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Category: Miscellaneous

Thursday links

  • The FBI under Trump continues its proud history of fighting terrorism by busting hapless losers who couldn’t have done a thing without the encouragement, funds, and in this case bullying brutality by the fed agents themselves.
  • And let’s not forget our beloved ATF. Turns out it’s as corrupt on the “T” part of its name as is is on the “F”ing part.
  • “Live free or live in Massachusetts,” as some wag must have said. Boston considers banning glassware in bars because it can be used as a weapon. (Can we move Boston over to England? I think it would feel more at home there.)

  • Wednesday links

  • “It’s complicated.” HL Harris explains her love-hate relationship with firearms. Rape is a mind-changer.
  • Surprise, Surprise. Drugs are vanishing at V.A. hospitals. (And no doubt many other medical facilities, though you can bet fedgov hospitals will be the champs in this variety of corruption and sloppy record-keeping.)
  • How Peter Thiel’s Palantir helps the world’s worst spies keep tabs on us all.

  • Monday links

    A Scottish brewery — opening in the U.S. today — not only allows employees to bring dogs to work. It gives them a week off when they get a new puppy or adopt a rescue dog. (H/T Joel) The final (?) chapter has been written in the life and death of Kennewick Man. Google and Bing sign a pact to be even more secretively manipulative than they already are with search results. Kickstarter: Wearable luggage for the frequent traveler. (Tip o’ hat to MJR who ponders whether this clothing might also substitute for a bug-out bag) Gunblogger Kim du Toit…


    Lake of molten carbon causes hysterical outgassing by warmists

    Comes a report that a lake of molten carbon underlies vast stretches of the western U.S. This is scientifically fascinating. This is the kind of awesome information earth sciences geeks live for. When I was a little kid, I’d have been right on this, learning everything I could and probably hoping it would be possible to dive down and explore the lake someday. Maybe this is also terrifying when you consider that it’s roughly (very roughly) centered on the Yellowstone supervolcano and covers areas that have been buried in almost unthinkably thick, vast lava flows at at times in their…


    Midweek links

    Convicted of self-defense in a Portland court. Outrageous. But there’s Portland and then there’s Oregon when it comes to gun rights. Kit Perez begins a three-part series on how social media silences dissent. Ugh. Looks like the NorthWET is in for another big drenching. But we’re used to that. It’s California — the poor people below the Oroville Damn — getting the worst of it. They say the dam danger is much less now. But I wonder. I also wonder whose head is going to roll for this. Why is the whole world suddenly debating whether Huxley or Orwell got…


    Monday links

  • You heard about all those people in California who were evacuated because, you know, water was actually going over the spillway of a big dam? And maybe you thought, “Um, but isn’t that what spillways are supposed to do?” Even if it’s the emergency spillway? Well, here are pix of the degree of stupid involved.
  • So what happens in the longish run if the Hearing Protection Act passes?
  • Just how long can federal agents “detain” you at border checkpoints while demanding that you give them the keys to your smartphone?

  • The gods and their damnable senses of humor

    I have this longstanding superstition. I’ll never put a new music player in an older car. I’m sure the moment I commit to some nice little luxury like that the vehicle will come down with a dreaded car illness — beyond repair. The CD player in the Xterra never worked properly, but never got replaced in the five or six years I owned it because … doom. Old Blue doesn’t even have a CD player, just a radio that jumps randomly every few seconds from NPR to heavy metal to Mexican oompah music. So I never use it. I’ve missed…