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Category: Miscellaneous

A simple, quiet, sunshiny day

Is that boring, or what? Isn’t it funny that the parts of life that are the best often make the dullest reading? Boy and girl meet and never have a moment’s discord. Who wants to read that? Towering couple screaming at each other as if they were actors in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Couple being pulled separately through the gates of hell. That’s what we like. Even oil-and-water rom-com cuties finding their way through dating mishaps to True Love. The good stuff is boooooooring. War stories. Murder mysteries. Tragic or violent family sagas. That’s what we really like. But…


Tuesday links

  • Uber and Lyft are not just disrupting longstanding “taxi control” in New York City. They’re disrupting lenders who have profited from the insane medallion fees.
  • Ha ha ha. You know all those well-heeled people who are always spouting about how everybody should pay higher taxes? Well guess what happens when they’re invited to volunteer more of their own dough?
  • This planet’s a crazy place. When it’s time to leave, is it feasible to terraform Mars?… 14 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • Four links on the mess in academia. Enrollment plummets at Mizzou in wake of the infamous Melissa Click thug demonstrations. In Chicago, a prof at the Art Institute is hounded into quitting (H/T jc2k). A snooty Seattlite finds it ridiculous that “the right” is concluding that college is no longer a good thing. But college bashing might be a winning strategy for a populist candidate.
  • Scott Greenfield gives it to clueless elitist David Brooks (and whiners everywhere) with “How lunch meat ruined America.”
  • Russell Redenbaugh: A life lived against the odds. (Here’s an Amazon link to his awesome story and views.)… 15 Comments
  • Tuesday links

    Whatever your view of their politics, this is a clever bit of resistance. Four things to spend your money on if you want to buy happiness. “Not everybody gets a cookie”. But every social-justice pecksniff can turn a gesture of kindness into an occasion for a display of vicious narcissism. The left. It had a miserable week. Bastiat’s goofy story and real-life folly in the solar-panel industry as solar power begins to become cheap enough for the masses. No wonder Comey decided to let Hillary skate on all those sloppy security violations. Creative lifesaving. Will this be the well-deserved ruination…


    Amazon Prime Day begins this evening

    Amazon Prime Day is officially tomorrow, But it actually begins at 6:00 PDT/ 9:00 EDT today. What’s Prime Day? It’s an enormous special-deal event like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but in summer. Lots of specials for 30 hours, beginning this evening and running all through Tuesday, July 11. This is for Amazon Prime members only. But. If you’re not a member, read on. Amazon Prime is an excellent service, with everything from (most famously) free two-day shipping to free streaming movies (and Amazon TV series) to a low-cost grocery service (Prime Pantry) to music … to about a dozen…


    Monday links

    The U.S. is not “one nation” — and it never was. Among the other “benefits” of artificial intelligence, it’ll make it easy to forge nearly everything. Yet another cowardly, too-quick-on-the-trigger cop shoots dogs in their owner’s fenced backward. On video. Both dogs survived the vicious attack, though one is still touch-and-go. A GoFundMe appeal for their vet care was fully funded in less than a day. But on the good side of cops … The sad story of the man who invented the equal sign and brought math to the masses. Oh darn. I missed Nicola Tesla’s birthday. Again. You…


    Running, running, running

    The Wandering Monk is due in an hour to commence the first and worst of the remaining structural projects on Ye Olde Wreck. I thought he’d be here last week, but … life. There are eight projects for the rest of this year, three substantial and five mini. Compared with the work we did in May, what’s left is nothing. But it’s enough. Project One involves a final round of foundation work — beam, “lite” jacking, and rot repair — plus replacing a section of floor and closet wall inside. Then swapping out a tiny, crooked, frosted former bathroom window…

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