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Category: Books and Movies

Tuesday links

  • Biometrics for cops. After years of overtime abuse Baltimore cops will have to clock in and out with their fingerprints. (No mention of what they’re going to do about all those other abuses like planting guns and drugs. H/T MJR)
  • The Berlin Wall. It has now been down as long as it was up.
  • What was that they were saying about FEMA’s disaster response having improved since the Katrina catastrophe? Well, yeah, I guess delivering 50,000 meals out of a contracted 30 million is … something. 8 Comments
  • Midweek links

  • Between the Equifax breach and the new tax law, this could be a bad year for both fraudulent tax returns and IRS confusion.
  • In southern California they’re looking for victims in a weather-related mudslide. In Washington state, they’re watching a potentially larger landslide in the making. Local officials are pooh-poohing the potential impact; geologists and geophysicists are saying, “Close the damn freeway NOW and prepare for Yakima to flood.”
  • Hopping off the hedonic treadmill. 4 Comments
  • Tuesday links

  • James Damore (remember him?) has just filed a class-action suit against Google, alleging the company discriminates against conservative white males. That could get interesting.
  • I love movies. But I am so freakin’ sick of whiny, hypocritical actresses lamenting how difficult their privileged lives are and congratulating themselves for the “courage” of their #MeTooing and their black gowns red carpet that I’m thinking about giving up my Netflix and going cold turkey.
  • In case you didn’t already know it, the NFL boycott is real and significant 12 Comments
  • Last weekend of the year

    Got this yesterday. 🙂 The title is “111 Dogs and their Strange Stories.” In Italian. The book made its way here from Rome, and while the packaging barely survived (one more tiny tear and the book would have fallen from the envelope and disappeared forever into postal oblivion), the contents are pristine The reason I have it is because my St. Guinefort appears inside. I wrote about that last June The crop is unfortunate, but since each story is illustrated by a full-bleed photo or piece of art, it was the best they could do to be consistent. I can…