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Category: Miscellaneous

So, how was your Earth Day?

I trust all you good people celebrated Earth Day yesterday by … oh, cooling down the globe, commanding the oceans not to rise, singing hosannas to Al Gore, flinging your body between cute baby seals and ugly baby-seal hunters, or perhaps gleefully beheading litterers or people who leave too many lights on. (Which, BTW, I understand Al Gore has often done. Not going around gleefully beheading. But leaving LOTS of lights on.) On the other hand, if you’re like most Earth Day celebrants, you probably just spent the day being publicly self-righteous and/or performing useless token gestures to show how…


Midweek links

  • Shut up, be terrified, and do what you’re told, Americans.
  • Eleven charts that show just how mainstream cannabis has become. We’ve come a long way, baby. (Although as the first link shows, not always in the right direction.)
  • Get a load o’ this. A cop (ex-cop now) is ordered to pay out of pocket to compensate the family of the teen he killed. Individual accountability begins at last for agents of the state.… 9 Comments
  • Hortense the Censor

    In her books and classes on rediscovering creativity, Julia Cameron (of The Artists Way fame) asks students to envision their “inner censor.” Our inner censor is the nasty voice in our heads that tells us, “You’re no good,” “You might start that but you’ll never finish it,” “Everybody will laugh at you,” “You’re lazy,” “You should just stick to the way things are now,” “You don’t have any talent,” “You’ll embarrass yourself,” “You should give up now because you’re going to fail, anyway.” And on and on. Last week I started following another of Cameron’s 12-week programs, but without much…


    Monday links

  • I am really, truly not sure why the National Security Aagency imagines that having tools to breach the international monetary system makes anybody (except the NSA and its Chosen Ones) “secure”). I’m really not sure how they imagined that maintaining such sloppy “security” that details of their exploits got into the hands of hackers makes anybody “secure.”
  • Will the last middle-class person in Seattle please turn out the lights?
  • Waco Wacko Backlash. Or what happens when you point out that the U.S. government didn’t hesitate to attack its own citizens with deadly gas.

  • Happy Easter

    It’s not a holiday I celebrate, myself. But for those who do, here’s the statement and response, “Crist is risen!”; “Indeed he is risen.” … in Quenyan (aka Tolkein’s Elvish) … (English text: Ortanne Laivino; Anwa ortanne Laivino; I’m not sure because I don’t speak Elvish, but I believe the Quenyan script version above may be only the “Christ is risen!” part of the exchange. No doubt a Tolkein purist will inform me if I’m wrong.) … and Klingon … yinqa’ HrIyStoS; yinqa’bej Although don’t you have just a bit of a hard time imagining Klingons saying any such thing?…


    Oh no

    I just saw this report that Will Grigg is dead. Heart attack. Age 54. Looking for further confirmation now. But the word comes from one of the outfits he wrote for. Grigg was a great champion of liberty and in particular a crusader against police and bureaucratic wrongdoing against individuals. His life and his family’s always seemed to be one of struggle, dire illness, and financial peril. What a sad ending for him and what a tragedy for his family. 0