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Category: Resistance

Sometimes you need to say “no” to Big Brother

John Perry Barlow, one of the saddest RIPs

And good luck to us all with such giants departing. John Perry Barlow — a lyricist for The Grateful Dead, founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and writer of one of the most soaring statements of Internet freedom left the earth yesterday. His long-ago “Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace” proved to be a failed prophesy. But if it can’t make your heart sing even now, it’s possible you’ve misplaced your heart: Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask…


Case dismissed … with prejudice

Federal prosecutors, who have made such a botch of everything connected with the Bundy ranch, have lost. Definitively. Humiliatingly. Deservedly. Their case against Cliven, two of his sons, and another man has been dismissed with prejudice following last month’s mistrial. Meaning no re-trial. Now. Will the feds retreat and accept that this whole woeful business has been overreach (and under-honesty) on their part from the beginning? Or will they find some other way to get revenge on the harmless (but defiant) Mormon rancher and his clan? I first got this news on NPR this afternoon. To hear them tell it,…


So. Would you want to live in this neighborhood?

Despite predictions that Seasteading is dead, the project got a grand writeup in the Daily Mail this week and is moving ahead with plans for 2020. It seems Patri Friedman, Peter Thiel and company are sailing ever closer to conducting their experiment in liberating mankind from politicians. (Marvelous goal; to which I say with a touch of skepticism and an equal touch of joy in their monumental vision, “Good luck with that.”) Of course, it all begins with an agreement with government — in this case the government of French Polynesia. Not a bad neighborhood, Tahiti. Gorgeous concept drawings, too.…


Thursday links

  • Shining a light on law enforcement use of facial recognition. Half of all Americans are now in facial-recognition databases and potentially in the resulting “virtual lineups” of criminal suspects.
  • And here I thought Pamela Anderson was just another blonde actress with big boobs. Nope. Also a smart lady with guts to hold her own against the disapproval of SJWs.
  • How black markets helped establish Spain as an an artisanal cheese-making powerhouse. 10 Comments
  • The Order of the White Rose has moved

    … to the darkweb. TOWR, inspired by the famous group that resisted the Nazis, specializes in training individuals for resistance to tyranny. If you go to their old site, you’ll be directed to their new .onion address. It’s easy to reach. But only if you have the TOR browser. Which you can learn about and download here if you don’t already have it. When visiting that site, it’s probably wise to use a VPN.* TOWR also announced that in the future if you send them an email and hope to get an answer, you’ll need to use encryption. TOWR’s public…

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