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Category: Government

Government evils — but I repeat myself

A Monday ramble

Actually, not so much rambling as sitting indoors under a tornado warning. The current twister probably won’t come near my neighborhood, but we have about 30 more hours of unsettled weather, so who knows what we might eventually see? And here I thought The Wandering Monk was joking when he said if a tornado struck the NW corner of the screen porch would be the safest place in the house. I may have to find out. —– Quite to my surprise, we are in the midst of National Unmarried and Singles Week. I had no idea, did you? How did…


Monday links

  • She moved from a blue state to a sort of reddish one and had her eyes opened — both about her new home and the prejudices of the people she left behind.
  • Ha. Remember the monkey selfie case that PETA just settled? A lawyer who crusades against bad settlements submits a hilarious brief pointing out that PETA has no standing to settle on the monkey’s behalf.
  • That new “liberal” pope has been anything but liberal — or transparent or different than recent old popes — when it comes to priests who sexualize kiddies.… 4 Comments
  • Tuesday links

  • Equifax already faces at least 23 class-action lawsuits for its shameless handling of “cuckstomer” data. Even though I know lawyers are the chief beneficiaries of these things, in this case: more power to ’em.
  • Edward Snowden and Andrew “bunnie” Huang have designed a hardware device to monitor your iPhone against surveillance.
  • Could Father Mykal Judge become the first gay saint? (Well no. Odds are there have been gay saints who never got outed. But Mykal Judge was a good man and I hope he makes the grade. At the rate the last couple of popes have been churning out saints, several dogs I know should probably make the grade. And hey, St. Guinefort the Greyhound gets a mention in the linked article, though not by name.)… 7 Comments
  • Wednesday links

  • King County (Seattle area) cop confronts a motorcyclist, gun in hand, irrationally and profanely accusing the guy of “going 100 miles per hour.” Fortunately, his intended victim was wearing a helmet cam.
  • Californians may get the chance to decriminalize psilocybin next year.
  • And HERB, a site that hopes to become the go-to spot for “all things cannabis-related” just raised $4 million plus from some very respectable sources.… 15 Comments
  • The party place

    That’s an Indian burial tree, so yesterday’s host told me. I wasn’t able to find out a lot about it, though it resembles Indian marker trees, but with the bend higher up, and I know some tribes did “bury” their dead in trees or on scaffolds. Anyhow, there were quite a few of these around the barbecue pavilion at the house where the cannon shoot took place. All cedars. An archaeologist told my hosts the trees were only about 250 years old and therefore had probably been prepared for burials but never actually used. Somehow that made it slightly less…


    Fragmentation, war, all of the above?

    This morning I started a thread in the public portion of Claire’s Cabal about civil war; will we or won’t we? The thread starter is a New Yorker article, silly with the standard urban-left assumptions that somehow everything began with Obama and might end with Trump. But within it are a number of astute (or at least thought-provoking) quotes from smarter people. And naturally Cabalistas have added their own usual thought-provoking observations. Go read. Comment over there if you can. There will probably never be “civil war” in the U.S. — just as there was no civil war way back…


    And now we pause for a brief commercial announcement

    Three commercial announcements, actually (though the third isn’t strictly commercial because there’s no money involved). 1. David Hardy’s new book: a must-read Once in a long, long while you’ll hear about a book and realize instantly, based on subject and author alone, that such a book really, really needed writing. (If you’re a writer, you might even think to yourself, “Damn, why didn’t I get that idea first?”) In this case, attorney and noted gun-rights activist David Hardy got the sad-but-brilliant concept. He wrote I’m from the Government and I’m Here to Kill You, which is now available for pre-order…

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    Tuesday links

  • Repeal the 17th amendment. I’ve often thought this was needed, too. Not that it would perform any freedom miracles. But it would make the states … well, states again.
  • Naturally, Google fired that engineer yesterday. Mustn’t allow anyone to question rightthink.
  • Held for over three years by the fedgov. Denied a right to a lawyer. Now he’s denied compensation — and Orwell could have written the reason.