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Category: War

Thursday links

Did you know there’s an organization called Dogs Against Romney? And that one of its members just got stopped by a cop for doing (in effigy) what Romney once did to his family dog? A courageous colonel busts hierarchy to tell truths about Afghanistan. (Tip o’ hat to M.) “Take that, Hobbes!” “Less lethal.” Yeah. In other words — more likely to be casually fired at people who irritate the cops. Help wanted at the TSA. 🙂 Oh, what to think? It’s a crime and a shame when innocent owners have their assets seized. But can they be called “innocent”…


So many days of infamy

(A rant.) Yesterday were were all supposed to pause and “remember” the bombing of Pearl Harbor, even though most of us weren’t alive then and therefore can’t actually remember it. Of course we should be aware of important historic events. But why is it always a matter of dates and photos and survivor accounts without context? And why must we genuflect only to certain dates? December 7, September 11, July 4? We perform our obeisances to the horrors and tragedies of December 7, 1941, then go about our business. How many of us ever even learned that the very next…