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Category: Preparedness

Midweek links

  • A (semi) mainstreamer observes that there really is a liberal media bubble and tries to understand why.
  • The residents of Trier, Germany, don’t seem to want that gift statue of Karl Marx. But not because … well, you know, Marx. And the hundreds of millions of deaths his ideas led to. But because they don’t like the giver.
  • Which is more unjust? That a possible war criminal got away with it for decades? Or that “justice” now calls for extraditing a 98-year-old man?… 11 Comments
  • Accepting the unexpected

    Right this minute I’m glad I decided to quit earning my living as a writer. ‘Cause if I were still A Writer, there’d be no excuse for the wordlessness that currently grips me. No longer being a Capital-W Writer, I’ll start with pictures. Photographs of a Box O’ Goodies that arrived a couple of days ago: Somebody — the name starts with C. — has a terrific memory. In addition to flower seeds and shoe treatments good enough to withstand the Northwet’s wettest, C has been observing conversations here on the blog and at the Cabal and saving stuff to…


    A month of frugality (and more)

    While Amazon’s recent moves helped spur this, I was planning to do it in any case. Over at the public section of the Cabal, I’ve begun a journal of My month of frugality. Reasons are explained in the thread, but even if most of them don’t resonate with you, it might be a good thing to try this exercise once in a while as part of your preps. We try out our storage foods, change the batteries in our flashlights, even conduct experiments in doing without our household power for a few days. But how many of us test to…


    Thursday links

  • Under Armour learns the lesson most companies should have memorized long since. You do NOT dis hunters and gun owners and expect to go on making money off them.
  • Oh, how times have changed. You can now buy weed — that is, WEED — on the Toronto Stock Exchange. (H/T MJR)
  • Build your own lamp/electrical outlet/USB charger for fun. Extra points if you can make it a heck of a lot more attractive than the one shown. (Tip o’ hat to MSJ)… 17 Comments
  • Weekend links

  • NASA, which can’t get humans to Mars and has been so useless on Lunar travel that the last U.S. astronaut to walk on the Moon recently died of old age … is now fretting that we might get dementia from flying too high in airplanes. Lord, save us from such cowards, fools, and earth-hugging bureaucrats! (H/T MtK)
  • But that’s okay. Because Hillary Clinton will fix all the problems of humanity when she becomes president in 2020, propelled by her hit TV show. (This according to one anonymous source; so don’t start “rejoicing” yet.) (Tip o’ hat to SC)

  • Now here’s something …

    Earlier this month I blogged about getting a lithium-ion jump starter for Old Blue after accidentally running the battery down. I was very happy to have that gadget even if the instructions were in inscrutible Engrish. Worked just fine, too. But in that blog I mentioned liking to have backups for my backups (“two is one and one is me stranded on the roadside on a dark and stormy night”). And whaddaya know, this handy-dandy gadget just showed up. This is NOT a jump starter: Nope, not a jump starter. It only looks like one — while also being quite…


    Monday links

    Today I have for you a collection of mostly useful or “lite” links. NO politics. Enjoy.

    More on jump starters

    Alert: Lots of Amazon links ahead! Couple of weeks ago I blogged about jump starters. The ones I’d been looking at were big and clunky — basically lead-acid batteries to kickstart your lead-acid battery. Until S. placed a comment, I didn’t know about elegant lithium-ion alternatives, some not much bigger than smartphones. The reason for my interest was that I knew I was soon going to run Old Blue’s battery down. It was inevitable. Around the time we broke down last month, the headlight-alert bell quit. My mechanic thought he fixed it but if so it didn’t stay fixed (he…


    Weekend links

  • Merry Christmas! Really.
  • One Dem makes one last-ditch effort to stop Trump. (Note the Freudian slip that this newly elected D-WA congressthing is identified as “D-Seattle.” People in rural Washington know all too well the truth in that little goofsie.)
  • Perhaps not for thee or me, but one family’s thriving in its pretty cob house. Inside a geodesic dome. Within the Arctic Circle. (H/T MtK for this very impressive story)… 10 Comments
  • Generator!

    Gassed it up and filled it with oil today. Read the manual, turned all the right dials, flipped all the right switches, pulled the cord and we were in business. This is the new generator under its very first load. (And no, I’m not really into froufrou lamps, but that one belonged to my friend Jill who died three years ago.) And this incredibly exciting photo (well, incredibly exciting to me, not that I’d expect anyone else to notice) is the new generator running both the refrigerator and a small chest freezer at the same time. I wasn’t sure it…