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Category: Mind and Spirit

Spirituality, moods, feelings, and thinking free to live free.

Friday links

  • In news-of-the-creepy: the recently dead can now unlock smartphones with their fingers or eyes.
  • Speaking of creepy, Sean Parker accuses Mark Z and FB of exploiting vulnerabilities in human psychology. (No sh*t, Sherlock. That’s what FB exists to do.)
  • Electric cars: major polluters. (Yet another truth obvious to anyone who ever looked honestly at the question without being dazzled by the claims of clean urban air.)… 6 Comments
  • Today

    The clock says it’s 7:22, but the clock lies. Or my body does. I wish all to heck that governments would quit trying to pretend they can add or subtract time from the day. The “fall back” change is usually the easier of the two, but today the sky is leaden, there’s no warmth in the air, and the rain will be settling in any moment. I’m still lying slug-a-bed and would happily remain that way were it not for Ava and the cat staring so accusingly. With the aid of a space heater I’ve managed to get my sleeping…



    If you’ve noticed more than my usual quota of typos lately, please forgive me. I’m multitasking. I wasn’t made to multitask. Here’s a smidge of what’s going on: RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone will be going into its Kindle edition any time now. Not that I’ve done much to get it there; the bulk of the work has been my new partner/publisher’s. But I’ve done my bit with (interruptive and distracting) this-n-that’s. I’m about 1/4 done editing The Freedom Outlaws Handbook for a third edition. The other day I called it a second edition, but that’s because in the…


    Amid all that #MeTooing …

    … One voice deserves far more applause than the rest. I don’t even know her name: the 18-year-old in New York who was pulled away from her companions, handcuffed, thrust into the back of a police van, then had “consensual sex” with two plainclothes NYPD detectives. Or so they said. No reasonable human could agree with that cop claim. It’s a perp’s point of view, just like, “It was her fault; I wouldn’t have killed her if she hadn’t screamed.” Or like that creep in the news right now who killed the gun-store owner he was robbing “in self defense.”…


    Midweek links

  • Bovard: let us not forget the FBI’s own long criminal record.
  • Well, Jeff Flake (who went from libertarian-ish rep to RINOish senator) was right about one thing: “Resentment is not a governing philosophy”. More mainstreamers should be asking what causes so much resentment and why it’s become a driving force in both “right” and “left-wing” poly-ticks.
  • Five years from now, will we will we be wearing headbands to stimulate our brains and make us smarter? (H/T JB)… 9 Comments
  • Weekend links

  • When you worry about big corps taking over the world (and I admit I often do, when those corps are Silicon Valley outfits that try to control how people think), remember that only 12 percent of The Fortune 500 companies from 1955 still exist in 2017.
  • Catalonia is not alone. Two prosperous northern regions are seeking more autonomy from Italy. (But then, Italy’s never quite been a country in the way we tend to think of country.)
  • Holy cats. I had no idea that product reviewing was either that lucrative or that dirty a business. (Via Adam in comments)… 10 Comments
  • Random ruminations

    I was thinking about the Harvey Weinstein scandal (we should soon be thinking about something else, but this 15 minutes, it’s Weinstein). And realizing that as he’s off there in Europe or wherever he’s hiding for “therapy” and making all his weepy-eyed acts of contrition, he’s really just sitting there thinking, “Those disloyal bitches betrayed me.” That’s the difference between a psychopath and the rest of us. That’s the guy who can’t ever learn that real relationships go two ways, and that other people exist as something more than props or discards on your way to power. —– I have…