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Category: Arts and Aesthetics

All things creative. All things beautiful, profound, and moving.


Crappy day today for reasons that will fade in importance in a few weeks or months. Not so big a deal. But I needed to work on something less brain burning than the third installment of the “Responsibilities in a police state” rant (part 1 and part 2 for those who may have missed them). So here’s Bradford, another late, lamented friend of a friend of mine. Bradford always liked to “help” pack up the plastic poinsettias after Christmas. I thought he looked like a statue, standing among the blossoms and greenery, so that’s how I drew him. Here’s the…


Good reads

I’m working on one of those Big Thought blog entries for later in the week. Meantime, between that and ongoing deadlines, posting may be “lite” around here. In case you’re looking for good reads to get you through your Monday morning (or any other day) … “Jake MacGregor’s” novel The Advisor has grown by four chapters since I linked to it last week. A world-class read, truly. This guy can tell a story. Via Brad at (and indirectly via C^2), here’s a great old one: Vernor Vinge’s “The Ungoverned.” Who says an anarchist society couldn’t protect itself against invaders?…


Dog in progress

Been a long time since I did a pet portrait. Out of practice again. But I thought I’d share this in-progress pastel. The execution needs work, but I like the concept. This is “Bark,” a boisterous boy who recently died. Like so many Australian shepherd mixes, he had strange, striking eyes.


Monday miscellany

Unexpected work struck today. Oh no! And it’s not even the kind that pays. Still, it’s the kind that has to be done during today’s five-second bursts of sunshine. So just some quick stuff for you: Manhattan-sized manmade floating island. Um … okay. Wonder how far that $50,000 will take the project? Wonder what that whiz-kid actually plans to do with it? Old-timers have seen this script before, but one of these days somebody’s going to succeed with the notion. “The prosecution rests, but I can’t.” Eloquent statement by a victim of “justice.” (Why do people always say they don’t…


“Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?”

Speaking of writers who can be wonderful to read even when you don’t agree with their every utterance Matt Taibi has a new piece in Rolling Stone, “Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?” While I think a better question is “Why is the federal government in bed with Wall Street and why are they performing abnormal acts on millions of unconsenting adults?” it’s still a good read. Taibi is right up there with Glenn Greenwald, Robert Scheer, Sam Smith, and Nat Hentoff among writers I admire for their integrity, reasoning power, humanity, or writing skill, even though conventional wisdom says…


Etsy and your privacy(even if you never shop on Etsy!)

Seems that Facfebook gets all the press when it comes to online privacy. But it’s time to put in a bad word for Etsy, too. Now, maybe you don’t hang out at Etsy, which is, after all, an arts & crafts bazaar that may be of limited interest to the techies and political types hereabouts. But it appears that Etsy might be interested in you, even if you’ve never heard of it. This week, Etsy members are all getting emails that say (as if speaking to extraordinarily stupid kindergarteners): “Right now it’s hard to find people you know on Etsy,…


Spam: An Appreciation

Too long has spam — despised, unwanted, and sometimes even cruelly outlawed spam — been relegated to the trash bins and baysian filters of our lives. Until recently I was, as you no doubt are, a person who loathed spam. Quite wrongly, I now realize, I dismissed it as mere junk without a single redeeming attribute. My daily trips into the WordPress spam filter of this blog were a dreaded chore. I would click to enter the spam zone, figuratively if not literally holding my nose against the assault of faux comments with their links to body part enhancers, fake…


Monday miscellany

I recently turned in a S.W.A.T article about hapless small business people who got entrapped into (allegedly and unknowingly) bribing officials of an Unnamed African Nation. They’re all facing ruin and prison time. So. Halliburton has now paid $250 million to Nigerian officials to get charges dropped against Dick Cheney. Okay, FBI, where are you when serious bribery is going down??? The really sad thing is that the current article I’m working on for that ‘zine covers exactly the same sort of shakedown and payoff being committed by a corrupt government (but I repeat myself) right here in the U.S.…


First Christmas tree!

… in at least 11 years. First time I’ve had room for one. I loved getting out my old ornaments. I’d forgotten they had a theme: animals and birds. You can tell how long ago I got many of them; an embarrassing number of the animals are … ulp … unicorns. I cut the tree this morning at a nearby farm. My first noble fir! Most places I’ve lived noble firs have been too pricey to think about. Here, they’re no more than the scruffy Doug-firs (people in the Northwest are on a nickname basis with their conifers, you know)…