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Category: Guns and Gun Rights

Of course.

Friday links

  • In news-of-the-creepy: the recently dead can now unlock smartphones with their fingers or eyes.
  • Speaking of creepy, Sean Parker accuses Mark Z and FB of exploiting vulnerabilities in human psychology. (No sh*t, Sherlock. That’s what FB exists to do.)
  • Electric cars: major polluters. (Yet another truth obvious to anyone who ever looked honestly at the question without being dazzled by the claims of clean urban air.)… 6 Comments
  • Midweek links

  • The The disappearing American grad studentengineering grad student, that is.
  • Massachusetts has a puzzling legal problem with its cannabis legalization: islands. Whose waters are governed by feds. Hm. Washington state seems to have solved that. There are plenty of pot shoppes in the San Juans.
  • In case you haven’t heard already, two civilians stopped the Texas church murderer — a fact most of the media is trying to downplay.… 6 Comments
  • Okay, if you haven’t already quit watching NFL games …

    … now’s the time. The San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles have announced huge donations to anti-gun groups. That’s it. It’s over. Regardless of the owners’ or players’ personal views, these people have become the Ed Wood of marketing. Do they really have no idea who their target market is? Or are they so arrogant they believe they don’t have to care? —– UPDATE: See Adam’s comment below. Apparently it was only the 49ers, not the Eagles — which improves the situation slightly. This is what happens when I post before morning tea.


    Thursday links

  • The DoJ is trying to get personal data on five Twitter users (one or two of whom you may know) because they received a smiley from a security researcher the feds have it in for.
  • Black preacher claims he was banned from a health club for giving an interview supporting Donald Trump.
  • Via Wendy McElroy: Big data meets Big Brother. In China. But I’ve seen hundreds of people on credit forums who’d think this horror was a fabulous idea.… 4 Comments
  • Friday links

  • It was no false alarm. The social-justice pecksniffs really are coming for the math curriculum — even in Texas.
  • David T. Hardy — who knows, and who has even written a new book on it — explains how government avoids accountability for killing innocents.
  • A right to repair is inherent in ownership. There should be no more black-box products under the DMCA. (There shouldn’t be a DMCA, but that’s another issue.)… 10 Comments
  • Weekend links

  • Making “frugal” sexy.
  • Why did the left go nuts when Trump obeyed the law on Obamacare?
  • Although this article manages to sling the usual mainstream insults, there’s no question: Art Robinson and his family do fascinating science.
  • Clayton Cramer — whose research was instrumental in busting lying anti-gun “historian” Michael Bellesiles — is writing a book on mass murder in America and would like reader comments.… 9 Comments
  • Okay, I managed to create that Patreon account

    I tell ya, it wasn’t easy. Only one of my four browsers would allow me to set up the account — and the one that FINALLY allowed me to perform a full account setup won’t actually let me look at my own page. (Browser security; sometimes it’s a nuisance.) The browser that most adamantly refused to let me do the account setup lets me look at my page just fine. Go figure. Anyhow … here’s my new Patreon page. To subscribe, you need to have a Patreon account (which doesn’t appear to require anything too onerous or privacy-wrecking), and then…