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Category: Free speech

Friday links

  • There’s a new player in the freedomista news and comment field: and some of our blogfriends are associated with it. It’s lib-conserv, not anarchist (so anarcho-snowflakes might want to stay away). Very nice site, though. Clean layout, good content. Much to read.
  • The number of TV sets in the U.S. is declining. No surprise in the netly age. But what crossed my eyes was the stat that “declining” still means 2.3 televisions per home. Which is nutz.… 17 Comments
  • Weekend links #1

  • A short-term “fasting diet” may regenerate a diabetic pancreas. Again, it’s mostly mice so far. But interesting.
  • “Drugs, disposal of.” Dealing with the recent untimely loss of his wife, Kim du Toit goes on a quest to discover how to rid himself of a pharmacopia of her prescription medicines.
  • Borepatch warns: Buyer beware! when it comes to “connected” cars. Like all other supposedly smart devices, they’re just bright enough to violate your privacy.… 7 Comments
  • Cabal doings (plus free limited membership)

    Time for a quick update on the latest doings at Claire’s Cabal. This one’s for current cabalistas and non-cabalistas alike. First thing: We’re trying out a limited, 30-day free membership. Go to the link, click “join us” and you’ll see it there. Before joining, you should whitelist two specified addresses. Or check your spam filters because mail from those addresses doesn’t always make it through. The free membership gives you access to the forum, which is the main attraction. It doesn’t let you access all the ebooks or articles. I’ve hesitated to make this information public for fear of attracting…


    Monday links

    A Scottish brewery — opening in the U.S. today — not only allows employees to bring dogs to work. It gives them a week off when they get a new puppy or adopt a rescue dog. (H/T Joel) The final (?) chapter has been written in the life and death of Kennewick Man. Google and Bing sign a pact to be even more secretively manipulative than they already are with search results. Kickstarter: Wearable luggage for the frequent traveler. (Tip o’ hat to MJR who ponders whether this clothing might also substitute for a bug-out bag) Gunblogger Kim du Toit…


    Midweek links

    Convicted of self-defense in a Portland court. Outrageous. But there’s Portland and then there’s Oregon when it comes to gun rights. Kit Perez begins a three-part series on how social media silences dissent. Ugh. Looks like the NorthWET is in for another big drenching. But we’re used to that. It’s California — the poor people below the Oroville Damn — getting the worst of it. They say the dam danger is much less now. But I wonder. I also wonder whose head is going to roll for this. Why is the whole world suddenly debating whether Huxley or Orwell got…


    Weekend links

    Getting weirder all the time. Cops use data from a man’s pacemaker to charge him with a crime. (H/T M) And while of course it’s long been a crime to “drive while black” or even walk or bike while black in the wrong neighborhood, now apparently it calls for police action if you’re a prosperous brown woman walking in your own neighborhood. This woman really handled the abuse with grace, though. (Tip o’ hat to PT) Now we’ll see if it gets through the Senate. But the House has v*ted to repeal Obama’s Social Security-related gun ban. Judge halts Trump’s…


    Manning to go free!

    I didn’t think he’d do it. But Obama just commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence. Manning is set to go free on May 17. Here’s another link in case the one in the first paragraph gives you trouble, as it’s momentarily giving me.) This is a commutation, not a pardon. The sentence is cut short, but Manning remains a convicted criminal with all the loss of rights and other problems and stigmas that entails. But this is what she’d asked for, the best she’d hoped for. Hm. Now I wonder if Assange will agree to that extradition to the U.S.? 0