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Category: Health

Weekend links

  • “Consumers” aren’t the only ones upset with Equifax. Looks as if banks might sue them, too. Anecdotally, I have also heard that some banks are no longer sharing information with Equifax until they learn the company’s security practices are actually security practices.
  • Cops. breaking into cars and trashing them … in the name of preventing vehicle break-ins.
  • Why flu shots so often fail. (I’m not anti-vaccine; I’m pro-research, pro-good judgment, and pro-honesty. The pabulum-for-the-public claim that “flu shots are 97 percent effective” has always ticked me off. This article is a refreshing look at the reality.)… 11 Comments
  • A dog’s life

    Ava had dental surgery today. Under general anesthetic. She just came home from Furrydoc’s. I may have enhanced the eyes on that last one. Slightly. I admit nothing. The funniest thing was watching her try to walk. Best analogy: a drunk at 2:00 a.m., trying verrrrry, verrrrry carefully to pass his field sobriety test. The unfunniest part will getting the vet bill at the end of the month. Fortunately Furrydoc lets me pay installments. When Ava had been awake long enough to come home, Furrydoc texted me: “Your princess awaits her carriage.” She knows Her Royal Highness Princess Ava Prettypaws…


    A Monday ramble

    Actually, not so much rambling as sitting indoors under a tornado warning. The current twister probably won’t come near my neighborhood, but we have about 30 more hours of unsettled weather, so who knows what we might eventually see? And here I thought The Wandering Monk was joking when he said if a tornado struck the NW corner of the screen porch would be the safest place in the house. I may have to find out. —– Quite to my surprise, we are in the midst of National Unmarried and Singles Week. I had no idea, did you? How did…


    The rainy season returns

    An hour or two from now, the skies are scheduled to open. They’ve been closed by clouds the last two days, and when they open this time it won’t be to reveal summer blue. We’re looking at a week of rain. Not Harvey rain, not Irma rain, but typical of this part of the world; once the faucet’s on, it doesn’t care to stop. I am SO not ready for this. I’ve been dashing-dashing-dashing to get the place ready for the wet. For a while I was roaring with energy. But my oomph ran out before the projects and cleanup…


    Weekend links

  • Such progress! Such awesome justice! Three years after he choked Eric Garner to death for no reason, officer Daniel Pantaleo might get a slap on the wrist.
  • “Terminal.” How airports got bad enough to drive us psycho.
  • Hillary thinks the real reason she lost was US. Contemplate that as she asks you to shell out $30 for her new book and a minimum of $89 for a book tour ticket. (Well it probably was “us” as in people of this blog; but she appears to mean “us” as in all the people who failed to see the True Glory of Her.)… 7 Comments
  • Gregory Gooch, RIP. And mourning the too-many, too-young dead.

    We learned last week that Gregory Gooch — known to the Commentariat and members of TMM and Claire’s Cabal as either gooch or capn — died last May. Gooch was a sweetheart of a guy whose last few years were difficult and impoverished. But if he had any inkling he was headed for an early death, he never said a word about it to any of his online friends. This is something that worries me; that online acquaintances will just disappear. With Gooch, I thought his absence was due only to the fact that he had a poor, and slow,…


    Wednesday links

  • King County (Seattle area) cop confronts a motorcyclist, gun in hand, irrationally and profanely accusing the guy of “going 100 miles per hour.” Fortunately, his intended victim was wearing a helmet cam.
  • Californians may get the chance to decriminalize psilocybin next year.
  • And HERB, a site that hopes to become the go-to spot for “all things cannabis-related” just raised $4 million plus from some very respectable sources.… 15 Comments