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Category: Religion

Friday freedom question: New frontiers in “cultural appropriation”

News that two women were mob-hounded out of their harmless burrito business on the grounds of “cultural appropriation” made me wonder if it might be time for some good old table turning. If opening a burrito truck, wearing hoop earrings or holding a yoga class is an offense severe enough to drive pitchfork- Twitter-wielding mobs into the streets onto their pricey iPhones, how far is this scary, authoritarian mania going to go? There is not one of us — including these “cultural appropriation” witch hunters — who doesn’t use aspects of other cultures every day of our lives. So. I…


UNFINISHED: When Dog Chose Man

A legend told by several Native American tribes goes something like this (both the picture and the words are my own interpretation): When the world was new and no one yet knew their place, God decided to divide Man from the other animals. He set Man on one side of a line and the rest of the animal kingdom on the other. Then he spoke and the line began to crack open. Soon it was a chasm, separating Man from all the rest. At the very last moment, just as the chasm was becoming impossibly wide, Dog made a rebel…


Thursday links

  • Following Bob Owens’ suicide, there’ve been a lot of articles on the general theme of how men’s depression is different than women’s (generally true) and how men may be more reluctant to get help. What only one person has mentioned so far (and that over on the private Claire’s Cabal forums) is that if you’re a gun owner who asks for help you will be screwed six ways from Sunday. Smart gun owners do not dare let so-called mental-health professionals know they’re suffering. At the very least, they’ll lose their gun rights. And it’s not at all uncommon for cops to show up and kill them. Some “help” that is!
  • Yet another cop walks free on the “I’m a puling coward” defense. Betty Shelby argued that pre-emptive murder was part of her training. Besides, the dispensable “civilian” didn’t give her the instant obedience expected of the peasant class. … 6 Comments
  • St. Guinefort, revisited

    St. Guinefort the Greyhound. Revisited. This is about 1,000 times better than the version I posted the other day. IMHO, this is another moment of hitting my stride. Only trouble is that “my stride” seems to involve one of the slowest, most blindingly tedious mediums in all artdom: colored pencil. Technically, this is mixed media, but mostly colored pencil, which means mostly hours spent scribbling layer upon layer to build up nuanced color and to fill spaces that a paintbrush could knock out in seconds. Most other artwork I’ve posted has taken two or three hours. This required the better…


    St. Guinefort the Greyhound

    It was a rain day on the Great Foundation and Screen Porch Project. No work. Sigh. Boy, the fits and starts of this thing. Supposed to rain tomorrow, too, so we shall see. That at least gave me the chance to get my rusty self back to the art table. I was going to draw a dog-as-pope. … although I thought this hound had more papal majesty. While looking for a good canine pontiff, I — for reasons unknown — found a doggie bantito mixed in with the pope images. Rather liked that guy. I suppose that image is politically…


    Monday links

  • It’s always hilarious to hear this, but there’s a growing body of evidence that says it’s so. THC, the mind-altering component of cannabis may improve memory in the elderly. Yes, that stuff that makes you forget the sentence you’re in the middle of may help you remember better.
  • How to say no without feeling guilty.
  • The irreverent Stephen Fry faces blasphemy charges in Ireland for expressing a low opinion of God.… 5 Comments
  • “The world will be saved by beauty”

    Ed. note: It appears that the blogosaurus I’ve been trying to work on is simply not going to come together. At least not any time before the heat death of the universe. Because the subject will not leave my mind and because I think I’m onto something even if I can’t express that something without coming across as a total moonbat, I’m going to dump its raw material (and its few completed bits) on you. Perhaps the standard Wise and Insightful Commentariat Discussion will bring the order and sense to it that I could not. Here goes: —– The link…


    Mary: Unfinished

    “Mary: Unfinished.” Acrylic on Gessobord, 8×10″. The picture is unfinished. I still need to rework the dark side of her face. UPDATE 4/7: I’ve now corrected and finished the dark half of her face. But “Mary: Unfinished” is still the title. (Here’s the originally posted version for comparison. The new one is more correct; I find the earlier version more interesting, though.) My original concept was an impoverished, weary, disappointed Mary (yes, perhaps that Mary). The backstory is that a more prosperous, light-hearted friend has tried to cheer her up by loaning her a bright, beaded collar and letting her…


    Tackling a great heap o’ books containing vast heaps o’ thoughts

    I was feelin’ poorly yesterday. Though I managed to evade the cold that was trying to catch me, body and mind felt slow and stupid. I ended up climbing back into bed and, with eyes too tired for the computer, tried to read the vast heap o’ books that’s been building by the bedside. Inspired by a friend, I’ve gotten into reading about Eastern Orthodox spirituality, which led in turn to Gnostic spirituality. Religion to me is as fascinating as it is opaque, as compelling as it is impossible. But I keep hoping something will eventually make sense, that an…


    Weekend links

  • Thanks to a link Shel dropped into comments on my “Theda’s Kin” post, I fell down a rabbit hole of the brain’s striking ability to make accurage snap judgments. Here’s a short version of what Shel was getting at: how we can tell criminals from non-criminals with only their faces to go by. And similar accuracy turns out to apply with our “gaydar,” “mordar,” etc. (What’s mordar, you may ask? Why, it’s our unusual ability to quickly recognize Mormoms, even when they’re not walking up to our doors wearing suits and ID badges.)
  • But then, sometimes, as in this short story, identity is a trickier matter. (H/T. MJR)… 18 Comments