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Category: Cultural insanity

Midweek links

  • We were worried about our rights when the IRS started using private bill collectors. Did we even consider that the poor IRS might actually lose money on the deal?
  • Nissan wants to read your mind.
  • Richard Rahn talks rationally about immigration from sh*tholes (or ratholes or sh*thouses; the claims about Trump’s language are mutating) — and in the process includes three branches of my ancestry. I’m so proud. 8 Comments
  • Tuesday links

  • Here’s a Hawaiian who had a plan in case of nuke attack. Not a great plan, but still.
  • “Am I a bad feminist?” asks Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale. Seems so because she — gasp! — believes in due process even for men.
  • Guess we should have figured that. The jihadis who tried to shoot up that “Draw Mohammed” contest in 2015 were egged on and even accompanied by an undercoverFBI agent — and apparently neither the FBI nor the DoJ warned attendees that the U.S. government was sending wannabe murderers their way. Thank heaven for armed Texans! 13 Comments
  • Watching mud dry as an antidote to the madness of the world

    How’s that for a blog title? Sounds like one of those avant garde 1960s plays, doesn’t it? (The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade — that sort of thing.) Actually, it’s the plain, mundane, and muddy fact of the day. Just now, I was sitting in the bedroom-to-be, sipping a cup of sweet tea, kicking back in a bentwood rocker (maybe I should add that to the title), inspecting/admiring/critiquing the wall I taped and plastered this morning. And it occurred to me…


    “Were they actually thinking that a ballistic missile might sort of land on Hawaii?”

    Okay, I know Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, John Chancellor, Peter Jennings and their lot were all just shills. They made their living presenting one carefully selected part of the Establishment line. Their living was based equally on ensuring that We the Peasants didn’t hear about anything that might cause us to lose faith in Our Glorious Leaders in media and politics. We’re much, much better off now that we can get our news unfiltered. Or filtered through the sensibilities of … well, anybody with a YouTube or Twitter account. Aren’t we? Yes, we are, I remind myself. But at least…


    A challenge for the terminally self-righteous (regarding the word “sh*thole)

    As the media lets Trump manipulate it into a frenzy once again, I have a challenge for the terminally self-righteous: Name me just 10 countries in Africa … okay, seven … no, just aim for five to make it easy … that you consider to be as educated, prosperous, technologically sophisticated, opportunity-driven, stable, and well-governed as (oh, just for instance) Norway. And while you’re at it, NPR, maybe you can quit broadcasting long segments on how earnestly you debated — searching heart, soul, conscience, and all the laws of human decency — before using the term sh*thole on the air.…


    Tuesday links

  • James Damore (remember him?) has just filed a class-action suit against Google, alleging the company discriminates against conservative white males. That could get interesting.
  • I love movies. But I am so freakin’ sick of whiny, hypocritical actresses lamenting how difficult their privileged lives are and congratulating themselves for the “courage” of their #MeTooing and their black gowns red carpet that I’m thinking about giving up my Netflix and going cold turkey.
  • In case you didn’t already know it, the NFL boycott is real and significant 12 Comments
  • Monday on a Tuesday links

  • You’ve already heard about the vicious “swatting” (called a prank by some … but some prank!) that left an innocent young man dead. Here’s more on how it came about. I hope the two who arranged the swatting, plus the overly jumpy shooter, plus the authorities who failed to investigate the legitimacy of the call all pay for the evil they did — and change their ways. Fat chance, though.
  • Erica Garner, who fought for justice for her father, is dead at 27.
  • 100 things that became newly racist in 2017, the year of the self-righteous jackass. 10 Comments