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Category: Guns and Gun Rights

Of course.

Michael Bellesiles at it again?

You remember “historian” Michael Bellesiles. He won the Bancroft Prize a decade ago for his wildly falsified history of guns in America. He lost the prize — and his reputation — when real historians of firearms like Clayton Cramer proved Bellesiles was a liar who created his “history” according to a surreal anti-gun agenda. You wonder how a man like Bellesiles can ever come back. But he keeps going like the Energizer bunny. And it seems he goes right on fabricating and prevaricating according to his own agenda. Per J.F. (with head-shaking thanks) and via the good work of Jim…


Only a Republican …

… could courageously admit that the U.S. government is flat outa money, proclaim the need to raise the retirement age to 70, endorse an overhaul of all “entitlements,” state that it’s time to tell the American people “we’re broke” … and then say … wait for it … wait for it … BECAUSE WE NEED THE MONEY… FOR WAR. War. Yeah. Not as in “defending our shores from foreign invaders.” But as in propping up inept dictators and their drug-kingpin families and sending computer-driven drones to kill women and kids because our peace-loving Democrat president thinks it’s a great idea…


Supremes rule as expected on McDonald

After Heller, almost inevitable. Sure. All the usual governmental caveats apply. But it’s lovely to imagine Mayor Daley throwing himself on the floor screaming and threatening to hold his breath until he turns blue. And knowing that it won’t do the poor, spoiled bully boy one itty-bitty bit of good. Link to the decision (.pdf).


Monday miscellany

This WSJ article focuses on the behavior of investors (and draws, I think, some dubious conclusions). But the heart and soul of it is about the psychology of going along with the crowd. Good info not to live by. The NRA’s free-speech sellout from a different political perspective. He loves his Mac. He doesn’t hate Windows. In fact, he thinks Windows 7 is a great product. But he’s switching to Linux. Well, whaddaya know? Portugal decriminalizes virtually all recreational drug use and the universe fails to implode. “Patience and Personal Finance.” News you can use if you’re working on getting…


NRA sells us out — again

It was just a rumor earlier this week, but now seems confirmed. The traitorous NRA has once again sold out gun owners and liberty — this time by crafting a special exemption for itself to an upcoming campaign finance law. Now, with a provision in place to protect organizations that just happen to look exactly like the NRA, it’s ready to accept an anti-free speech bill. For the sake of the 2nd amendment? Hardly. Even if the Bill of Rights was a Chinese menu from which you could pick your favorites, the NRA has made sure that its oh-so-special provisions…


On waking up in liberty (and solving a current personal dilemma)

After blogging about it yesterday, I’ve been taking Kent McManigal’s challenge, “What would YOU do if you woke up in liberty?” My first thought was, “Not much different than I’m already doing.” After all, I’ve been consciously pursuing (and preaching) freedom for a long time. I’m out here in the hills, doing pretty much what I want, with people I want to be with. I live in a place where you can strap a gun on and go downtown (such as downtown is) and nobody will give you a second glance. A place where the neighbors are self-sufficient and helpful…


Saturday miscellany

Okay, I don’t usually link to stuff from Alex Jones Paranoialand. I roll my eyes at others who do. But tell me, you physics and geophysics guys out there (and I just know there are dozens of science geeks reading this blog): How far out of reality is this? I could do that. I mean, if I really wanted to, you know. (Short video) “Do marijuana and driving mix?” Well, I don’t know. (The business of driving super-slow to be safer is one way cops already use to spot the impaired.) But you can be sure cannabis is getting closer…


Want a bulletproof tee-shirt?

It’s a tee-shirt! No, it’s body armor! Or maybe it’s body armor made from tee-shirt material. You be the judge here and here. I don’t suppose we’ll be wearing bullet-resistant tees any time soon, but it does sound as if more comfortable, flexible, and inexpensive body armor is in the works. Among other things. (H/T Pat)


Monday miscellany

Liberty’s friend Stewart Rhodes gets the opening paragraph of a Newsweek article. Too darned bad it’s an article titled “Hate” and filled with all the usual MSM bigotry toward everybody who isn’t a government supremacist. They also give Stewart the closing paragraph — while quoting “words of wisdom” from Bill O’Reilly that are neither wise nor historically accurate. Guess neither Mr. O’R nor the Newsweek screed writer understand the coup the Supremes pulled in Marbury v Madison. Can’t say I like the term “sheeple.” But Philalethes is correct: this picture is worth a thousand words. Yeah, as Joel says, it’s…