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Month: November 2017

New on Patreon

Finally I’ve put up the second, and longer, RebelFire story fragment — just for you active patrons. At the same time, I opened the first fragment, the one I posted last month, for public viewing. (See the post labeled, naturally enough, “First RebelFire story fragment.”) So there’s something for all on my Patreon page. Read, comment, critique, and I hope enjoy. I had extraordinary help, particularly on the second fragment, and have today “uncloaked” my helper — who really deserves a co-author credit but declines to accept one. Not one of my Patreon subscribers? You can become one for as…


The Order of the White Rose has moved

… to the darkweb. TOWR, inspired by the famous group that resisted the Nazis, specializes in training individuals for resistance to tyranny. If you go to their old site, you’ll be directed to their new .onion address. It’s easy to reach. But only if you have the TOR browser. Which you can learn about and download here if you don’t already have it. When visiting that site, it’s probably wise to use a VPN.* TOWR also announced that in the future if you send them an email and hope to get an answer, you’ll need to use encryption. TOWR’s public…

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Monday links

Chasing a shoplifter, warrior cops destroyed a man’s house. Now they’d rather defame his character than pay for what they did. (H/T PT) Has anybody else noticed that that surgeon who claims, probably bogusly, that his team just completed the first successful head transplant looks exactly like a mad scientist straight out of Hollywood? Why people will happily line up to be microchipped (like dogs, says the headline; but I don’t think dogs would be so happy to volunteer). Laws mandating driverless vehicles (and they are surely coming soon) will be highway robbery. A Pentagon contractor leaves 1.8 billion “scraped”…


It’s nice when an old house gives you a pleasant surprise for a change

… especially when that house is Ye Olde Wreck, the infamous creation of Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. Yesterday I was depressed. It was sunny and mild (in November!) so why I should have been depressed, I don’t know. Well, I do know. It involved writing. And the seemingly hopeless task of getting a vital message across to people not likely to pay attention. So the cure: quit damn writing and go hammer on something. The house’s one-and-only bedroom is this winter’s project. I was going to work on the walls, but that meant first tearing off a slab of…


What’s happened with Amazon, anyhow?

Historically I’ve counted on November being the second-biggest month of my Amazon Associates year. This year Amazon commissions fell off a cliff. Right at the start of this month. It’s not part of a trend. Generally I’ve lucked out. Amazon nerfed its commission structure in March, but the blow didn’t hit as hard as I expected, both because an angel quietly stepped in to make up for the losses, and because even though the number of bought items dropped people chose a lot of items in the 7% or 8% categories. And some of those items were pretty big. But…


The subtle art of work avoidance

I’ve been in work-avoidance mode the last few days. A day of this I don’t mind. That’s a mini-vacation. When these modes have me (and it’s definitely them having me rather than vice versa) for half a week … ugh. You know how it is, especially if you’re a creative problem solver. Those of you who are just super-efficient all the damn time, I salute you. And I hate you. But for the rest of us … there’s the long slide into self doubt. You’re no good. You can’t do this. You’re just a lazy b*tch. Fantasies of quitting the…