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Author: Claire

A room with a view — of snow!

This is the view this morning from my bedroom door into the screen porch and beyond. It’s not unusual to get snow here. It’s also not unusual to get none. It’s been nearly two years since our last, so this was sweet. It’s supposed to snow all morning, then resume in the afternoon after an brief period of rain. (A snow day! The little boys next door are gonna have a blast.) I love this room. I love this spot on this planet. I love ferns bowed down with snow and snow clinging to screens and stone walls. I love…


Even my time wasting gets political

I have been ordered to It was gently suggested by a friend that in the wake of the giant bedroom project and the midst of finishing up writing a book with Kit Perez that I not plunge directly into anything creatively demanding. In other words: “Waste some time; it’ll recharge your creative batteries.” Lazy though I am, I’m very poor at free-form relaxation. I natter on about how I’d love to sit on a beach in Tahiti sipping a mai tai while Tuki Brando fans me with a palm frond. But truth is, I wouldn’t enjoy that a bit.* I…


Moon, revisited

I’m re-reading Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress after lo these many years. Many decades? Been a while. I’m halfway though and find myself with random thoughts to post on revolution, dated science fiction, “rational anarchism,” and Life. So here goes. —– I got the book to brush up on the refinements of cells-of-three systems for the manual on resistance Kit Perez and I are writing. It’s helpful, but the revolutionaries in Luna end up subverting large parts of their practical cell structure because they have Mike to handle so much. Mike, for those not familiar with the…


Valentines Day massacre

Bear Bussjaeger on all the things that didn’t happen. A sampling: You want to blame someone for the Parkland dead? Try the school adminstrators and police who looked away. Don’t blame me or the other fifty-five to one-hundred-twenty million who did not do it, and who have proposed solutions. Solutions that do not involve assuming the innocent are guilty, and criminals will obey laws. Solutions that do not violate rights. Solutions that would work. Solutions that do not involve:


Thursday links

  • When you want to know how many people are fleeing an area (in this case, San Francisco and Silicon Valley), check out the U-Haul rates.
  • With the help of creatively greedy lawyers, some California towns are criminalizing nuisance code violations — and trying to squeeze big bux out of people who don’t have the money.
  • Hey, knee-jerking bigots: Sessions is actually right about something for a change. The office of sheriff is from the Anglo-American legal tradition 15 Comments
  • Kind readers: Please point me toward inspiring images

    I sat down to draw something yesterday and found all my art muscles rusty. Once again. Early last year I was beginning to hit my stride and determined (with a lot of help from my friends) to keep up with drawing and painting this time. But I allowed a nine-month home-improvement binge to distract me. Yesterday, with big projects done and construction chaos cleared, I determined to sit down to the art table again. When I did, though, my work was stiff and clunky and my attitude worse. So. Help me out here, if you’re inclined. Point me to some…