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Category: Health

Thursday links

  • The FBI under Trump continues its proud history of fighting terrorism by busting hapless losers who couldn’t have done a thing without the encouragement, funds, and in this case bullying brutality by the fed agents themselves.
  • And let’s not forget our beloved ATF. Turns out it’s as corrupt on the “T” part of its name as is is on the “F”ing part.
  • “Live free or live in Massachusetts,” as some wag must have said. Boston considers banning glassware in bars because it can be used as a weapon. (Can we move Boston over to England? I think it would feel more at home there.)

  • Wednesday links

  • “It’s complicated.” HL Harris explains her love-hate relationship with firearms. Rape is a mind-changer.
  • Surprise, Surprise. Drugs are vanishing at V.A. hospitals. (And no doubt many other medical facilities, though you can bet fedgov hospitals will be the champs in this variety of corruption and sloppy record-keeping.)
  • How Peter Thiel’s Palantir helps the world’s worst spies keep tabs on us all.

  • Monday links

  • You heard about all those people in California who were evacuated because, you know, water was actually going over the spillway of a big dam? And maybe you thought, “Um, but isn’t that what spillways are supposed to do?” Even if it’s the emergency spillway? Well, here are pix of the degree of stupid involved.
  • So what happens in the longish run if the Hearing Protection Act passes?
  • Just how long can federal agents “detain” you at border checkpoints while demanding that you give them the keys to your smartphone?

  • Good news and bad news (but more good than bad)

    Good news! Old Blue made it all the way to the Big City without a hiccup. AND there was no snow, ice, or even hellacious amounts of rain to hinder us. (I mean, there was rain of course; there always is. But not the biblical deluge the weather person warned of.) Even better. The specialist recommended against surgery. He says he’ll do it if I want, but that no harm will come to me from not having it. Well, that’s a no-brainer. More good news. I made it to the town with the float tank and am now safely ensconced…


    A quiet little moment of peace

    I haven’t been looking forward to this week. Midweek I’m scheduled to go to The Big City (the real one; not the nearby Walmart-bearing berg I laughingly call the big city) for a consultation with a surgeon, a specialist at a formidable teaching hospital. I dread both the doctor encounter and the drive, which is three times longer than any I’ve taken in Old Blue. And Blue is … old. And kind of creaky. Heck, while I’m at it, I might as well dread freeways, traffic jams, and ridiculously expensive Big City parking — all of which I worked hard…


    Thursday links

  • “Ethics rules,” eh? How can it be ethical to take someone’s blood or body tissues, use them in research, even patent them and make millions of dollars from them — all without the consent of the person being so used? The Obama administration had the chance to change this barbaric, anti-freedom, anti-privacy policy and decided not to.
  • And how can it be ethical, moral, legal, or tolerable in a decent society to let this POS cop off while forcing tax slaves to pay millions for his cruel deeds?
  • “Crowdsourcing Death.” Scott Greenwood ponders some of the more obscure, but inevitable, implications of driverless vehicles.… 8 Comments