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Category: Rural and small-town living

Life far from freeways, Starbucks, malls, and other benefits/distractions


I walked to town with Ava as usual this morning. We were crossing the street to the post office when out of the blue, another dog pelts straight at her and launches itself against her side, biting at her flank and legs. This monster-wannabe is only about 15 pounds of dirty gray fluff, so the biggest danger here, other than infected puncture wounds, is that Ava will turn and snap the rotten beast’s neck. To her credit, Ava — who has a history of reacting sharply to other dogs — keeps her cool. Me, not so much. I’m cussing and…


Ah, spring!

Normally around this time of year, I’d expect the first signs — well, foreshadowings — of spring. But given the frigidity of the present winter all happy signs and portents have been delayed. Until a day or two ago I had to settle for this: A squashed frog on the road a few blocks from my house. Not this particular deceased amphibian (whose photo I found online). But one of its relatives that I’ve had to step over on my walks to town. Damn strange first sign of spring. Frogs are usually late-season arrivals and not very plentiful; what a…


A quiet little moment of peace

I haven’t been looking forward to this week. Midweek I’m scheduled to go to The Big City (the real one; not the nearby Walmart-bearing berg I laughingly call the big city) for a consultation with a surgeon, a specialist at a formidable teaching hospital. I dread both the doctor encounter and the drive, which is three times longer than any I’ve taken in Old Blue. And Blue is … old. And kind of creaky. Heck, while I’m at it, I might as well dread freeways, traffic jams, and ridiculously expensive Big City parking — all of which I worked hard…


Tuesday links

Seemed time for another “lite” links collection. I closed all my bad-news tabs. To hell with them. Today I bring you mostly good news and puppies. Oh, and a moose.

Only in a place like this

It was a gorgeous afternoon. Blue, blue, blue sky and 50 degrees. I decided to drive Ava into the hills to an off-the-beaten-path place where all the trees have been clearcut in the last five years and we’d have that glorious sunshine beaming on us for the entire walk. About two miles up the main road I spotted an ATV off to the side and a young man standing behind the trailer that was hitched to it. That was a little unusual, so I stopped and rolled down my window to ask, “You okay? You broken down or anything?” He…


The pussy rally and other reasons to run and hide from the Internet

Had to take a few days off from the ‘Net. Too many angry people, too many crazy people, too many “interesting” people. You know how you get those spates of them sometimes. Then you return and everyone’s peaceful and sane for a couple of months. I hope. I’m spending my break basking in reality. That is, not only mostly offline, but not in places that artificially pass for real. That is among other things, not in Washington, DC, where Jim Bovard took these very NSFW photos yesterday (and swears he didn’t deliberately go looking for the grossest signs). I played…


Ahhhh, spring!

Okay, okay. I know two blazing afternoons — afternoons soaring all the way to 45 degrees — do not a change of seasons make. I know we’re not yet a month into winter. I know — with many sighs — that in the part of the world we don’t expect consistently friendly weather until mid-July. But damn! This weekend’s been a blessed relief from what some wag called the Northwest’s Mini-Ice Age. Freezing at night, as per our usual lately, but with blessedly benign afternoons. Spring? Alas, no. But a fine substitute. Besides, a girl can dream, can’t she? And…