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Category: Monkeywrenching

Friday links

  • Utah adopts the nation’s lowest blood-alcohol limit for DUIs. This affects gun owners, too. And may soon infect many more states, as the NTSB recommends the (absurd) limit. Do I smell a government looking for more opportunities to make money by creating new offenders?
  • How the fedgov made health care more expensive and made heroin cheaper.
  • Flash story: “The High Cost of Contact.” Favors delivered by force do tend to be expensive. (H/T MJR)

  • Ammon Hennacy’s One Man Revolution

    David Gross writes: Your readers might be interested in knowing that Ammon Hennacy’s autobiography has just been released as a free (as in speech and as in beer) ebook. Hennacy was a Christian anarchist, and the most walk-the-talk radical I can think of. He did time during World War I for distributing anti-conscription propaganda, then spent 9 months in the hole for organizing a prison strike. He quit his job and started working day labor when income tax withholding was introduced so the government wouldn’t get a dime from him. And he operated Catholic Worker houses of hospitality — homeless…

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    Wednesday links

    The FBI. — yes, the freakin’ FBI. — has cameras on Seattle streets and a judge has just forbidden releasing information about them. Why should the FBI be doing street-level surveillance in U.S. cities (if they’re in Seattle, they’re everywhere else)? We can’t know and I haven’t found a single article that tells more than this one does. (H/T @EasyMac308 on Gab) Why aren’t Americans moving away from impoverished, jobless areas? Government, of course. Oh, there are SO many problems with technocracy — as the technocrats themselves are now learning the hard way (after they made millions of us learn…


    Rushing to keep up with everything links

  • How can Piers Morgan be such a flaming eejit on guns when he talks so much sense about other subjects? On this particular horror he speaks truth. You damn betcha that was a hate crime, and though I don’t believe in special categories of crime that necessitate guessing at someone’s mindset, there’s no doubt whatsoever of the mindset here.
  • A call for Obama to free the “godfather of grass.”
  • Even Vanity Fair, which reflexively accepts that Donald Trump is “the enemy,” knows knows the Dems are in absurd denial about why they’ve suddenly become a gigantic pack of losers.… 11 Comments
  • Tuesday links

  • Well, here’s a big suprise. The (former) records supervisor for the Albuquerque cops has filed an affidavit stating that the notoriously violent and corrupt police department routinely altered or deleted videos of them shooting people.
  • Kit Perez on the laziness of digital self-surveillance by freedomistas.
  • They haven’t reached wheelbarrow stage yet, but Venezuelans now can’t carry their inflated currency in ordinary wallets.… 6 Comments
  • Nixon reborn

    It’s always been clear that the R-party could have beat Hated Hillary with nearly anybody. Mitt-the-Dog-Tormenter Romney or Ghastly John McCain probably could have beat her. A gorilla could have beat her. A retarded gorilla. With mange. But noooooo. The R’s, having abused their increasingly fed-up base for decades, ultimately horked out Donald Trump. Possibly the only political creature in the country beside whom Hillary actually looks good tolerable less horrible to millions of civilized humans. It is becoming more abundantly clear, however, that Hillary Clinton isn’t a real individual person at all. She is simply Nixon. Cloned. Sort of…


    Monday links

    Meet Twitter’s new thought police. Incredible (but not surprising in this anti-free speech day) that a company that lives or dies on the quality of its public forum of ideas would do this. Your brain: it may work better in winter. Now my brain, on the other hand … Bernie-ites! You want socialism? Here’s socialism. “Media Matters Not.” The big “progressive watchdog” goes after the little old Zelman Partisans, distorting all the way. Bear Bussjaeger says thanks. Narcissism. And speaking of which: Hillary. (This is actually pretty funny.) The Robin Hood of science is pulling scientific papers from behind paywalls…


    Monday links

    They don’t have a government right now and they’re unhappy about it. (H/T MJR) No matter how outlandish the halftime shows get they’ve been worse. A lot worse. The pick-up truck era of warfare. This guy does a number on telemarketers. Oh yes, definitely be on the lookout for scary anti-government types. As if the cone of shame weren’t bad enough already. (H/T GL) 0