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Category: Rural and small-town living

Life far from freeways, Starbucks, malls, and other benefits/distractions

Ahhhh, spring!

Okay, okay. I know two blazing afternoons — afternoons soaring all the way to 45 degrees — do not a change of seasons make. I know we’re not yet a month into winter. I know — with many sighs — that in the part of the world we don’t expect consistently friendly weather until mid-July. But damn! This weekend’s been a blessed relief from what some wag called the Northwest’s Mini-Ice Age. Freezing at night, as per our usual lately, but with blessedly benign afternoons. Spring? Alas, no. But a fine substitute. Besides, a girl can dream, can’t she? And…

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Weekend links

  • Merry Christmas! Really.
  • One Dem makes one last-ditch effort to stop Trump. (Note the Freudian slip that this newly elected D-WA congressthing is identified as “D-Seattle.” People in rural Washington know all too well the truth in that little goofsie.)
  • Perhaps not for thee or me, but one family’s thriving in its pretty cob house. Inside a geodesic dome. Within the Arctic Circle. (H/T MtK for this very impressive story)

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  • Friday links

  • Diagnose 17 diseases with a single blow into a breathalyzer? I doubt it’s that elegant and easy (especially with only 86% accuracy). But an interesting potential development.
  • Prepare to be shocked: the DEA pays millions to informants with somewhat less accountability than your local library uses to keep track of paperback books.
  • And if that wasn’t enough of a shock, I know you’ll just faint dead away to know that the Department of (Achtung!) Homeland Security is riddled with bribery and corruption. (I’m truly sorry to deliver all this bad news to you; I know how much you trusted and admired your federal government.)

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  • Flabbergasted

    A few years ago, two of the many kind readers of this blog sent a substantial donation specifically for buying a generator. The money they sent was enough to purchase an inexpensive generator — or make a good start on saving for the compact Honda or Yamaha they knew was on my wish list. They gave me that option. My choice. I decided to stash the donation and keep on saving for the Dream Generator. While it made me nervous not to have backup power, I figured that — not being particularly a Ms Fixit — I needed the reliability,…

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    Just an artsy-snowy picture

    One day last week we were expecting an ice storm. Never did get it, but we received a pretty little snow dusting. I took this photo, which I just remembered while going through the camera card for last post’s Boy Scout image. Taken through a window with melting snow droplets on it. Artsy on purpose, seriously. Not just a bad photo because I was too cozy and warm to want to venture outside. Truth. 1+

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    None of the above, that was me

    So this is where I was last night. In a church. At the Court of Honor for a new-minted Eagle Scout, Jordy, son of one of my best friends. Now, I know there are people hereabouts who did the whole Boy Scout thing. But this is all new and foreign to me. When I was the age a boy might become an Eagle, I considered the entire business of uniformed do-gooding and mandated wholesomeness fascistic. I considered the few boys who took that path to be complete dorks. Of the twelve traits listed on the left side of that program,…

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    When AAA goes bad

    Cough …. cough … sputter. I knew it was a mistake the other day when I boasted about Old Blue’s sterling reliability. Sputter … gasp. Suddenly I feel the horsepower of a wooden go-kart under my right foot. Cough. But all is well. Though I’m miles from home, I’m in an area I know. And right there’s the parking lot of a defunct neighborhood c-store. I coast in as the engine finally dies. After a moment of “Ohshit, what now?” I call R., an old faithful shade-tree mechanic who lives only a few miles from where Old Blue now refuses…

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