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Category: Offshore

The Panama Papers. Duck! Here comes another moral crusade.

I’ll be doing a little extra blogging this week because I’ve been doing physical labor (drywalling) and need a break from it. Also because … Panama Papers. I hadn’t heard of the scandal until Monday when jc2k linked to it in comments. By then it was already 24 hours old (ancient in Internet Time) and had been thoroughly clucked over by all the usual suspects. The collective bottom line seems not only to be, “OMG, gov-o-crats are hiding ill-gotten gains offshore!” (this is a shock to anybody?) but, “Offshore privacy should be done away with!” Um … yeah. Hasn’t offshore…


Plan Sea

The following is a guest post by my old friend Sandy. He hosted me graciously during part of my 2010 trip to Panama, where he still lives. He’s now looking for supporters to join him in a new venture, writing about a lesser-known form of prepping and escape from tyranny. —– The World’s First Preppers and How to Join Them by Sandy Sandfort Some anthropologists say that Man’s creation and use of boats date back 45,000 years ago into the Stone Age. Then and ever since then, humans in boats have had to be preppers. Whether you are crossing the…


Thursday links

“Elite” SWAT cops petulently destroy their own office. So what do you suppose this guy was ticketed for? I’m not sure which is more remarkable: that three-year-olds are now getting type II diabetes or that this one recovered with sensible lifestyle changes. Your government at work — threatening, bombing, shooting, and otherwise terrorizing its unwanted neighbors. (Via Shel in comments) Here’s a new thought (and a longish article on it): what if all those creeps who are aggregating and selling our personal data are a national-security threat? (Everything else is, so why not them?) Americans (particularly those of means) continue…


Midweek links

Panama was already better than many countries on guns. A smidge, anyhow. Now, in hopes of combating rising crime, they’re about to get better. Only a little better than the original smidge, but it’s something. Even the most worthless of petty bureaucrats now think they deserve to be treated and feted like Oriental pashas. Who are these people, anyhow? Once again, at least a few on the fringe are sending the message that they’ve had enough. (Tip o’ hat to jed) Yeah, now let’s see if the EPA and its employees get treated like a private corporation and its people…


Midweek links

This public murder + mass act of cowardice happened (in gun-free DC, no surprise) on July 4. I just heard about it. If this is how disarmed and “civilized” people behave, you can take your civilization and … ahem. A social justice warrior has doubts about herself. I’m no Rand Paul fan. But suing to stop the horrible FATCA law is a fine idea. One good thing about the Greek crisis. If you’re in the market for a private island, you can now get a fire-sale price on one. Relatively speaking. Are these the death throes of Flash? (H/T PT)…


Weekend links

Hastert may be a criminal. But other feds are worse. (Never mind that Hastert and his ilk made them worse.) I admit it. Maeve Binchy, the mega-selling Irish author of simple domestic tales, is one of my guilty girly pleasures. Binchy died in 2012 of heart problems. While looking for something completely unrelated to her health, I stumbled upon this nice article about how she made the best of her initial diagnosis. Inspiring. The fedgov has recently made it 5x more expensive to do. But Americans are again surrendering their citizenship in small but record-setting numbers. (Tip o’ hat to…


Links that say a lot about the USA

This story is about the best and brightest leaving Russia. It has nothing to do with the U.S. — except that my email brings me daily reports about American ex-pats that sound just like this. “The leader of the unfree world.” Not long ago, this sort of privilege, with its cruel disregard for the “little people,” was granted only to puffed-up Oriental potentates and pashas in lands of the notably unfree. You already knew you were a terrorist in the eyes of “your” democratic, representative, passionately liberty-loving, and devoutly transparent government. Now read the criteria, such as they are, secretly…


Drip … drip … drip.

I found this yesterday via Tam and have been thinking how to comment/elaborate on it: “Assortative Relocation, Remington, and You” by WeaponsMan.

He’s taking the long look at Remington’s just-announced decision to open a plant in Huntsville, Alabama.

Remington has been identified for nearly two centuries with an otherwise unheralded burg in upstate New York. Ilion. That’s where a man with the marvelous name of Eliphalet Remington designed his first gun. And since 1816, apparently not much else has ever happened in Ilion other than … Remington.

The company says it has no intention of abandoning its plant or employees there; it’s just expanding (and good for Remington). Furthermore, a Cuomo spokesthing waves its arms and frantically shouts, “New York isn’t losing any jobs! New York isn’t losing any jobs!”

But this is how it works. Even a union official (member of a crowd that tends to be oblivious to ways in which actions produce consequences) understands.

SAFE Act … general nannying … high costs of doing business … crushing regulation = eventual goodbye.


Weekend links

This judge wins the Ultra-Statist of the Week prize for excusing the NSA while kicking Snowden. I’ve been asking myself this question, too. When will insurance companies say, “Enough’s enough!”? We need more judges like Donald Beatty. (H/T Hobbit) Going “offshore” … in South Dakota. A sign of the times? And another sign of the times. Great one! College shooting ranges are on the rise. (Tip o’ hat to L.A.) The president of Uruguay. No matter what else you may think of him (or not think of him, since I’m guessing you spend a very, very small portion of your…


Thursday links

App to “geolocate dangerous guns and owners.” The reviews are the best part. Grate boocks four somer reeding. You know, I don’t usually write about golf. In fact, I doubt I’ve ever written about golf even once in my entire life. But oh wow, the Bubba Watson hovercraft golf cart is COOL! There are a lot of outrageous things about secret gummint spying. One of them is that we’re paying for what’s being done to us. Just in case you’re getting closer to being driven offshore. (H/T Sandy Sandfort, who’s as offshore as it gets.) The most stupifyingly boring video…