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Category: Cannabis legalization

Thursday links

  • Under Armour learns the lesson most companies should have memorized long since. You do NOT dis hunters and gun owners and expect to go on making money off them.
  • Oh, how times have changed. You can now buy weed — that is, WEED — on the Toronto Stock Exchange. (H/T MJR)
  • Build your own lamp/electrical outlet/USB charger for fun. Extra points if you can make it a heck of a lot more attractive than the one shown. (Tip o’ hat to MSJ)… 17 Comments
  • Weekend links

  • Merry Christmas! Really.
  • One Dem makes one last-ditch effort to stop Trump. (Note the Freudian slip that this newly elected D-WA congressthing is identified as “D-Seattle.” People in rural Washington know all too well the truth in that little goofsie.)
  • Perhaps not for thee or me, but one family’s thriving in its pretty cob house. Inside a geodesic dome. Within the Arctic Circle. (H/T MtK for this very impressive story)… 10 Comments
  • Rushing to keep up with everything links

  • How can Piers Morgan be such a flaming eejit on guns when he talks so much sense about other subjects? On this particular horror he speaks truth. You damn betcha that was a hate crime, and though I don’t believe in special categories of crime that necessitate guessing at someone’s mindset, there’s no doubt whatsoever of the mindset here.
  • A call for Obama to free the “godfather of grass.”
  • Even Vanity Fair, which reflexively accepts that Donald Trump is “the enemy,” knows knows the Dems are in absurd denial about why they’ve suddenly become a gigantic pack of losers.… 11 Comments
  • Weekend links

  • One of these things is not like the other. A meditation on Sesame Street, shotguns, and the irrationality of the NFA courtesy of L.S. and David Codrea.
  • Seventeen signs you’re intelligent — even if it doesn’t feel like it. Hm. Twelve of the 17 fit me. Does that mean I’m only slightly above dimwitted?
  • So much change. A delegation from the stodgy old American Legion has met with Trump in the cause of getting cannabis re-scheduled.

  • Midweek links

  • Turns out that, as pot has been legalized, teens have had a harder time getting the stuff. Sure, that’s against all predictions — except predictions by people who grok how markets work.
  • Teen drug and alcohol use has fallen in general. Of course, that’s according to the Washington Post, so it may be fake news.
  • It takes seven shots to kill a 73-year-old man suffering dementia. But then, he was armed with a deadly crucifix, so I guess they had to do it.… 5 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • I sincerely doubt the world is ready for a complicated waterless toilet that has to be professionally serviced every six months. Bill and Melinda Gates disagree.
  • Thank you, New Yorker, for being realistic enough to recognize the hand of ISIS at Ohio State.
  • Will it really be “Bye Bye, Obamacare” followed by something much closer to market-based insurance? We can hope. Tom Price is one of only two Trump picks so far that don’t just seem like authoritarian business as usual.… 16 Comments
  • A Friday ramble

    Happy Friday, everyone. Here, for your perusal are a few nice finds and random thoughts. —– I found the above image via, which is now having an influx of libertarians, anarchists, and pro-gunners following the infamous Twitter purge. —– And here’s a polar bear patting a sled dog. This isn’t the first polar-bear-and-dog buddy image on the ‘Net. But it may be the most lovable. —– Seems everybody’s got a hopeful agenda for Donald Trump, who remains (despite media certainty that he’s Adolf Hitler reborn) quite the blank slate. Some of those hopeful agendas are worth getting behind. But…