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Category: Administrivia

Writer’s to-do list

1. Get RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone into a Kindle edition.* 2. Get Hardyville Tales into a Kindle edition.* 3. Create a second edition of How to Kill the Job Culture Before It Kills You (currently out of print) for Kindle and print-on-demand. 4. Create a new edition of The Freedom Outlaws Handbook for Kindle and print-on-demand. 5. Write that new story in the RebelFire universe! For my Patreon subscribers only. (It’s in the works, folks, and I have the most clever co-conspirator helping with key developments.) 6. BIG, TOP SECRET COLLABORATIVE MYSTERY WRITING PROJECT. More later if it…


Thinking RebelFire

Well. That was quick. On Monday I wrote that suddenly I was living above my means and would commence cutting and selling. I asked if I should open a Patreon account solely to keep ‘Net access going and pay hosting costs on the blog and Claire’s Cabal. “Yes,” you said. On Wednesday I created that Patreon account. Subscriptions quickly approached my $60 a month goal. Patreon likes multiple goals. So what the heck. I created a $120 a month goal level, adding a performance promise. I figured keeping that promise would would quite a ways in the future. By this…


Okay, I managed to create that Patreon account

I tell ya, it wasn’t easy. Only one of my four browsers would allow me to set up the account — and the one that FINALLY allowed me to perform a full account setup won’t actually let me look at my own page. (Browser security; sometimes it’s a nuisance.) The browser that most adamantly refused to let me do the account setup lets me look at my page just fine. Go figure. Anyhow … here’s my new Patreon page. To subscribe, you need to have a Patreon account (which doesn’t appear to require anything too onerous or privacy-wrecking), and then…


If you tried to reach Claire’s Cabal this morning …

… you may have gotten a “security error” message. I apologize. I renewed our hosting service last week, but apparently our security certificate didn’t renew along with it. The certificate expired this morning without notice. I placed new “Let’s Encrypt” certificates on both the Cabal and the blog immediately. Now I just have to figure out why I never got notification and how to prevent that from happening again. But all should be well for now and Claire’s Cabal is as secure as it ever was. (The Cabal is also taking applications for new memberships — now at no cost,…

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Claire’s Cabal memberships reopened

A few days ago we had to halt new signups for Claire’s Cabal due to petty vandalism. We’ve just created and tested a new process for joining. So if you’re interested, have at it. Enter the Cabal through the above link, click on Join us, then answer the questions on the form. Cabal membership is now free for active, productive members.

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Good news. You can now join Claire’s Cabal for free. The paid membership model never worked very well. Except in one way. It was great at keeping the Cabal discussion forums troll-free and populated by bright, simpatico freedomistas. A friendly environment for all Cabalistas is still the goal. To that end, prospective members are now asked to answer 10 easy questions to introduce themselves and to agree to the Cabalista Code of Honor. When I say simpatico freedomistas, I mean the Cabal is for any person of goodwill who loves individual liberty and is either traveling the path toward it…


In praise of Kit and of activism

Over in the public part of Claire’s Cabal, I tip my hat to Kit Perez and the younger, more activist set of freedomistas. I hope some of us “elders” can encourage them along their way. If you’re a Cabal member, you can comment over there. If you’re not a Cabal member, you can still read that post and everything else on the “Let’s Talk” board. Most of the rest of the Cabal is private. Although it will remain private, I’m strongly considering eliminating the pay model, which hasn’t worked very well. Or at least changing the way the pay model…


A month of frugality (and more)

While Amazon’s recent moves helped spur this, I was planning to do it in any case. Over at the public section of the Cabal, I’ve begun a journal of My month of frugality. Reasons are explained in the thread, but even if most of them don’t resonate with you, it might be a good thing to try this exercise once in a while as part of your preps. We try out our storage foods, change the batteries in our flashlights, even conduct experiments in doing without our household power for a few days. But how many of us test to…


Sigh. It never rains but it pours.

… and I’m not talking about the Northwet weather. I’m quoting granny’s old maxim up there in the headline meaning those little old troubles that have a habit of pouring down on our heads in storms instead of mild freshets. I’m talking about car transmissions going haywire followed by news that’s going to take a machete to my blog income. Oh, Amazon. How could you? Actually, I can’t complain about Amazon — though I’m going to, anyhow. In its early days the Associates program (those links to Amazon I’m always going on about, links that provide this blog’s only regular…


Oooh. Oooh. Just for today on Amazon.

Little late, but I just learned about this now (H/T JB): Today only, Amazon is giving an $8.63 coupon for most (not quite all) orders over $50. Check. It. Out! And of course you know which link to use when you enter Amazon to make that purchase. Seems Amazon is also about to start offering some better free-shipping options for non-Prime members. Good stuff.