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Category: War on Some Drugs

Rushing to keep up with everything links

  • How can Piers Morgan be such a flaming eejit on guns when he talks so much sense about other subjects? On this particular horror he speaks truth. You damn betcha that was a hate crime, and though I don’t believe in special categories of crime that necessitate guessing at someone’s mindset, there’s no doubt whatsoever of the mindset here.
  • A call for Obama to free the “godfather of grass.”
  • Even Vanity Fair, which reflexively accepts that Donald Trump is “the enemy,” knows knows the Dems are in absurd denial about why they’ve suddenly become a gigantic pack of losers.… 11 Comments
  • Friday links

  • Diagnose 17 diseases with a single blow into a breathalyzer? I doubt it’s that elegant and easy (especially with only 86% accuracy). But an interesting potential development.
  • Prepare to be shocked: the DEA pays millions to informants with somewhat less accountability than your local library uses to keep track of paperback books.
  • And if that wasn’t enough of a shock, I know you’ll just faint dead away to know that the Department of (Achtung!) Homeland Security is riddled with bribery and corruption. (I’m truly sorry to deliver all this bad news to you; I know how much you trusted and admired your federal government.)… 6 Comments
  • Midweek links

  • You thought Sen. Joe Manchin was a traitor because he wants the feds to have power to prevent all gun transfers? So did I. But fact is, the man is too stupid to be a traitor.
  • That photographer in Turkey who captured the murder of the Russian ambassador was amazingly brave, dedicated, and good at his job. You can debate whether the photos were in good taste, but you can’t deny his sheer guts.
  • From Dana in comments: the story of Pinchas Rosenbaum, who disguised himself as a Nazi to save Jews in Hungary.… 11 Comments
  • Midweek links

  • Turns out that, as pot has been legalized, teens have had a harder time getting the stuff. Sure, that’s against all predictions — except predictions by people who grok how markets work.
  • Teen drug and alcohol use has fallen in general. Of course, that’s according to the Washington Post, so it may be fake news.
  • It takes seven shots to kill a 73-year-old man suffering dementia. But then, he was armed with a deadly crucifix, so I guess they had to do it.… 5 Comments
  • Weekend links

  • Uber is now tracking customers after they’ve closed its app. But not to worry; it’s for your own good. (Close app, turn off phone, remove battery — if your battery is still a removable one.) (H/T MJR)
  • Can’t afford to rent your very own malicious botnet (per last links)? Well, there’s always this $50 USB killer. It’s not perfect; but for mere couch-cushion change, what do you expect?
  • It’s truly a human tragedy that this type of humane research on psychoactive drugs has been curtailed for so many decades. Thanks, War on Drugs.… 8 Comments
  • Thursday links

  • More on the highly instructive government-caused chaos in India. A report from a freedomista on the scene (H/T BillT in comments). And will gold importation, as well as bills, be banned? India’s economy is lurching to a standstill. There is panic, despair, and real danger of death over an arbitrary decision whose consequences any sensible person could have seen. But now, with Modi having “broken Indians’ legs,” the government is helpfully offering a crutch.
  • American life expectancy is falling as Russia’s fell after the Soviet collapse — and for similar reasons. But the fedgov will not take one of the simplest, most rational steps to ease the suffering.… 9 Comments