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Category: Arts and Aesthetics

All things creative. All things beautiful, profound, and moving.

Weekend links

  • Poo widdle Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Desperately signaling his “progressive” virtues while running off to “get treatment” for being a jerk to women (and everybody else).
  • Personally, though, I hope his movie company doesn’t collapse. ‘Cause while that man may be an anti-gun suck and the biggest a*hole ever, he truly does have a magic touch when it comes to choosing films.
  • Where the NRA caves, once again Ohioans for Concealed Carry stands on principle (and on genuine common sense).… 5 Comments
  • Simple pleasures for unpleasurable times

    If you’ve been here a while, you know I’m not much of a cook. But I have my little specialties. Simple things. One is a stir-fry I concocted about a year ago. You begin with coconut oil if you have it; olive oil and butter if you don’t. Then in go chicken and veggies. The sauce is a few generous shakes of rice vinegar flavored with oregano and basil and a few slightly less generous shakes of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce (accept no substitutes). The final step is a judicious grinding of Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning. —– Now, Trader…


    Thursday links

  • The right to be wrong. One of the key beliefs on which western freedoms are built.
  • New Equifax CEO makes noises as if he’s really sorry (his company’s stock has taken a giant dump) and intends to take real steps to salvage relations with the abused public. It’s something.
  • Does it really take returning to 1950s technology? I hope not. But stranger things have happened (like security-conscious nerds tippy-tapping on typewriters).… 11 Comments
  • Weekend links

  • “Consumers” aren’t the only ones upset with Equifax. Looks as if banks might sue them, too. Anecdotally, I have also heard that some banks are no longer sharing information with Equifax until they learn the company’s security practices are actually security practices.
  • Cops. breaking into cars and trashing them … in the name of preventing vehicle break-ins.
  • Why flu shots so often fail. (I’m not anti-vaccine; I’m pro-research, pro-good judgment, and pro-honesty. The pabulum-for-the-public claim that “flu shots are 97 percent effective” has always ticked me off. This article is a refreshing look at the reality.)… 11 Comments
  • Happiness is another miraculously wonderful house project (mostly) done and ready to enjoy

    The Wandering Monk visited the blog the other day. He says there aren’t enough pictures. So here you go. Not long ago, I gave you the tale of the west wall. Now here’s the north wall and how we (but as always, mostly the Monk) solved the Dreaded Drainage problems and created beauty. Few words, many pictures. Reduced out of mercy. Click to embiggenate. And enjoy! 2013 … 2015. After Handyman Mike’s dreadfully botched bathroom remodel. My heart sank. This photo also gives you an idea of the way the back of the house was sunk into the bottom of…


    Friday links

  • This cop just loves him some tasers — as he’s shown again and again. Yeah, and that family loved their young son and brother, too. (I hope they end up owning you, Officer Pig.)
  • Well, guess what? The Evergreen State College suffers “the Mizzou effect” after that flap where racist students tried to force white people off the campus.
  • And it’s too bad that this ringing endorsement of thinking for yourself has to come from professors who were targets of the same kind of vile groupthinking wrath. (H/T PT)… 11 Comments