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Category: Books and Movies

Monday links

  • She moved from a blue state to a sort of reddish one and had her eyes opened — both about her new home and the prejudices of the people she left behind.
  • Ha. Remember the monkey selfie case that PETA just settled? A lawyer who crusades against bad settlements submits a hilarious brief pointing out that PETA has no standing to settle on the monkey’s behalf.
  • That new “liberal” pope has been anything but liberal — or transparent or different than recent old popes — when it comes to priests who sexualize kiddies.… 4 Comments
  • Tuesday links

  • Equifax already faces at least 23 class-action lawsuits for its shameless handling of “cuckstomer” data. Even though I know lawyers are the chief beneficiaries of these things, in this case: more power to ’em.
  • Edward Snowden and Andrew “bunnie” Huang have designed a hardware device to monitor your iPhone against surveillance.
  • Could Father Mykal Judge become the first gay saint? (Well no. Odds are there have been gay saints who never got outed. But Mykal Judge was a good man and I hope he makes the grade. At the rate the last couple of popes have been churning out saints, several dogs I know should probably make the grade. And hey, St. Guinefort the Greyhound gets a mention in the linked article, though not by name.)… 7 Comments
  • Weekend links

  • Such progress! Such awesome justice! Three years after he choked Eric Garner to death for no reason, officer Daniel Pantaleo might get a slap on the wrist.
  • “Terminal.” How airports got bad enough to drive us psycho.
  • Hillary thinks the real reason she lost was US. Contemplate that as she asks you to shell out $30 for her new book and a minimum of $89 for a book tour ticket. (Well it probably was “us” as in people of this blog; but she appears to mean “us” as in all the people who failed to see the True Glory of Her.)… 7 Comments
  • R.I.P., Jerry Pournelle

    Borepatch, who met him, has a remembrance. My ex-Significant Sweetie, Charles Curley, also knew and spoke highly of him (and made a brief appearance in one of his books). I was never a fan of either Larry Niven or Jerry Pournelle as solo authors, but together they wrote classic SF. He was a brilliant man, much respected. R.I.P., Dr. Pournelle.


    Sunday links

  • To no one’s surprise, Bloomberg’s anti-freedom efforts are top-down, autocratic, and authoritarian. So writes a disgruntled volunteer. Such has always been the case with anti-gun organizations. Bloomberg just makes it personal.
  • You’ve probably seen the story of the Utah nurse arrested for doing her job (and upholding a Supreme Court decision that every cop knows). But she is so good and the thugs so bad that I’d be remiss not to post this. I hope every cop involved gets fired. I hope the nurse gets a bonus.
  • Oh Brad, you are so right. In the tech world “1984” has morphed into 1984.… 15 Comments
  • Gene editing humor and song

    I happened to be exploring the wonderful world of one-man barbershop quartet singing the other day. Don’t ask me why; I have no idea.* But that led me (and it was a surprisingly short leap) to science-related a capella singing. I knew the latter existed. I didn’t know there was so much of it these days. One of my faves was this “Mr. Sandman” parody about gene editing, “CRISPR-Cas9.” It’s actually quite educational. With subtitles to help with unconfusication. Then I turned around and discovered that The Onion has done a funny on the very same subject. So I guess…