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Category: Cultural insanity

Thursday links

  • “Ethics rules,” eh? How can it be ethical to take someone’s blood or body tissues, use them in research, even patent them and make millions of dollars from them — all without the consent of the person being so used? The Obama administration had the chance to change this barbaric, anti-freedom, anti-privacy policy and decided not to.
  • And how can it be ethical, moral, legal, or tolerable in a decent society to let this POS cop off while forcing tax slaves to pay millions for his cruel deeds?
  • “Crowdsourcing Death.” Scott Greenwood ponders some of the more obscure, but inevitable, implications of driverless vehicles.

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  • Is news of Trump always news of the weird?

    Yesterday evening, BuzzFeed and CNN, but especially BuzzFeed, went live with a scad of “unverified and possibly unverifiable” documents claiming to be from Russia, damning Trump, and containing material that could have been right out of Penthouse or Hustler. Turns out the fedgov (FBI? CIA?) and the media (?) have had these documents for at least year without being able to verify them. Or without being interested enough to try. But now their goriest details are “news.” Even though Internet tricksters claim they made up the grossest stuff for the LULZ. Or as “fan fiction.” (H/T M for the links)…

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    Tuesday links

  • Doubledamn. Another good man gone. Roy Innis of C.O.R.E. — a pro-gun leader in the black community, among many other things.
  • Could that friendly tech who fixed your glitchy computer be making more money from the F.B.I. than he is from his regular employer? (H/T MtK)
  • Here’s somebody else whose first float-tank experience didn’t do a whole lot for his brain. But yipes! He paid $89 for an hour? Major ripoff! (Tip o’ hat to JB)

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  • Midweek links

  • You thought Sen. Joe Manchin was a traitor because he wants the feds to have power to prevent all gun transfers? So did I. But fact is, the man is too stupid to be a traitor.
  • That photographer in Turkey who captured the murder of the Russian ambassador was amazingly brave, dedicated, and good at his job. You can debate whether the photos were in good taste, but you can’t deny his sheer guts.
  • From Dana in comments: the story of Pinchas Rosenbaum, who disguised himself as a Nazi to save Jews in Hungary.

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  • Wednesday links

  • Everything Trump says is nutty, except it wasn’t nutty when Hillary said it. (Except in this case it’s nutty — and dangerous — when either of them say it and my take on the issue is “ditto,ASM & Borepatch.”)
  • This black guy explains why whites would inevitably win a race war. Even if you can’t understand a word he utters (and I can’t), the visual message is plenty clear. 🙂
  • On that OSU “active shooter,” here’s Joel’s take (preach it, Bruthah). And here — please keep your barf bag handy — is what purports to be the opinion of the university’s diversity officer.

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