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Category: Humor

Thursday links

  • The FBI under Trump continues its proud history of fighting terrorism by busting hapless losers who couldn’t have done a thing without the encouragement, funds, and in this case bullying brutality by the fed agents themselves.
  • And let’s not forget our beloved ATF. Turns out it’s as corrupt on the “T” part of its name as is is on the “F”ing part.
  • “Live free or live in Massachusetts,” as some wag must have said. Boston considers banning glassware in bars because it can be used as a weapon. (Can we move Boston over to England? I think it would feel more at home there.)

  • Wednesday links

  • “It’s complicated.” HL Harris explains her love-hate relationship with firearms. Rape is a mind-changer.
  • Surprise, Surprise. Drugs are vanishing at V.A. hospitals. (And no doubt many other medical facilities, though you can bet fedgov hospitals will be the champs in this variety of corruption and sloppy record-keeping.)
  • How Peter Thiel’s Palantir helps the world’s worst spies keep tabs on us all.

  • Midweek links

    Convicted of self-defense in a Portland court. Outrageous. But there’s Portland and then there’s Oregon when it comes to gun rights. Kit Perez begins a three-part series on how social media silences dissent. Ugh. Looks like the NorthWET is in for another big drenching. But we’re used to that. It’s California — the poor people below the Oroville Damn — getting the worst of it. They say the dam danger is much less now. But I wonder. I also wonder whose head is going to roll for this. Why is the whole world suddenly debating whether Huxley or Orwell got…


    The best SuperBowl commercial?

    I didn’t watch the SuperBowl. Sounds as if it was a whopper of a game. But Atlanta and the Patriots? Yawn. Did watch a few SB commerercials, though, and it looks like a rather dull year for that. Too much preaching. Too little humor. And lame humor at that. (The ghost of Spuds MacKenzie? Cute thought, but meh. Would have worked better as a Christmas commercial, and ya know, Budweiser, there’s really good technology available that makes it look as if animals are really talking.) Here’s the best I’ve seen (this is the long version; I gather a much shorter…


    Weekend links

    Getting weirder all the time. Cops use data from a man’s pacemaker to charge him with a crime. (H/T M) And while of course it’s long been a crime to “drive while black” or even walk or bike while black in the wrong neighborhood, now apparently it calls for police action if you’re a prosperous brown woman walking in your own neighborhood. This woman really handled the abuse with grace, though. (Tip o’ hat to PT) Now we’ll see if it gets through the Senate. But the House has v*ted to repeal Obama’s Social Security-related gun ban. Judge halts Trump’s…


    Thursday links

  • Under Armour learns the lesson most companies should have memorized long since. You do NOT dis hunters and gun owners and expect to go on making money off them.
  • Oh, how times have changed. You can now buy weed — that is, WEED — on the Toronto Stock Exchange. (H/T MJR)
  • Build your own lamp/electrical outlet/USB charger for fun. Extra points if you can make it a heck of a lot more attractive than the one shown. (Tip o’ hat to MSJ)… 17 Comments
  • Tuesday links

    Seemed time for another “lite” links collection. I closed all my bad-news tabs. To hell with them. Today I bring you mostly good news and puppies. Oh, and a moose.

    Friday links

  • Remember the Arizona motorist who stopped, saved a cop’s life, and killed the murderous perp earlier this month? He has now uncloaked himself from anonymity. Turns out he’s a ordinary little guy who neither looks nor sounds like you might imagine. He was also, once upon a time, a prohibited person who had his rights restored.
  • Those ever sober and deliberative atomic scientists have set their famous doomsday clock closer to midnight. Because Trump. And other reasons. (Last time it was because “climate change” and other reasons.) Good God, people, don’t you remember it was Hillary, not The Donald, who was itching to start WWIII? The man may be a megalomanical loon, but he’d rather make deals than toss bombs. (H/T MtK)
  • F*c*b**k actually does something semi-interesting (although very 1990s) for user security.… 20 Comments
  • Monday links

    Today I have for you a collection of mostly useful or “lite” links. NO politics. Enjoy.