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Category: Religion

“The world will be saved by beauty”

Ed. note: It appears that the blogosaurus I’ve been trying to work on is simply not going to come together. At least not any time before the heat death of the universe. Because the subject will not leave my mind and because I think I’m onto something even if I can’t express that something without coming across as a total moonbat, I’m going to dump its raw material (and its few completed bits) on you. Perhaps the standard Wise and Insightful Commentariat Discussion will bring the order and sense to it that I could not. Here goes: —– The link…


Mary: Unfinished

“Mary: Unfinished.” Acrylic on Gessobord, 8×10″. The picture is unfinished. I still need to rework the dark side of her face. UPDATE 4/7: I’ve now corrected and finished the dark half of her face. But “Mary: Unfinished” is still the title. (Here’s the originally posted version for comparison. The new one is more correct; I find the earlier version more interesting, though.) My original concept was an impoverished, weary, disappointed Mary (yes, perhaps that Mary). The backstory is that a more prosperous, light-hearted friend has tried to cheer her up by loaning her a bright, beaded collar and letting her…


Tackling a great heap o’ books containing vast heaps o’ thoughts

I was feelin’ poorly yesterday. Though I managed to evade the cold that was trying to catch me, body and mind felt slow and stupid. I ended up climbing back into bed and, with eyes too tired for the computer, tried to read the vast heap o’ books that’s been building by the bedside. Inspired by a friend, I’ve gotten into reading about Eastern Orthodox spirituality, which led in turn to Gnostic spirituality. Religion to me is as fascinating as it is opaque, as compelling as it is impossible. But I keep hoping something will eventually make sense, that an…


Weekend links

  • Thanks to a link Shel dropped into comments on my “Theda’s Kin” post, I fell down a rabbit hole of the brain’s striking ability to make accurage snap judgments. Here’s a short version of what Shel was getting at: how we can tell criminals from non-criminals with only their faces to go by. And similar accuracy turns out to apply with our “gaydar,” “mordar,” etc. (What’s mordar, you may ask? Why, it’s our unusual ability to quickly recognize Mormoms, even when they’re not walking up to our doors wearing suits and ID badges.)
  • But then, sometimes, as in this short story, identity is a trickier matter. (H/T. MJR)… 18 Comments
  • Outlaws of the Endarkenment

    Endarkenment. Been hearing that word a lot — most recently in this must-read Bill Buppert piece. (Via Joel) Barring some one-in-a-million chance, we are sliding into a long, dark time. When you have an intellectual class that’s gone insane, a wealthy elite that’s building bunkers for itself while looting the last of your liberty and prosperity, and a crusading enemy breeding new generations of superstitious intolerance, you don’t have a lot to build a future on. Unless it’s a future of rage, savagery, and chaos. But then, look on the bright side. The Endarkenment is a great age for Outlaws.…


    Weekend links #1

  • A short-term “fasting diet” may regenerate a diabetic pancreas. Again, it’s mostly mice so far. But interesting.
  • “Drugs, disposal of.” Dealing with the recent untimely loss of his wife, Kim du Toit goes on a quest to discover how to rid himself of a pharmacopia of her prescription medicines.
  • Borepatch warns: Buyer beware! when it comes to “connected” cars. Like all other supposedly smart devices, they’re just bright enough to violate your privacy.… 7 Comments
  • Midweek links

    Convicted of self-defense in a Portland court. Outrageous. But there’s Portland and then there’s Oregon when it comes to gun rights. Kit Perez begins a three-part series on how social media silences dissent. Ugh. Looks like the NorthWET is in for another big drenching. But we’re used to that. It’s California — the poor people below the Oroville Damn — getting the worst of it. They say the dam danger is much less now. But I wonder. I also wonder whose head is going to roll for this. Why is the whole world suddenly debating whether Huxley or Orwell got…


    So. Onward. And artward.

    I learned yesterday that the gift Toyota is not going to be. Turned out it’s a great vehicle for someone who doesn’t mind getting out and doing minor wrenching once in a while, but not for someone who just wants to get in and go. But I had fun exchanging messages and receiving photos from FishOrMan (and with another friend who offered to join the Toyota conspiracy) and I consider the offer(s) and consequences to be part of the magic that touches my life so often. It’s been a rough six or seven days. There’s been good news (no surgery!…