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Category: War

Midweek links

  • A (semi) mainstreamer observes that there really is a liberal media bubble and tries to understand why.
  • The residents of Trier, Germany, don’t seem to want that gift statue of Karl Marx. But not because … well, you know, Marx. And the hundreds of millions of deaths his ideas led to. But because they don’t like the giver.
  • Which is more unjust? That a possible war criminal got away with it for decades? Or that “justice” now calls for extraditing a 98-year-old man?… 11 Comments
  • Guest post by Shel: War memoirs, dog books, and a couple of firearm-related items

    The following is a guest post written by Commentariat member Shel. Knowing Amazon commissions were soon to plummet, he offers these books and other items — including some cool firearm-related gadgets — that you might find of interest. And will find at Amazon. You may not be quite as interested in war memoirs as he is. But you can purchase practically anything in the world via my Amazon links. When you enter Amazon through any of the links in this post or anywhere on the blog, everything you purchase during that visit will be credited to me. All Amazon orders…


    Principles in a world of Realpolitik

    Over at the Cabal, but in the public area where anyone can read, I just posted a longish think piece (as in thinking-out-loud piece) on “Principles in a world of Realpolitik. It focuses on how applying libertarian principles immediately to the real world sometimes works (or would work) brilliantly well, but sometimes would lead to disaster. As I say, I am just thinking aloud and I’ll welcome comments, including spirited disagreements, here or at the Cabal. The subject of principles came up here in a couple of recent threads. The subject of principles comes up a lot around serious freedomistas…


    Wednesday links

    The FBI. — yes, the freakin’ FBI. — has cameras on Seattle streets and a judge has just forbidden releasing information about them. Why should the FBI be doing street-level surveillance in U.S. cities (if they’re in Seattle, they’re everywhere else)? We can’t know and I haven’t found a single article that tells more than this one does. (H/T @EasyMac308 on Gab) Why aren’t Americans moving away from impoverished, jobless areas? Government, of course. Oh, there are SO many problems with technocracy — as the technocrats themselves are now learning the hard way (after they made millions of us learn…


    Friday links

    I’d call that an offer the fedgov shouldn’t refuse: Assange will agree to be extradited to the U.S. if Manning is freed. Gutsy and honorable play on Assange’s part, too. When they tell you Russia hacked this or that, always remember … Greenwald does it again: best summation I’ve seen of the origins and methods of the deep state’s war on Trump. The Russian techie named in this week’s dirty dump says U.S. intelligence (sic) never contacted him. And the former British spy paid (by Dems and anti-Trump Repubicans) to dig up, or make up, the dirty dossier flees in…


    Weekend links

    Chortle. Microsoft finally admits (cluelessly or dishonestly) that its malware-upgrade on Win 10 went just an itty-bitty bit too far. Great illustration, too. And it seems MS is not the only gang of elitists in upper Washington state going a bit too far. Closing freeways so a football team can pass? Gimme a break; even if it were legal, it would be beyond outrageous. One more reason Mr. Policeman is not your friend. And another. And this horrendous court ruling reminds us that not only is Ms or Mr. Policeman not your dog’s friend, but neither are the courts. Are…


    Weekend links

  • OMG. Someone’s planning a flying selfie camera. None of us will be safe from Other People’s Idiocy. (H/T MJR)
  • True, Glenn Greenwald. And very well observed. Now, if the R-party had actually have done anything about all its noble self-criticism …
  • Sigh. We’d probably still end up with a CIA director who wants Edward Snowden dead and an AG who thinks anti-gun Project Exile is the bee’s knees.… 7 Comments
  • Tuesday links

  • Chelsea Manning has asked Obama to cut her ghastly sentence to time served. Good luck, Chelsea.
  • Larry Correia writes a guide for liberals who are suddenly interested in gun ownership.
  • The whimpering “safe space” infants aren’t only on college campuses. Andrew Torba, founder of has been banned from the directory and community of the famous venture capital outfit Y Combinator because his very existence makes people feel “unsafe.” … 18 Comments