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Category: Books and Movies

One of those weeks/random thoughts/much etcetera

It’s been one of those weeks. You know the kind. Nothing really terrible is happening, but the petty annoyances and small setbacks threaten to overwhelm all productivity. It started with Amazon’s sudden imposition of stupid security on vendor accounts, then went from there in a bruising week of itty-bitty pokes by Jokester Fate. I found a solution for the Amazon stupidity (thank you, parabarbarian), but getting it implemented involved hours of additional stupid. And so the days went, with my writer’s to-do list getting longer and my patience shortening by the hour. Yesterday I woke up to a tank-rental bill…


FYI on the Paladin going-out-of-business sale

I just took a look this morning and discovered that the discounts have gotten even steeper at the Paladin Press close-out sale. Books are now at 65% off, putting the Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship at $8.05 and The Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook at $12.60. Equivalent bargains on ALL Paladin books. So get ’em while you can. The last day Paladin will be be selling is November 29, but I would expect many titles to be gone long before then. It’s the end of an era, folks. Again, NFI to me, except for royalties paid on my own titles. At…


Story fragment now on Patreon

If you’re one of my Patreon subscribers (in any amount), you can now read a draft fragment of the promised RebelFire story. I just posted it for critiquing. I also plan to share the story, when it’s finished, with a few Friends of the Blog. And someday perhaps it’ll be part of a RebelFire novel for one and all; I don’t know. Meantime, I’ll post fragments, and random thoughts about the writing process, on Patreon, with some posts open to public view. Happy reading.


Writer’s to-do list

1. Get RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone into a Kindle edition.* 2. Get Hardyville Tales into a Kindle edition.* 3. Create a second edition of How to Kill the Job Culture Before It Kills You (currently out of print) for Kindle and print-on-demand. 4. Create a new edition of The Freedom Outlaws Handbook for Kindle and print-on-demand. 5. Write that new story in the RebelFire universe! For my Patreon subscribers only. (It’s in the works, folks, and I have the most clever co-conspirator helping with key developments.) 6. BIG, TOP SECRET COLLABORATIVE MYSTERY WRITING PROJECT. More later if it…


Random ruminations

I was thinking about the Harvey Weinstein scandal (we should soon be thinking about something else, but this 15 minutes, it’s Weinstein). And realizing that as he’s off there in Europe or wherever he’s hiding for “therapy” and making all his weepy-eyed acts of contrition, he’s really just sitting there thinking, “Those disloyal bitches betrayed me.” That’s the difference between a psychopath and the rest of us. That’s the guy who can’t ever learn that real relationships go two ways, and that other people exist as something more than props or discards on your way to power. —– I have…


Rainy day cheer

Well, we have entered the Big Dark. The Big Dim. The Big Wet. Late October and the first weeks of November are usually the wettest part of the NorthWET’s year, and the rainy season has arrived with a series of three storms strung between China and our doorstep. Today the wind howls, small branches fall, mysterious knocks and crashes can be heard through the neighborhood, and rain blurs the windows. But it’s not cold and I am cozy now that all Ava’s required walks are done for the day (Neither snow no sleet nor gloom of night shall stop Ava…


A couple freedomista Patreon creators

Of my 19 new patrons, two of them — familiar faces — have Patreon creator pages of their own. I was moved that creatives who are trying to raise money on Patreon themselves would step up for me. So here’s a shout-out to those two, whose work you’ll enjoy: Montana Homesteading is Kit Perez. You know her as the high-energy proprietor of The Patrick Henry Society and The Order of the White Rose. She started her homesteading blog on Patreon early this summer, then almost immediately had to set it aside to deal with everything from wildfires to a new…


Thinking books

Just got word! Twenty patrons now and $122 a month in pledges. Second goal met. So it’s official. I really am going to have to get on with writing that story. Soon. (And get on with writing several more thank you notes! As well as one more Patreon goal.) Even if the promised story is exclusive to the patrons for now, this whole thing has got me stirred into into thinking in a way I haven’t in years. Thinking books. Old books. Books to be revised. New ways to get those old books back out there. And (could it be?)…


Thinking RebelFire

Well. That was quick. On Monday I wrote that suddenly I was living above my means and would commence cutting and selling. I asked if I should open a Patreon account solely to keep ‘Net access going and pay hosting costs on the blog and Claire’s Cabal. “Yes,” you said. On Wednesday I created that Patreon account. Subscriptions quickly approached my $60 a month goal. Patreon likes multiple goals. So what the heck. I created a $120 a month goal level, adding a performance promise. I figured keeping that promise would would quite a ways in the future. By this…