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Category: Miscellaneous

Should I disappear …

It’s probably not the feds (though you never know). I’m about to back up the computer then update the operating system. You’d figure I’ve done enough OS updates not to mess it up. But … well, you never do know, do you? I’ll be updating from a 32-bit OS to a 64-bit OS, which I’ve never done. Shouldn’t be too big a deal if Mint installs (or keeps) relevant libraries. If you Linux geeks have any dire warnings to offer … sorry, it’s too late. 🙂


Friday links

  • Kit Perez continues her series on the death of critical thinking in the freedom movement: Part III and Part IV.
  • Patent trolls have lost some of their malign power recently. Will the Supreme Court restore it? (This looks like one of those no-win situations from a freedomista perspective.)
  • Staggering variety of clandestine trackers found in Google Android apps. Expect similar violations in the iPhone versions of these and other apps.… 7 Comments
  • Okay, now that you’ve survived Thanksgiving …

    You’ve made it alllll the way to Black Friday. Which, despite much over-hype, is actually the best day of the year to buy a television. And is generally the best day of the year to buy one of Amazon’s electronic devices. In fact, Amazon is full of Black Friday Week deals you can buy via my links. And no doubt there’ll be more on Cyber Monday. If you’re interested in a nifty gift from a nationally respected company owned by freedomistas (NFI to me, but that’s fine), Hi Mountain Seasonings has supplies for creating your own homemade jerky, including a…


    Happy Dead-Turkey Day

    I was going to pop onto the computer bright and early to wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Then I woke up headachy and out of sorts. Bad day yesterday. Headache’s better now, but I’m still in wait-and-see mode about the quality of the day. Still. I hope you all will have, are having, or did have a great day spent in great company — whether your own or the company of family and friends.


    Monday links

    Chasing a shoplifter, warrior cops destroyed a man’s house. Now they’d rather defame his character than pay for what they did. (H/T PT) Has anybody else noticed that that surgeon who claims, probably bogusly, that his team just completed the first successful head transplant looks exactly like a mad scientist straight out of Hollywood? Why people will happily line up to be microchipped (like dogs, says the headline; but I don’t think dogs would be so happy to volunteer). Laws mandating driverless vehicles (and they are surely coming soon) will be highway robbery. A Pentagon contractor leaves 1.8 billion “scraped”…