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Category: Mind and Spirit

Spirituality, moods, feelings, and thinking free to live free.

Monday links

  • She moved from a blue state to a sort of reddish one and had her eyes opened — both about her new home and the prejudices of the people she left behind.
  • Ha. Remember the monkey selfie case that PETA just settled? A lawyer who crusades against bad settlements submits a hilarious brief pointing out that PETA has no standing to settle on the monkey’s behalf.
  • That new “liberal” pope has been anything but liberal — or transparent or different than recent old popes — when it comes to priests who sexualize kiddies.… 4 Comments
  • The rainy season returns

    An hour or two from now, the skies are scheduled to open. They’ve been closed by clouds the last two days, and when they open this time it won’t be to reveal summer blue. We’re looking at a week of rain. Not Harvey rain, not Irma rain, but typical of this part of the world; once the faucet’s on, it doesn’t care to stop. I am SO not ready for this. I’ve been dashing-dashing-dashing to get the place ready for the wet. For a while I was roaring with energy. But my oomph ran out before the projects and cleanup…


    Gregory Gooch, RIP. And mourning the too-many, too-young dead.

    We learned last week that Gregory Gooch — known to the Commentariat and members of TMM and Claire’s Cabal as either gooch or capn — died last May. Gooch was a sweetheart of a guy whose last few years were difficult and impoverished. But if he had any inkling he was headed for an early death, he never said a word about it to any of his online friends. This is something that worries me; that online acquaintances will just disappear. With Gooch, I thought his absence was due only to the fact that he had a poor, and slow,…


    Friday links

  • This cop just loves him some tasers — as he’s shown again and again. Yeah, and that family loved their young son and brother, too. (I hope they end up owning you, Officer Pig.)
  • Well, guess what? The Evergreen State College suffers “the Mizzou effect” after that flap where racist students tried to force white people off the campus.
  • And it’s too bad that this ringing endorsement of thinking for yourself has to come from professors who were targets of the same kind of vile groupthinking wrath. (H/T PT)… 11 Comments
  • Midweek links

  • From the “damn, why didn’t I think of that?” department: If you want to get rid of monuments to slavery, here’s the best place to start.
  • The most interesting thing about this article on the IRS tracking Bitcoin transactions is the disclaimer at the end. The reporting publication, the IRS’s tracking contractor, and a company being sued by the IRS … are all subsidiaries of the same outfit. Sounds very Appalachian to me.
  • Oh look. Here’s a male candidate to match yesterday’s female survived-but-should-still-get-a-Darwin-Award nominee. Heck, maybe they can even date each other — even if all they can do is hold hands.… 4 Comments
  • What is it with the angry ones?

    I’ve been viewing with dread the power of a handful of Silicon Valleyites to kick anybody they want to kick out of their domain registries, search results, hosting services, and social media platforms. The people being booted may be slime, but most of them are guilty only of having ugly ideas. Expressing ugly ideas is an unavoidable — and protected — aspect of freedom. This sets a terrible precedent “Not censorship because it’s not done by government!” says traditional libertarian dogma. But traditional libertarians never envisioned a handful of the corporately self-righteous having arbitrary power to shut up anyone they…


    The evening cool

    Last night after an hour of work on the north wall and a hour of Downton Abbey, I realized I should blog something. I began news surfing to add to the trove of linkable pages always waiting in the wings of the browser. I’d barely started into the sort of article that’s normally a grabber (another scurrilous accusation against Assange and Wikileaks) when I realized I wasn’t the teeny tiniest bit interested. Not that I’m finally cured of news junkiedom, mind you. Merely that tonight I didn’t care. It’s summer. It’s waltzing by and I’m either working or thinking about…