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Category: Resistance

Sometimes you need to say “no” to Big Brother

Sunday-Monday links

  • It’s truly a disgrace that cops did nothing about this. But then, what would the cops themselves would have done if somebody pointed a flame-thrower at them? Since they can’t even bear to have a cell phone or a gun-shaped finger pointed in their direction …
  • Don’t ever take your long and healthy life for granted.
  • $208 million in tax breaks to create 50 jobs. Geez, why don’t they just pay 50 lucky people $4 million each and forget about the alleged job creation?… 10 Comments
  • Fragmentation, war, all of the above?

    This morning I started a thread in the public portion of Claire’s Cabal about civil war; will we or won’t we? The thread starter is a New Yorker article, silly with the standard urban-left assumptions that somehow everything began with Obama and might end with Trump. But within it are a number of astute (or at least thought-provoking) quotes from smarter people. And naturally Cabalistas have added their own usual thought-provoking observations. Go read. Comment over there if you can. There will probably never be “civil war” in the U.S. — just as there was no civil war way back…


    Friday Freedom Question: “Embracing a post-digital ethos”

    “Embrace a post-digital ethos.” I borrowed that phrase from a poster at Claire’s Cabal. The phrase came up in the midst of a wistful discussion about the need to create just enough of an online profile to reassure potential employers while also scrubbing (or avoiding in the first place) a profile that surrenders too much privacy. Participants lamented the increasing need to create a sanitized public facade. One said that while leaving the ‘Net was out of the question, backing away from ‘Net life was imperative. We’ve talked about this before. Many of us are in love with — married…


    Sunday/Monday links

  • Nero Cuomo fiddles while Rome New York burns
  • Creative outlawry (whether you like it or not): Seattle skateboarders construct an illicit skateboard bowl on a lake island. They win a national prize. Unfortunately the bowl will be torn out and the prize was rescinded.
  • I don’t agree with the premise, but this article is still a fascinating look back: How the 1967 Summer of Love sparked today’s religious movements.… 6 Comments
  • It’s not about black or white. It’s about justice.

    This is Valerie Castile, mother of cop-murdered Philando Castile, embracing Don Damond, fiancĂ© of cop-murdered Justine Damond. They were together at a march through the streets of Minneapolis that was joined by people of multiple races. Residents along the route came out of their homes to show support. As long as gangs of cops are roaming the streets with license to kill, this is how it ought to be. Castile’s black son was slaughtered (for the crime of being a lawful gun owner) by a pale-complected gunman, Jeronimo Yanez. Damond’s white fiancĂ©e was blown off the face of the earth…


    Tuesday links

    Whatever your view of their politics, this is a clever bit of resistance. Four things to spend your money on if you want to buy happiness. “Not everybody gets a cookie”. But every social-justice pecksniff can turn a gesture of kindness into an occasion for a display of vicious narcissism. The left. It had a miserable week. Bastiat’s goofy story and real-life folly in the solar-panel industry as solar power begins to become cheap enough for the masses. No wonder Comey decided to let Hillary skate on all those sloppy security violations. Creative lifesaving. Will this be the well-deserved ruination…