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Author: Claire

Weekend links

John Lott gives that stats for what ought to be obvious: The U.S. does not have a murder problem. Certain counties have a murder problem. (And no doubt also certain neighborhoods within those counties, and certain individuals within those neighborhoods.) Ooh. That hurts: “I threw away $4.8 million in bitcoin. (H/T MtK) Fairly decent article about the knife-rights movement. Mixed blessing. Pitbull saved from death row is now a drug warrior. (Tip o’ hat to PT) Attempted murder survivor tells women to fight back via her Fight Like Girls program. Nobody can give a pat definition of happiness. At least…


Friday freedom question: New frontiers in “cultural appropriation”

News that two women were mob-hounded out of their harmless burrito business on the grounds of “cultural appropriation” made me wonder if it might be time for some good old table turning. If opening a burrito truck, wearing hoop earrings or holding a yoga class is an offense severe enough to drive pitchfork- Twitter-wielding mobs into the streets onto their pricey iPhones, how far is this scary, authoritarian mania going to go? There is not one of us — including these “cultural appropriation” witch hunters — who doesn’t use aspects of other cultures every day of our lives. So. I…


We are messing with forces we do not understand

Sorry. That probably sounds like an uber-dramatic headline that ought to be over some long article about the Deep State and dark conspiracies within government. Maybe another day. Today it refers to nothing more than the Great Foundation and Screen Porch Project, where strange things have begun to happen as we jack up the rear wall. That all the drywall seams in the bathroom have popped I don’t mind. No surprise there. We were jacking right under the bathroom and such is to be expected. That’s why smart people (i.e. people not me) fix the foundation first. But the troublesome…


The foundation project lurches along

Yesterday we entered the trickiest part of the Great Foundation and Screen Porch Project. It went … about as you’d expect. From the pictures and the headline, you might have thought the first portion we took on was the tricky one. That part certainly made us think. And rethink. And think some more. But we got that solved. We have that side, the bedroom/screenporch side, on jacks and partly leveled. Now we move along the same back (north) wall to where the rot is only slightly less bad, the ground clearance considerably less, and plumbing is in the way of…


Thursday links

  • Amidst the cruelty of the Manchester bombing, heroic kindness from an unexpected source.
  • Um, yeah. So somehow making tasty burritos in Portland puts women in Mexico out of work? Scott Greenfield has more, including a direct look into the minds of the cultural appropriation pecksniffs.
  • But having looked at the nuttier side of life in the PNW, here’s the saner part: v*ters in Washington hated both Trump and Clinton more than the v*ters of any other state.… 3 Comments
  • Beat (and a Survival Mom book deal)

    Yesterday was the trip to the Actual Big City. It was long, tense, exhausting, but ultimately productive. I’ll write more about that later. For now I can only say I was literally staggering with both mental and physical tiredness when I got home and this morning I feel as if I could sleep all day. Sleeping all day isn’t in the cards, however, as the trickiest part of the Great Foundation and Screen Porch Project begins today and I will be on minion duty. In this phase of the project I might not be contributing much labor, but the Monk…


    A room with a view

    I didn’t figure the Monk would be up for resuming the Great Foundation and Screen Porch Project until later this week. But when he texted this morning to say he’d be here, all was good. It’s the most gorgeous day of the year so far. If he’s up for it, I’m up for it. We’ve certainly had the best day’s progress. First, the Monk tore out the most rotted corner. This corner was already well-supported by temporary posts and jacks. Once the corner was off, we placed the first permanent support. Well, not quite permanent because when the floor beams…


    Monday links

  • The cannabis entrepreneurs preparing to fight Jeff Sessions’ renewed war on an herb. They think it might be a war of regulation and bureaucracy this time.
  • Kim du Toit muses on bedside guns.
  • Why did we hear so little about Turkish goons — employees of the dictator Erdogan — beating up peaceful American protestors? In America? I’m sure Erdogan’s thugs are just shaking in their jackboots that the U.S. State Department had a very strong and forceful hissy-fit after the fact.

  • And this, children, is why you never live in the country without a working vehicle

    So. This urgent need came up for me to get to the Big City. I mean the Actual Big City (hereinafter ABC) as opposed to the place I laughingly call the big city (PILCTBC) or the cute little resort town (CLRT), the two places locals go to shop. I don’t currently have a working car. That has so far been no great problem. Yes, it’s been a gigantic grumple trudging on foot through the worst season the PNW has had in 30 years. But it’s not like I have to walk through Minnesota blizzards. It’s not like I even have…