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Category: Administrivia

Sigh. It never rains but it pours.

… and I’m not talking about the Northwet weather. I’m quoting granny’s old maxim up there in the headline meaning those little old troubles that have a habit of pouring down on our heads in storms instead of mild freshets. I’m talking about car transmissions going haywire followed by news that’s going to take a machete to my blog income. Oh, Amazon. How could you? Actually, I can’t complain about Amazon — though I’m going to, anyhow. In its early days the Associates program (those links to Amazon I’m always going on about, links that provide this blog’s only regular…


Oooh. Oooh. Just for today on Amazon.

Little late, but I just learned about this now (H/T JB): Today only, Amazon is giving an $8.63 coupon for most (not quite all) orders over $50. Check. It. Out! And of course you know which link to use when you enter Amazon to make that purchase. Seems Amazon is also about to start offering some better free-shipping options for non-Prime members. Good stuff.


Cabal doings (plus free limited membership)

Time for a quick update on the latest doings at Claire’s Cabal. This one’s for current cabalistas and non-cabalistas alike. First thing: We’re trying out a limited, 30-day free membership. Go to the link, click “join us” and you’ll see it there. Before joining, you should whitelist two specified addresses. Or check your spam filters because mail from those addresses doesn’t always make it through. The free membership gives you access to the forum, which is the main attraction. It doesn’t let you access all the ebooks or articles. I’ve hesitated to make this information public for fear of attracting…


Off to the Big City

Well, that’s it. I’m off to the Big City for the surgical consult. After that, I’m off to a little city for an overnight stay and a long float tank experience tomorrow. I’d hoped to have a “real” blog for you this morning, but time’s not on the side of blogging. Since I have no idea how much Internet I’ll have for the next two days, please hold the fort. In your off-duty moments you can enjoy some very good dogs.


Doings at the Cabal

Cabalistas (or people who might want to be): For those who haven’t visited the Cabal in a while, our community is growing and we have a little something for everybody going on in current discussions. A sampling: We’ve got a thread on “things made with milk” (with the biggest thing being cheese, but plenty of related items, as well); there’s a discussion on the meaning of survival, both in terms of “survivalism” and in terms of life; and we’re extremely fortunate to be getting lessons in the art of statement analysis, a powerful technique for determining the truthfulness (or not)…


The complete float tank experience

The complete float tank experience, including embarrassing details not for public consumption, has now been posted as an article at Claire’s Cabal, our member-only sister site. I posted the short version on the blog last week. So you got it first; Cabalistas get it worst. Remember: donated three-month memberships to the Cabal are still available to those who can’t afford to join and would like to be active participants on the forums.

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If you’re a member of Claire’s Cabal …

If you’re a member of Claire’s Cabal and you haven’t stopped by the forums lately, I hope you’ll drop in and maybe stick around. Current doings: We’ve just opened the “Members Helping Members” section where cabalistas can offer their assistance on anything from transportation and relocation to their professional specialties. We’ve got several lively new discussions going on, from an easy-newsy one about the “Hamiltonian” electors to the quite deep topic, “The spiritual dimension of freedom.” We always have something going on about money (sound or unsound) and economics in Silver’s Corner. And there are several excellent recent threads on…


Monday thoughts

We had our first snow last night. Didn’t amount to much. Barely stuck and was soon washed away by 35-degree rain. Only reason I mention it is because it’s the first lowland snow we’ve had in more than two years. It’s normal for us to get snow anywhere from one to five times a winter, but the last two winters have been too warm (not global warming but a big warm “blob” offshore). Very wet, but warm. Well, as winters go, anyhow. More snow expected in the next few days. Me, I’d chose warm and dry, were it an option.…


Some doings at Claire’s Cabal

I don’t mention Claire’s Cabal much. But it seems time for a small update. First, we have a couple of public areas in the forum, to give a small taste. I’ve just posted a copy of this excellent article by Silver where anyone can see it. If you thought you knew every malign effect of the Federal Reserve, he describes one you probably hadn’t considered. Second, we’re in the process of starting up a “Members Helping Members” section where volunteers can offer assistance with anything from transportation and a place to stay to professional advice. Just announced it today and…