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Category: Arts and Aesthetics

All things creative. All things beautiful, profound, and moving.

So. Onward. And artward.

I learned yesterday that the gift Toyota is not going to be. Turned out it’s a great vehicle for someone who doesn’t mind getting out and doing minor wrenching once in a while, but not for someone who just wants to get in and go. But I had fun exchanging messages and receiving photos from FishOrMan (and with another friend who offered to join the Toyota conspiracy) and I consider the offer(s) and consequences to be part of the magic that touches my life so often. It’s been a rough six or seven days. There’s been good news (no surgery!…


Friday links

  • Jim Bovard reminds us that fearmongering presidents aren’t any shiny new thing.
  • Well, isn’t that just so heartwarming. Kansas City (believe it or not a pioneer in the “smart city” movement), is sharing its data with other governments so we can all be that much smarter (and better surveilled and tracked).
  • But Borepatch believes Congress is doing the right thing when it comes to protecting us against warrantless searches of our data.

  • Weekend links

  • NASA, which can’t get humans to Mars and has been so useless on Lunar travel that the last U.S. astronaut to walk on the Moon recently died of old age … is now fretting that we might get dementia from flying too high in airplanes. Lord, save us from such cowards, fools, and earth-hugging bureaucrats! (H/T MtK)
  • But that’s okay. Because Hillary Clinton will fix all the problems of humanity when she becomes president in 2020, propelled by her hit TV show. (This according to one anonymous source; so don’t start “rejoicing” yet.) (Tip o’ hat to SC)

  • Weekend links

  • Obama really is going out of his way to leave a legacy of spite and pettiness. Poor Cubans.
  • Improvised weapons are lying all around your house. A lot of you know this. Good thing to be aware of.
  • To whatever extent I still care about Congress and their doings, I’ve always thought single subject bills would go a long way toward eliminating the worst of the worst law-spewing. All bills should also be readable at high school level and have their provisions completely written out (none of this, “the word ‘commercial’ is dropped from some drivers license ID bill we passed last year” business).

  • Tuesday links

  • Doubledamn. Another good man gone. Roy Innis of C.O.R.E. — a pro-gun leader in the black community, among many other things.
  • Could that friendly tech who fixed your glitchy computer be making more money from the F.B.I. than he is from his regular employer? (H/T MtK)
  • Here’s somebody else whose first float-tank experience didn’t do a whole lot for his brain. But yipes! He paid $89 for an hour? Major ripoff! (Tip o’ hat to JB)… 9 Comments
  • Not so deprived after all

    Well, I had my 90 minutes in a float tank yesterday. I didn’t find God (disappointing but no surprise). I didn’t morph into something pre- or post-human (I really must watch Altered States so I can be in on the joke with the rest of the Commentariat). Didn’t have a single respectable hallucination. And I could not say it was a transformative experience, except in the sense that it transformed me from somebody who’d never been in the tank to somebody who now has. That said, it was still a fascinating and worthwhile thing to do. I’ll probably write up…


    Midweek links

  • You thought Sen. Joe Manchin was a traitor because he wants the feds to have power to prevent all gun transfers? So did I. But fact is, the man is too stupid to be a traitor.
  • That photographer in Turkey who captured the murder of the Russian ambassador was amazingly brave, dedicated, and good at his job. You can debate whether the photos were in good taste, but you can’t deny his sheer guts.
  • From Dana in comments: the story of Pinchas Rosenbaum, who disguised himself as a Nazi to save Jews in Hungary.… 11 Comments
  • The shortest day of the year

    The solstice arrived this morning. At the very moment I posted this, in fact. While most of us, including me, were snug in our beds. So celebrate the return of light, fellow denizens of the northern hemisphere. Be relieved that the sun has not abandoned us after all — even if it’s not giving us much warmth for a few months yet. I celebrate with a feast, followed by silence and candlelight. In the morning, there’s music to enjoy. “When the Winter Comes”: “Logs to Burn”: “Praise Midwinter”: And an instrumental medley of other winter tunes, Celtic style: 0


    Just an artsy-snowy picture

    One day last week we were expecting an ice storm. Never did get it, but we received a pretty little snow dusting. I took this photo, which I just remembered while going through the camera card for last post’s Boy Scout image. Taken through a window with melting snow droplets on it. Artsy on purpose, seriously. Not just a bad photo because I was too cozy and warm to want to venture outside. Truth. 1+