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Month: December 2017

Boy, I just did not have it yesterday

I could not make myself sit down at the computer yesterday. At least not long enough to blog anything brilliant. Had Jim Bovard not sent me a couple of links and a laugh, I’d have had nothing but blank pages for you. I did manage to use My Bad Brain Day to finish applying the tongue-and-groove pine to the ceiling of the bedroom-to-be. Well, mostly finish. Several edge pieces will require tricky cuts; I’ll try those later. Then I’ll turn them over to The Wandering Monk and his friend’s well-equipped shop if I make a mess. Still, getting that far…


FREE James Bovard kindle book

FREE today and tomorrow, after that, $3.00: Jim Bovard’s new book Freedom Fauds: Hard Lessons in American Liberty. This is a collection of essays. Jim assures me he’s been told that “the first essay alone is worth the price of the book — as long as it’s free.” You be the judge. But Jim received even more enthusiastic accolades for a recent article at The Hill. His topic there: The FBI as America’s secret police. Praise from Hill readers included, “kook, lunatic, Russian agent, sick, delusional, shill” — and that was just for starters.


Patreon rescinds

Email to creators, just arrived. Patreon will not be rolling out the fee change that caused what one creator called the “Patreonpocalypse” (H/T MJ): Dear creators, From the bottom of our hearts, we’re truly sorry. Last week’s service fee announcement caused a tough week for you, your patrons, and your teams. We were trying to solve a problem for creators and, in turn, caused more problems for you and your patrons. You’ve spoken loud and clear. We’re not going to rollout the changes to our payments system that we announced last week, and are currently assessing other options. They followed…


Wednesday links and chit-chat

Astronomers are taking a closer look at interstellar space object Oumuamua. Might it really be a probe from … out there? I usually dismiss such claims as media and true-believer overreaction, but this is definitely an odd one. Like Wendy McElroy, I’m glad Roy Moore lost yesterday. Whether he’s a pedo-predator remains unproven. That he’s a theocratic demagogue is fact. A Vice investigation reveals that shootings by cop are far more common than previously reported. Now it’s a matter of distinguishing righteous shootings from the activities of Officer Thug and Officer I Am Scared. How “smart” do you want your…


The hallway to nowhere

Home improvement marathon yesterday after a slow start. (The Wandering Monk does not do either mornings or Mondays.) In two sweaty hours we insulated the attic above the kitchen and living room — me running up and down the ladder with 12-inch thick fiberglass batts and the Monk putting them in place. Normally my lungs and throat object to fiberglass even when I’m properly masked. But for some reason both the Monk and I both did okay. Any day I can handle insulation without hacking and gagging is a good day. It’s noticeably warmer in here already. After insulating, we…


I think of days like this as “Joel days”

You know how Joel writes so entertainingly over at TUAK about those days when everything goes haywire? When mad bulls charge into his yard while he’s lying in the mud fixing busted plumbing and his homemade bread is in the house caving in while packrats are eating the wiring on his Jeep? Those days. Joel days. So I closed the computer earlyish this morning, pledging to work on the new RebelFire story. But of course I can’t write until the house is clean. So I start cleaning. And organizing. Which reminds me that since my second backup heat source is…


Friday links

  • Hahaha. The eeeeeeeeeevil NRA, no doubt using its malign superpowers, singlehandedly hijacked the Fix-NICS bill — though if you ask me, it was more like the Fix-NICS fans hijacked concealed-carry reciprocity.
  • The adopted black baby who got sent back. The story doesn’t end as we’ve been taught to assume.
  • This one is flat-out murder-by-cop — who was just acquitted. So much for yesterday’s hint of real justice.… 7 Comments