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Category: Miscellaneous

Thursday links

  • “Ethics rules,” eh? How can it be ethical to take someone’s blood or body tissues, use them in research, even patent them and make millions of dollars from them — all without the consent of the person being so used? The Obama administration had the chance to change this barbaric, anti-freedom, anti-privacy policy and decided not to.
  • And how can it be ethical, moral, legal, or tolerable in a decent society to let this POS cop off while forcing tax slaves to pay millions for his cruel deeds?
  • “Crowdsourcing Death.” Scott Greenwood ponders some of the more obscure, but inevitable, implications of driverless vehicles.

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  • Wednesday links

    The FBI. — yes, the freakin’ FBI. — has cameras on Seattle streets and a judge has just forbidden releasing information about them. Why should the FBI be doing street-level surveillance in U.S. cities (if they’re in Seattle, they’re everywhere else)? We can’t know and I haven’t found a single article that tells more than this one does. (H/T @EasyMac308 on Gab) Why aren’t Americans moving away from impoverished, jobless areas? Government, of course. Oh, there are SO many problems with technocracy — as the technocrats themselves are now learning the hard way (after they made millions of us learn…

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    Monday links

  • Trump “may” include talk-radio hosts and bloggers in press briefings. ‘Bout time. This being the 21st century and all. Nothing “right-wing” about it. (H/T SC)
  • Turns out Jerry Brown and the California legislature are just as effective as Obama at selling guns. And given the timing, clearly those guns will not be placidly turned in.
  • But ugh. Trump promises “insurance for everybody.” And how’s he gonna achieve that? (Please tell me it’s going to be by getting government out and let the market make medical care inexpensive again. No? Yeah, I didn’t think so.)

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  • Weekend links

  • Obama really is going out of his way to leave a legacy of spite and pettiness. Poor Cubans.
  • Improvised weapons are lying all around your house. A lot of you know this. Good thing to be aware of.
  • To whatever extent I still care about Congress and their doings, I’ve always thought single subject bills would go a long way toward eliminating the worst of the worst law-spewing. All bills should also be readable at high school level and have their provisions completely written out (none of this, “the word ‘commercial’ is dropped from some drivers license ID bill we passed last year” business).

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  • Friday links

    I’d call that an offer the fedgov shouldn’t refuse: Assange will agree to be extradited to the U.S. if Manning is freed. Gutsy and honorable play on Assange’s part, too. When they tell you Russia hacked this or that, always remember … Greenwald does it again: best summation I’ve seen of the origins and methods of the deep state’s war on Trump. The Russian techie named in this week’s dirty dump says U.S. intelligence (sic) never contacted him. And the former British spy paid (by Dems and anti-Trump Repubicans) to dig up, or make up, the dirty dossier flees in…

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    Tuesday links

  • Doubledamn. Another good man gone. Roy Innis of C.O.R.E. — a pro-gun leader in the black community, among many other things.
  • Could that friendly tech who fixed your glitchy computer be making more money from the F.B.I. than he is from his regular employer? (H/T MtK)
  • Here’s somebody else whose first float-tank experience didn’t do a whole lot for his brain. But yipes! He paid $89 for an hour? Major ripoff! (Tip o’ hat to JB)

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  • Nat Hentoff, RIP

    Oh damn. The great Nat Hentoff died over the weekend. He was one of the most hardcore free-speech advocates of several generations, from the 1960s to the present. He was 91, so it’s easy to say his death was no tragedy. But the disappearance of a man like Hentoff is always a loss, and especially so in this time when woefully misnamed “progressives” militate against any speech they don’t approve of. Hentoff set an impressive example for other writers. And how many other lifelong leftist radicals could have also found happy homes with the Cato Institute and WorldNetDaily? What a…

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    Weekend links

  • Merry Christmas! Really.
  • One Dem makes one last-ditch effort to stop Trump. (Note the Freudian slip that this newly elected D-WA congressthing is identified as “D-Seattle.” People in rural Washington know all too well the truth in that little goofsie.)
  • Perhaps not for thee or me, but one family’s thriving in its pretty cob house. Inside a geodesic dome. Within the Arctic Circle. (H/T MtK for this very impressive story)

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