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Category: Miscellaneous

What to do with old JPFO shirts?

These were among the few leftover items JPFO sent me in the year before the organization died.* They’re “vintage” but still new. What should I do with them? “Raise Your Hand” shirts: T-shirt, large; hoodless sweatshirt, small. Battle of Athens 50-year commemorative shirt: small (two-sided design with more info about the battle on the back) “Life Preserver” shirts: small (two-sided design with list of genocides on the back) I also have a few belt buckles & such that may emerge as I gradually rescue the house from construction chaos. Problem is that the shirts are all smalls, except for the…


Weekend links

  • Don’t even bother trying the “too irrational to be a terrorist” defense.
  • Seems this teacher never learned either the Bill of Rights, school district policy, or elementary human interaction during her education.
  • Who’s behind the Trump dossier that the FBI relied on? Oh, this gets so thick and deep I can’t even go there. But it does help explain why the left — which has always rightly distrusted the FBI — is suddenly in love with its historic nemesis. (H/T DBH) 14 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • I never had any idea there were such things as Formula One “grid girls.” Now they’re losing their jobs (because feminism) and they’re not taking it lightly.
  • She asked for help with postpartum depression. The nurse called the cops instead. (Slate’s take on this is different than yours or mine might be.)
  • If Bezos and Buffett “lift the veil” on health-care prices, insurers are in trouble. 7 Comments
  • Clean house, clean brain

    Danm, that felt great. I’ve just sat down to rest after 24 hours of mad housework. I cleared about half the construction disarray, then scrubbed, swept and dusted. (Okay, I got a few hours sleep in there, too; but it was still a marathon.) You have no idea how feeeelthy a house can get after six weeks of drywalling (even with all the work being done in a back room) and an even longer time of cutting up 2x4s, shims, and trim with a chop saw that has no good place to operate. The saw’s been in the living room…


    Who is Uncle Sam and what is he doing on this tee-shirt?

    I’m not moving into the new bedroom yet. But I’m moving a few things that direction and trying to be ruthless about what stays and what gets donated or tossed. I found this in the Dreaded Category of “stuff I’ll never use but can’t let go of”: A prize of … well, absolutely nothing except gigantic bragging rights goes to the first person who can answer the two-part question: Who is Uncle Sam and what did he do to get his mug on this tee-shirt?