennifer Flowers. Or see if Hillary collapses on the stage, babbling in tongues. And gosh, maybe some people would even watch in hopes of, you know,…

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Monday links

The economy slides closer to that black hole. Confirmation of that unlikely truth: pot users are thinner than contemporaries with similar lifestyles. And confirmation of an unsurprising truth: pot prohibitionists have as much respect for the law and for truth as anti-gunners. Second Amendment sanctuary cities. Imagine it; government actually serving the people and our rights for a change. “For the first time in a generation, Democrats are betting they’re on the winning side of the gun issue.” And they’re sending out Giffords and Kelly as their “majority” representatives to the swing states. There’s not a reason in the world…

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12 preparedness items you might not strictly need but would be glad to have

This being the OFFICIAL National Preparedness Month, I’m sure you’ve diligently been working on your preps for the last three-plus weeks. Right? Wait. What’s that, you say? You’ve been working diligently on your preps for lo these many years and you hardly have to concern yourself with some belatedly declared month? Of course! You’re pretty well set by now, right? But everybody’s always lacking something. With that in mind, here are 12 preparedness items you probably don’t strictly need but would be great to have if you don’t already. And yes, these are Amazon Associates links. 1. Can organizers, trackers,…

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