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Category: Arts and Aesthetics

All things creative. All things beautiful, profound, and moving.

Merry Christmas links and videos

This is my early Merry Christmas to You post. Blogging will be “lite” between now and January 2. I’ll be around — when I’ve got something to say and I’m not either drywalling or feasting. It just might not be every day. If you’d like to use the comment section on this post to add links to your own favorite Christmas or winter music (as we did on Christmas 2015 with such beautiful results), that would be fun. Meanwhile, on to the links, then the music vids below. Lazy people’s Christmas decorations. The kitties await. More on cats and Christmas…


The longest night of the year

Source And the shortest day: Source In other words, the winter solstice: Source The worst is over. Or will be by tonight, depending on where in the northern hemisphere you are. The light returns. Now all we have to do is slog our way through January. And February. And … everything else including the rest of December. If you live in Florida, Costa Rica, or the Southern Hemisphere, please keep your boasting about your glorious season to a minimum.


Patreon rescinds

Email to creators, just arrived. Patreon will not be rolling out the fee change that caused what one creator called the “Patreonpocalypse” (H/T MJ): Dear creators, From the bottom of our hearts, we’re truly sorry. Last week’s service fee announcement caused a tough week for you, your patrons, and your teams. We were trying to solve a problem for creators and, in turn, caused more problems for you and your patrons. You’ve spoken loud and clear. We’re not going to rollout the changes to our payments system that we announced last week, and are currently assessing other options. They followed…


The hallway to nowhere

Home improvement marathon yesterday after a slow start. (The Wandering Monk does not do either mornings or Mondays.) In two sweaty hours we insulated the attic above the kitchen and living room — me running up and down the ladder with 12-inch thick fiberglass batts and the Monk putting them in place. Normally my lungs and throat object to fiberglass even when I’m properly masked. But for some reason both the Monk and I both did okay. Any day I can handle insulation without hacking and gagging is a good day. It’s noticeably warmer in here already. After insulating, we…


Good day and other ruminations

I’m still basking in the glow of last week’s great gift, which enabled me to pay off last summer’s construction loan, budget money to insulate the attic and restore my propane service, do a little paying forward, and still put plenty aside. Yesterday another of my angels flew in and I immediately put his contribution to good use, also. In fact, three of Living Freedom’s biggest angels have been involved in all this. (And Patreon made its monthly payout, also put to good use, thank you.) Is there a word for a band of angels? Flock? Pride? Flight? Gratitude? A…


Weekend links

  • A 17-year-old flexes his rights during a traffic stop. Two years later his parents get a $2.4 million settlement. Not clear whether the killer cop will have to pay a dime of it, though.
  • When I first saw this, I thought, “If you so disapprove of ‘white DNA,’ why don’t you do the world a favor by expunging from your body all the DNA you share with us evil ones?” My second thought was, “You have your right to free speech, but why should the poor Texas taxpayers have to finance it?”
  • Leave it to the Mormons to come up with this. If you’re in Salt Lake City, you can now buy a goat or a chicken for someone in a third-world country. Or school shoes or an eye exam for a kid in need. From a vending machine. 17 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • Of course it was a complete accident that Google “disappeared” Protonmail from its search results for months. How could anyone think otherwise?
  • It’s happened as we knew it must: a state has ordered medical cannabis users to turn in their guns. (Via Myself in comments)
  • Six things you learn after shooting a cop in self defense. (Yeah, you already knew; it’s the mainstreamness and millennialness of this source that’s interesting.) 55 Comments
  • It’s nice when an old house gives you a pleasant surprise for a change

    … especially when that house is Ye Olde Wreck, the infamous creation of Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. Yesterday I was depressed. It was sunny and mild (in November!) so why I should have been depressed, I don’t know. Well, I do know. It involved writing. And the seemingly hopeless task of getting a vital message across to people not likely to pay attention. So the cure: quit damn writing and go hammer on something. The house’s one-and-only bedroom is this winter’s project. I was going to work on the walls, but that meant first tearing off a slab of…