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Category: Miscellaneous

A Friday ramble

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Leave it to the Mises Institute to “celebrate” by reprinting a piece on the causes of the potato famine I’ve never understood the saying “the luck of the Irish.” The Irish have had total crap luck. Irish history has been one long chain of famines, massacres, attempted genocides, and cruel (religious, economic, and intellectual) suppressions at the hand of the “civilized” English. It’s kind of like saying “the luck of the Jewish.” (And as Aaron Zelman used to remind me, “Imagine being both Irish and Jewish.”) —– I know some people won’t like the current, more…


Housekeeping day. And keeping clam, too.

Today’s a housekeeping day. Not as in mopping the floor (though someone — I’d prefer not me — will have to do that eventually). But housekeeping online. As in renewing domain names, cleaning out email folders, and uploading articles to the Cabal. Much of it is screen-sucking tedium. Ugh. Floor mopping is starting to gain a certain appeal. That last part was good, though. I’ve just uploaded the first two of a four-part BHM series from2015-16 on turning my $10k house into a real home and will upload the other two in the next few days. So you Cabalistas who…


Midweek links

  • A (semi) mainstreamer observes that there really is a liberal media bubble and tries to understand why.
  • The residents of Trier, Germany, don’t seem to want that gift statue of Karl Marx. But not because … well, you know, Marx. And the hundreds of millions of deaths his ideas led to. But because they don’t like the giver.
  • Which is more unjust? That a possible war criminal got away with it for decades? Or that “justice” now calls for extraditing a 98-year-old man?… 11 Comments
  • You can thank me for this

    Well, don’t thank me, personally. I’m not responsible (and if I were I assure you I’d have arranged events quite differently). But the Pacific Northwest is having its coldest winter in 32 years. Seattle’s winter, more pleasant than ours, has been classified as “severe” by the official classifiers. Where I live we’ve had an unprecedented (in my memory) eight snow days. (Compare that with zero snow the last two years and no more than five snows in the previously most-rotten winter.) And no matter how much we west-of-the-Cascades weaklings whine, the fact is that it’s the hardy east-of-mountain dwellers who’ve…


    Friday links

  • There’s a new player in the freedomista news and comment field: and some of our blogfriends are associated with it. It’s lib-conserv, not anarchist (so anarcho-snowflakes might want to stay away). Very nice site, though. Clean layout, good content. Much to read.
  • The number of TV sets in the U.S. is declining. No surprise in the netly age. But what crossed my eyes was the stat that “declining” still means 2.3 televisions per home. Which is nutz.… 17 Comments
  • Midweek links

  • That’s the (entrepreneurial) spirit. You may have heard that Seattle had a major freeway mess the other day, with all lanes of I-5 closed for eight hours. But that didn’t stop the operators of one taco truck who were stuck in traffic along with everybody else.
  • Only four federal agencies to abolish? Surely we can do better than that!
  • Anyone who has stood in a grocery check-out line behind people paying with SNAP/EBT cards Continue readingMidweek links

    Monday links

  • Even in our age of omni-surveillance and omni-suspicion this is weird and creepy. (H/T CB)
  • Is there room at the inn (in law schools, that is) for conservative and libertarian academics?
  • In the Internet age, even in that part of the Internet age when “self-identification” is the new holy grail, representing yourself to be something you are not can not only bite you, but go on biting and biting and biting you.… 14 Comments