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Living Freedom Posts

Thursday on the road

Last night I stayed at the Bates Motel. Seriously. It was better than its namesake because — obviously — I survived the night. However, I dared not take a shower. Not from fear of knife-wielding weirdos, but because, as Mr. Bates himself disingenuously explained, “We have two other guests and they might have used up all the hot water.” I don’t know what the other guests did (if they existed, they were very quiet), but this was definitely a cold-water experience. It was the only open motel in the itty-bitty village where I stopped, though. I was too beat to…


Ramblings and roamings

Hey, you wanna see what ObamaCare looks like? Here you go. It’s twice as tall as a can of Bud Light: That’s a copy of the actual law. It turned up at the Wyoming Republican Party convention recently, where Sen. John Barasso made appropriate use of it. Hope he didn’t strain himself. The photo above was taken by my ex-Significant Sweetie, Charles Curley who actually (OMG!) attended the convention. R’s in Wyoming are a little different than R’s in most other places, though. Nobody had a hissy fit when an armed man showed up and hobnobbed with both the state’s…



Does it seem to you that the world is about to shatter? That there is so much wrongness that “the centre cannot hold”? Ah well, a lot of us have had that feeling since we became aware of the Lies Our Civics Teacher Told Us. It’s dogged me on and off since Nixon removed the last gold backing from the dollar. The fall became inevitable then; we doomsayers just expected it to come quicker. But come it must. And these days, as mainstream economists continue to tout the return of prosperity while we watch catastrophe rolling onward with our own…


A modest prediction

A modest prediction: We will never know the precise details of the “technical error” that caused Thursday’s stock market madness. We’ll be told something. It might even be truthful. But it won’t (OMG will I ever forgive myself for encouraging conspiracy theories?) be the whole story. And here’s a bet, though I wouldn’t stake much money on it (and in fact, I’m hearing already that I may be wrong): The theory they’ll end up with was the one that says a single trader mistakenly typed in billion when he meant million — something along those lines. Sort of like the…


The menace of “do somethingness”

Well, since it appears that the U.S. stock market isn’t going to crash — yet — this morning — okay, for the next couple of hours, at least — I’m going to sit down and take up a much more serious, but slower-paced, problem that’s been on my mind. I’m talking about the national, even global plague of “do somethingness.” You know how people are always trying to find solutions to gigantic problems, and (because their only tool is government), making a worse mess of everything? Blame “do somethingness.” If we could only end the “do something” plague, clever, independent…


Wednesday miscellany

I’m sorry for not blogging the last few days. Last-Chance Gulch had company from far away and we were busy doing wild-n-crazy things. I intended to blog about the visit and our flamboyant visitor. But as I considered what to write, I realized that our activities — while harmless — were nearly all illegal, immoral, or fattening. Or at least some of the above. Now that I’m recuperated, I may take time and use my better judgment before writing up any of our scandalously fun behavior. Or not. In the meantime, I’ve been collecting. And some of what I’ve gathered…


Nadia the Noble

Nothing heavy-duty today. No depressing politics. No personal adventures. Just a picture to share. While working on my first illustration job in … well, more years than I care to count, I ran across this drawing I did last year and forgot all about. It’s not Great Art, but I did like the way the blue paper becomes part of the drawing and contributes its tones to the complex colors of the fur. Anyhow, this is Nadia (aka Nadja, Naja, etc.), my Noble Beast of a dog, who has the thickest, most lush ears, an extraordinary coat, and the demeanor…


Billions of new 1099 forms?

You recall that “health-care” bill that had to pass so we could find out what’s in it? Well, Cato discovers yet another “mandate” in there that will land hard on every, single business person in the entire country. Weird one, too. Not exactly a paperwork reduction act. Yep, that was a “health-care” bill, alright. For the health of the IRS. 0


Thursday miscellany

1:15 a.m. I woke up two hours ago with my trailer jerking in the wind and the moon silver-bright through the window (beautiful but unwelcome to sleepy eyes). The trailer always rocks in high winds, but this is different, sharp and jolting like a series of airy earthquakes. Every time I start to slip back into sleep another round hits. A couple of times, things have fallen off shelves. Nervous dogs begged for spots on my sleeping bag. So here I am, awake but fog-headed. Covered in canines. And soothing myself with a favorite bit of Shelley: A Dirge Rough…

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How things are in the real world

Some Monday morning cheer for ya — a.k.a. how things work in the real world of big money, big influence and big government: How Fannie and Freddie — among the chief engineers of the mortgage wreckage have become even more “important” than ever. How the Big O’s proposed regulations will make the biggest Wall Street firms more untouchable than ever. (Another take here.) —– On the smaller domestic scale — here at Last-Chance Gulch where there is little money, no influence, and only those bits of big government that come wandering randomly in now and then — house walls went…