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Category: Dogs and (grudgingly) cats

No description needed. Dogs are life. Cats are also necessary on the Internet.

Thursday links

  • Amidst the cruelty of the Manchester bombing, heroic kindness from an unexpected source.
  • Um, yeah. So somehow making tasty burritos in Portland puts women in Mexico out of work? Scott Greenfield has more, including a direct look into the minds of the cultural appropriation pecksniffs.
  • But having looked at the nuttier side of life in the PNW, here’s the saner part: v*ters in Washington hated both Trump and Clinton more than the v*ters of any other state.… 3 Comments
  • End-of-week links

  • The Infamous Weinerman pleads guilty. It’s off to a short prison term, then the sex-offender registry. Anybody taking bets on how long it’ll be before he’s doing it all again?
  • Good news, hobbyists. A court has shot down the FAA’s drone-registration requirement. OTOH, China is now requiring drone registration. So don’t move there. Oh yeah. And don’t fly one over my house, either.
  • More sheriff’s deputies who have neither courtesy nor good sense. … 10 Comments
  • UNFINISHED: When Dog Chose Man

    A legend told by several Native American tribes goes something like this (both the picture and the words are my own interpretation): When the world was new and no one yet knew their place, God decided to divide Man from the other animals. He set Man on one side of a line and the rest of the animal kingdom on the other. Then he spoke and the line began to crack open. Soon it was a chasm, separating Man from all the rest. At the very last moment, just as the chasm was becoming impossibly wide, Dog made a rebel…


    Thursday links

  • Following Bob Owens’ suicide, there’ve been a lot of articles on the general theme of how men’s depression is different than women’s (generally true) and how men may be more reluctant to get help. What only one person has mentioned so far (and that over on the private Claire’s Cabal forums) is that if you’re a gun owner who asks for help you will be screwed six ways from Sunday. Smart gun owners do not dare let so-called mental-health professionals know they’re suffering. At the very least, they’ll lose their gun rights. And it’s not at all uncommon for cops to show up and kill them. Some “help” that is!
  • Yet another cop walks free on the “I’m a puling coward” defense. Betty Shelby argued that pre-emptive murder was part of her training. Besides, the dispensable “civilian” didn’t give her the instant obedience expected of the peasant class. … 6 Comments
  • Tuesday links

  • Closer to confirmation: mysteriously murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was indeed in contact with Wikileaks, and the emails “hacked by Russians” may have instead been leaked by him.
  • Leonardo da Vinci invented an odd musical instrument (on paper). A modern instrument maker has built it. (Use the “cc” option on the video to get English subtitles.)
  • The governmental stupid gets thicker and thicker in California. Now dumb law threatens small, independent booksellers — as if they weren’t already threatened enough. (H/T M)

  • Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day

    Entering the third — increasingly theoretical — week of the Great Foundation and Screen Porch Project. First week, the Wandering Monk put in two days on the project, much of it spent discussing how to handle the “surprises” we found. After that, it was time to retreat until I could redraw the plans. The Monk went on to other clients and fill-in projects. Second week, the Monk put in two solid work days, after which we were rained out. A cold, driven, nasty rain it was. And is. And will be. The final round is due in tonight, after which…


    St. Guinefort, revisited

    St. Guinefort the Greyhound. Revisited. This is about 1,000 times better than the version I posted the other day. IMHO, this is another moment of hitting my stride. Only trouble is that “my stride” seems to involve one of the slowest, most blindingly tedious mediums in all artdom: colored pencil. Technically, this is mixed media, but mostly colored pencil, which means mostly hours spent scribbling layer upon layer to build up nuanced color and to fill spaces that a paintbrush could knock out in seconds. Most other artwork I’ve posted has taken two or three hours. This required the better…


    Weekend links

  • Welcome to the New Soviet Union, comrades — where you can now be paid to inform on the “incorrect” opinions of your peers. (H/T MJR)
  • Scary. The Washington state gov — with the cooperation of the quisling NRA — is attempting to put teeth into firearm background checks. Considering that up to 95% of denials may be in error, this could seriously screw with thousands of innocent people.
  • I know this area of southern Oregon and I get it. The rage, the resistance. The hidden America Our Masters fear but never understand. But never sacrifice your libraries. Bring them back privately if you can. (H/T jc2k in comments)*… 12 Comments
  • Friday links

  • I haven’t had much to say about the Comey flap. Far as I’m concerned, everybody in power in DC should be fired. But Jim Bovard says the FBI needs booting off its pedestal.
  • Ah yes, the ever-magical drug whisperers on the police force. (H/T jc2k in comments)
  • But alas, some stoners are as dumb as their reputation. Here’s a pair who, it seems, forgot they were no longer in Colorado (Tip o’ hat to ML)… 16 Comments
  • St. Guinefort the Greyhound

    It was a rain day on the Great Foundation and Screen Porch Project. No work. Sigh. Boy, the fits and starts of this thing. Supposed to rain tomorrow, too, so we shall see. That at least gave me the chance to get my rusty self back to the art table. I was going to draw a dog-as-pope. … although I thought this hound had more papal majesty. While looking for a good canine pontiff, I — for reasons unknown — found a doggie bantito mixed in with the pope images. Rather liked that guy. I suppose that image is politically…