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Category: Poly-Ticks

Those blood-sucking vermin in state and national capitals and city halls everywhere

Tuesday links

  • Yeah, baby. Implanted microchips are gonna be the next happenin’ thing. So let’s all get ourselves chipped. You know, just because. It’ll be even better than that tattoo you got last time you got falling-down drunk. (H/T PT)
  • Heh. Maybe Trump will fire Sessions. Not for the right reasons, of course. But whatever the reason, wouldn’t you love to see the forfeiture-craving, reefer-madness believing attorney general go?
  • Apparently, presenting evidence against your position is now an ad hominem attack. Must be nice to be a snowflake.… 8 Comments
  • Tuesday links

    Whatever your view of their politics, this is a clever bit of resistance. Four things to spend your money on if you want to buy happiness. “Not everybody gets a cookie”. But every social-justice pecksniff can turn a gesture of kindness into an occasion for a display of vicious narcissism. The left. It had a miserable week. Bastiat’s goofy story and real-life folly in the solar-panel industry as solar power begins to become cheap enough for the masses. No wonder Comey decided to let Hillary skate on all those sloppy security violations. Creative lifesaving. Will this be the well-deserved ruination…


    On black dogs and blacker political reality

    The black dog I finished the black-dog art yesterday. Well, not finished. I’ll be putzing with it for the next week, darkening this color and refining that line. But I got through it. Now it’s just polishing. It was the hardest piece I’ve ever done. Took about as long to do as the icon from last month’s monastery workshop. But the icon was basically a sophisticated version of paint-by-numbers. The black dog was … whew. Flying by seat of pants. Plus I had to get myself out of a couple of self-caused scrapes. Until the last I was on edge:…


    Tuesday links

    It was gay pride time last weekend. Lots of parades and marches. It’s great that it’s now okay to be everything under the sun. So why, oh why, oh why is it now NOT okay to be gay and Jewish? Man, some people have sure gotten selective about their “inclusivity.” New York pastor is surprised to discover that a gun-rights activist is human. “School vs the Gateless Gate: Fixing the Damage.” A great reprint from L. Reichard White and The Price of Liberty. Franklin Foer says the Dems need to appeal to white, working-class voters if they want to win…


    Advances in apathy

    I don’t care. Really, this time. I do. Not. Care. And I hope you don’t, either. I don’t care about the latest earthshattering crisis in Qatar. I don’t care about Qatar. I don’t care if the whole bloody Middle East (with the exception of Israel) devours itself in fire and brimstone. I don’t care what “covfefe” really means. And I don’t care that covfefe was last week’s craze and mentioning it now shows I’m hopelessly out of step with current events. I don’t care if the Russians hacked the 2016 presidential election — any more than I care about who…


    Links for a stormy Thursday

    It’s January in June again here in the NorthWET and all the way into the mountains of California. Wind, hard rain, perhaps even snow in the upper elevations. A good day to huddle inside, read and think. Congressman Barry Loudermilk seems to understand that guns save lives back in his home state of Georgia. But (how predictable can these people be?), in D.C. he’s all in favor of only the special people being “allowed” to bear arms. OTOH, another congressguy who was also on the shooting scene performed a hellova lot better. Damnfine statement. Here it is in writing. The…