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Category: Home improvement

Pardon me while I deal with reality

The last few days I’ve been dealing with reality. To wit: schlepping accumulated stuff out of the bedroom-to-be and into the attic or other places where it’ll live for a while. So far I’ve gotten from this: … to this: But there’s still SO much more reality to deal with. Everything’s got to come out of the bedroom so The Wandering Monk and I (mostly the monk) can tear the floor out, then raise and repair the foundation under the back of the house. Hopefully next month. May at the latest. We’ll be working from inside because there’s almost no…


Yet another “build it in a day” tiny house (with a difference)

Yes, yes. We’ve all seen plenty of those tiny-house, build-it-in-a-day (as long as you don’t consider permits, site prep, plumbing, electricity and probably half the other things that go into building a house) miracle structures that are going to solve all urban woes/disaster aftermaths/third-world housing needs. But this one’s different. Aside from being roundish, it’s 3D-printed on site. Is that cool, or what? The video explains. The video also starts out obnoxiously like a corporate promo ca. 1988 (and I should know because back then I wrote a bunch of the things). But eventually it shows how the house “grows.”…


Life in the microwave lane

The dog is just because. —– After a scattered and exhausting weekend, I woke up today to a long email from a friend that reminded me of the connections between freedom, creativity, and spiritual strength. I breathed deeply, grateful for the message. I resolved to refocus. My resolve lasted until I went to give the critters their breakfast and discovered the microwave was dead. I ended up focusing on DIY repair sites for a while. Along the way, I ran into this snarky article, “How to Turn Your Microwave Into a Camera.” The title of the just-posted Advertising Age piece…


So. Now what?

Thank you, Commentariat, for your kind support and wisdom yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to reply in comments because the Wandering Monk was here all day enlarging the attic hatch. After writing yesterday’s post I was on minion duty. Even when not hauling construction rubble to the backyard or perching above the hatch waiting to receive and nail down the new folding ladder I was distracted, covered with ceiling crud, grubby, and not sitting quietly at the computer. With hatch completed, I have the lovely task of schlepping stored stuff from the bedroom-to-be into the attic. Which will enable…


Midweek links

  • That’s the (entrepreneurial) spirit. You may have heard that Seattle had a major freeway mess the other day, with all lanes of I-5 closed for eight hours. But that didn’t stop the operators of one taco truck who were stuck in traffic along with everybody else.
  • Only four federal agencies to abolish? Surely we can do better than that!
  • Anyone who has stood in a grocery check-out line behind people paying with SNAP/EBT cards Continue readingMidweek links

    Sometimes you just have to leap into the abyss

    That’s a leap I have not yet decided to risk. —– On Thursday I learned that Amazon is decimating the Associates program and therefore decimating the monthly income of this blog. It may have been inevitable, but nobody saw it coming right now. You guys jumped in to make sure that February, the last month of the old program, went out with a bang. A thousand thank yous for that. But that still left me with decisions to make. About this blog. About earning a living. About whether to go ahead with planned projects. —– It was easy to decide…


    Ah, spring!

    Normally around this time of year, I’d expect the first signs — well, foreshadowings — of spring. But given the frigidity of the present winter all happy signs and portents have been delayed. Until a day or two ago I had to settle for this: A squashed frog on the road a few blocks from my house. Not this particular deceased amphibian (whose photo I found online). But one of its relatives that I’ve had to step over on my walks to town. Damn strange first sign of spring. Frogs are usually late-season arrivals and not very plentiful; what a…


    Thursday links

  • Under Armour learns the lesson most companies should have memorized long since. You do NOT dis hunters and gun owners and expect to go on making money off them.
  • Oh, how times have changed. You can now buy weed — that is, WEED — on the Toronto Stock Exchange. (H/T MJR)
  • Build your own lamp/electrical outlet/USB charger for fun. Extra points if you can make it a heck of a lot more attractive than the one shown. (Tip o’ hat to MSJ)… 17 Comments
  • Monday links

    Today I have for you a collection of mostly useful or “lite” links. NO politics. Enjoy.

    Weekend links

  • Merry Christmas! Really.
  • One Dem makes one last-ditch effort to stop Trump. (Note the Freudian slip that this newly elected D-WA congressthing is identified as “D-Seattle.” People in rural Washington know all too well the truth in that little goofsie.)
  • Perhaps not for thee or me, but one family’s thriving in its pretty cob house. Inside a geodesic dome. Within the Arctic Circle. (H/T MtK for this very impressive story)… 10 Comments