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Category: Poly-Ticks

Those blood-sucking vermin in state and national capitals and city halls everywhere

Weekend links

  • Pretty funny. And think of the implications! New Jersey towns turn property taxes into “charitable contributions” to scoff at the new tax law.
  • Did you know that Ash Wednesday falls on Valentines Day this year? And Easter shares a date with April Fools Day? (unless, of course, you’re of Orthodox persuasion, in which case your calendar is less odd for a change).
  • O, brave new America, where where the rich get richer and the poor go to jail. (Tip o’ hat to jc2k in comments) 8 Comments
  • Friday links

  • This isn’t a new story. But it’s a wow and anybody who thinks about self defense should read it. A hit man came to her house. She survived. He didn’t. No guns involved. (H/T jc2k in comments)
  • Republican wins a hotly contested Virginia race. By having his name pulled out of a punch bowl.
  • Oregonians kinda-sorta, in a smallish way, finally get to pump their own gas. And there’s panic in the streets. (If you want to know why it’s hard to get people to envision even small amounts of political change, there’s your perfect example.) 16 Comments
  • Midweek ramble and links

    Funny thing, human psychology. I wrote Monday night that my bedroom renovation project had begun to feel like purgatory. So I gave myself permission to take a break from the project yesterday … which naturally made me feel good about working on it again. Got a fair bit done. By next week I’ll have reached the point where I’ll need The Wandering Monk’s assistance again (to replace sections of bad flooring, mostly). But I’m afraid the Monk may have finally wandered. Oh, not wandered from the area; he bought a house a year ago, so he won’t be leaving for…


    Wednesday links and chit-chat

    Astronomers are taking a closer look at interstellar space object Oumuamua. Might it really be a probe from … out there? I usually dismiss such claims as media and true-believer overreaction, but this is definitely an odd one. Like Wendy McElroy, I’m glad Roy Moore lost yesterday. Whether he’s a pedo-predator remains unproven. That he’s a theocratic demagogue is fact. A Vice investigation reveals that shootings by cop are far more common than previously reported. Now it’s a matter of distinguishing righteous shootings from the activities of Officer Thug and Officer I Am Scared. How “smart” do you want your…


    Friday links

  • Kit Perez continues her series on the death of critical thinking in the freedom movement: Part III and Part IV.
  • Patent trolls have lost some of their malign power recently. Will the Supreme Court restore it? (This looks like one of those no-win situations from a freedomista perspective.)
  • Staggering variety of clandestine trackers found in Google Android apps. Expect similar violations in the iPhone versions of these and other apps. 7 Comments