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Category: Mind and Spirit

Spirituality, moods, feelings, and thinking free to live free.

Wendy McElroy: Will Bitcoin function in a societal collapse?

She asks and partially answers the question. Equally important, she bridges the gap between the BTC community and the prepper/survivalist community, who sometimes look askance at each other (although I’m well aware that within the Living Freedom realm, there are plenty of people who are both bitcoin users and preppers with gold, silver, and canned goods stashed). Anyhow, from Wendy: The question is a large obstacle to the mass adoption of digital currencies and it should be addressed head-on. The audiences being targeted as adopters are also a problem. The question and a problem overlap. Calls for mass adoption usually…

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Midweek links

  • A civil rights lawsuit is in the works against warrantless searches of laptops and cellphones. According to the article there were as many such searches last month as there were in all of 2015.
  • You might think it would be a waste of money for the National Park Service to spend $150,000 on Bigfoot research. But rest assured the money isn’t entirely wasted. It’s also covering research on sea monsters and mysterious lights.
  • This demonstrates exactly how dumb “smart” appliances are. A brand-new dishwasher with a security bug that was the hottest new thing … 20 years ago.… 4 Comments
  • It’s a wrap

    Yesterday, Lies of Omission, the freedomista documentary-to-be, finished principal photography. My involvement with this project has been minimal, but I was there for the final day’s interviews and it was as great a meeting of minds as I’ve taken part in in years. I was there because they had to reshoot my interview from last fall. Which I’m sure made nobody happy. T.L. and Sammi Davis both had to make long, costly extra trips. Although my trip to join them was short, I was as excited to be re-interviewed as to have my my fingernails pulled out by hot pincers.…


    A Friday ramble

    It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Leave it to the Mises Institute to “celebrate” by reprinting a piece on the causes of the potato famine I’ve never understood the saying “the luck of the Irish.” The Irish have had total crap luck. Irish history has been one long chain of famines, massacres, attempted genocides, and cruel (religious, economic, and intellectual) suppressions at the hand of the “civilized” English. It’s kind of like saying “the luck of the Jewish.” (And as Aaron Zelman used to remind me, “Imagine being both Irish and Jewish.”) —– I know some people won’t like the current, more…


    Accepting the unexpected

    Right this minute I’m glad I decided to quit earning my living as a writer. ‘Cause if I were still A Writer, there’d be no excuse for the wordlessness that currently grips me. No longer being a Capital-W Writer, I’ll start with pictures. Photographs of a Box O’ Goodies that arrived a couple of days ago: Somebody — the name starts with C. — has a terrific memory. In addition to flower seeds and shoe treatments good enough to withstand the Northwet’s wettest, C has been observing conversations here on the blog and at the Cabal and saving stuff to…


    Outlaws of the Endarkenment

    Endarkenment. Been hearing that word a lot — most recently in this must-read Bill Buppert piece. (Via Joel) Barring some one-in-a-million chance, we are sliding into a long, dark time. When you have an intellectual class that’s gone insane, a wealthy elite that’s building bunkers for itself while looting the last of your liberty and prosperity, and a crusading enemy breeding new generations of superstitious intolerance, you don’t have a lot to build a future on. Unless it’s a future of rage, savagery, and chaos. But then, look on the bright side. The Endarkenment is a great age for Outlaws.…


    Abject failure

    No, not really an abject failure. So don’t jump in and tell me not to beat up on myself. I’m not beating up on myself. This was another experiment, only partially successful. I was aiming to work on creating cast shadows — a tricky business I’ve gone out of my way to avoid. This was only a learning experience, and partial success is fine. If you feel slight discomfort looking at this but can’t pin it down, it’s because the sun is shining from two different directions. And no, this isn’t a beach in some binary solar system (nice try,…



    It’s another heap o’ rocks in progress. It reflects today’s theme, which is balance. It’s not farther along because … balance. Or the tipping, shifting nature thereof. —– You know how hard it was, not to jump in yesterday (or today for that matter) and blog about WikiLeaks latest? Ohhhh, the temptation! Despite cynical freedomista proclamations that Assange and his glorious company have merely told us what we already knew, there is soooooo much here that’s truly new. From CIA hacking tools sloppily revealed to insider details on the power shift from NSA to CIA to the degree of Congress’…