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End-of-week links

  • The Infamous Weinerman pleads guilty. It’s off to a short prison term, then the sex-offender registry. Anybody taking bets on how long it’ll be before he’s doing it all again?
  • Good news, hobbyists. A court has shot down the FAA’s drone-registration requirement. OTOH, China is now requiring drone registration. So don’t move there. Oh yeah. And don’t fly one over my house, either.
  • More sheriff’s deputies who have neither courtesy nor good sense. … 10 Comments
  • UNFINISHED: When Dog Chose Man

    A legend told by several Native American tribes goes something like this (both the picture and the words are my own interpretation): When the world was new and no one yet knew their place, God decided to divide Man from the other animals. He set Man on one side of a line and the rest of the animal kingdom on the other. Then he spoke and the line began to crack open. Soon it was a chasm, separating Man from all the rest. At the very last moment, just as the chasm was becoming impossibly wide, Dog made a rebel…


    Thursday links

  • Following Bob Owens’ suicide, there’ve been a lot of articles on the general theme of how men’s depression is different than women’s (generally true) and how men may be more reluctant to get help. What only one person has mentioned so far (and that over on the private Claire’s Cabal forums) is that if you’re a gun owner who asks for help you will be screwed six ways from Sunday. Smart gun owners do not dare let so-called mental-health professionals know they’re suffering. At the very least, they’ll lose their gun rights. And it’s not at all uncommon for cops to show up and kill them. Some “help” that is!
  • Yet another cop walks free on the “I’m a puling coward” defense. Betty Shelby argued that pre-emptive murder was part of her training. Besides, the dispensable “civilian” didn’t give her the instant obedience expected of the peasant class. … 6 Comments
  • Aaaaaand then the departure of the Monk

    The Wandering Monk wandered in about 9:30. Limping, but not quite as much as I’d expected. He showed me pictures: three-inch gash; bone gleaming in the depths, but very little bleeding thanks to him having the good sense to avoid major veins and arteries while chopping himself with a machete. Good tool sharpening, too. The wound was as clean-edged as a paper cut. A very, very large papercut. But as straight as if drawn with a ruler. He offered to show me the real, live injury (which he has bandaged under tension but not stitched). I declined. Though he offered…


    Return of the Monk

    Got a text from The Wandering Monk yesterday afternoon. He swears he’ll be here bright and early this morning. And that he’ll be “80%” okay to work despite having chopped his leg with a machete on Saturday. We shall see. If he’s able to pull this off, I expect I’ll be called upon to do more minioning than usual. But the cold rain has finally abated and we have clear days ahead. I’m ready to get back to the Great Foundation and Screen Porch project. If 80% turns out to be overly optimistic, I may just call a halt to…


    Want to know how far the feds will go to trap people?

    This far. And farther, of course. The Intercept tells the story of how the FBI concocted a fake production company with a fake documentary crew to get the Bundys and their supporters to self-incriminate. Journalists and filmmakers rightly object when police and spies impersonate them. They ignore the fact that plenty of actual journalists over the decades have acted as government agents. Long, weird, twisted story. Worth a read, though, and worth heeding for any activist. 0


    Casinato: Innocent

    I met an interesting man the other day. Electronics guy. Inventor. But also a singer-songwriter who goes by the mysterious handle Casinato. Although I’m not much of a music person, I was intrigued by the song samples on his website. I bought his album on Bandcamp. The album comes with a .pdf booklet of lyrics and chords. Very helpful. I think what drew me to these songs is the raw, folky quality of Casinato’s voice. Dulcet tones? Not on your life; nor does he aspire to producing anything near dulcet. His voice and style are reminiscent of the early folk-revival…

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    Tuesday links

  • Closer to confirmation: mysteriously murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was indeed in contact with Wikileaks, and the emails “hacked by Russians” may have instead been leaked by him.
  • Leonardo da Vinci invented an odd musical instrument (on paper). A modern instrument maker has built it. (Use the “cc” option on the video to get English subtitles.)
  • The governmental stupid gets thicker and thicker in California. Now dumb law threatens small, independent booksellers — as if they weren’t already threatened enough. (H/T M)

  • Thank yous

    To the person unknown who surprised me by raising my bitcoin total last week … To the long-time supporter, friend, and bounteous information source who just rendered my rainy walk to the post office surprisingly pleasant … To the generous mystery man who has lately sprung several such surprises upon me … And finally to the dear friend (a victim of both perilous health and our present economic “recovery”) who no longer has the means to send financial support, but who volunteered to do a truly wizardly deed for a suffering friend of mine. The two have never met and…

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