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PsyOps on Senators

Speaking of creepazoid tactics beloved of governments: I’m not sure why Rolling Stone is so scandalized that the U.S. Army in Afghanistan used PsyOps to try to manipulate senators and other power-mongers into sending more troops and more taxbux. I mean, seriously now. It’s illegal. It’s a waste of money. It’s a sneaky attempt to gain more power and influence. It’s business as usual! Where exactly is the news here??? Oh. Maybe the idea that government officials actually have brains to be manipulated? Otherwise, can’t imagine …


Black Ops and HBGary

Ars Technica has a chilling take on how HBGary — the “security” company that sought to expose Anonymous and ended up getting exposed themselves — wrote backdoors for the fedgov. The article is long and technical, but it gives a shudder-inducing glimpse into one tiny corner of the vast paranoid-industrial complex that’s metastasizing around government.


Making Greek yogurt

Way back last summer, when I first experimented with primal nutrition, Winston (in a comment section) mentioned something I’d never heard of at that point: Greek yogurt. Specifically whole milk Greek yogurt. (Primal nutrition means, among other things, kissing all that non-fat nonsense goodbye.) My first reponse was that I didn’t imagine that the small-town grocery stores within my range would have any such thing. Turned out I was partly wrong: Greek yogurt — but only the non-fat varieties — is readily available in the nearby stores. I’ve been buying the plain stuff ever since and mixing it up with…


Wednesday miscellany

My deadlines are going better than I thought. Still blogging. (But don’t be surprised if I miss a few days. The hardest part hasn’t hit yet. I’m working up my nerve to be Brilliant. You can only imagine what an effort that requires.) Hm. We knew “our representatives” were corrupt, hypocritical, and a lot of other things. But crazy? I mean, crazier than you’d have to be to want to run other people’s lives in the first place. LOL! Here’s the tale of a man who foreclosed on Wells Fargo. Seriously. The sheriff was going to auction off the local…


“Decentralizing the Internet So Big Brother Can’t Find You”

… That’s the title of a New York Times article about a proposal by Columbia law professor Eben Moglen to “rebuild the Internet” (without government this time) for greater privacy and individual control. Moglen has created the Freedom Box Foundation to help develop this ideas. I’d love to hear comment from you tech-oriented readers on how (or whether) you think this would work and how it might change the Netiverse. —– I’ve got three article deadlines this week, followed by a very special project. So blogging might be “lite” for the next few weeks. To keep the silence from getting…

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Just released: Rearden comes home

Oh, those teasing folks from the Atlas Shrugged movie team. They’ve just released a 3:40 minute scene from the movie. Fans of the book know this one well. Henry Rearden comes home after the proudest day of his life to be greeted by his family. Not my favorite scene, and played a little flatly perhaps. But great atmosphere and totally true to the book. I like this Hank Rearden (played by New Zealander Grant Bowler). I never pictured Rearden with Bowler’s touch of gentleness and sad humor. But it works. IMHO, it enhances the Rearden that Rand created — a…


Monday miscellany

“Confessions of a Spendaholic.” How to curb compulsive spending. (And that’s not just for people who have closets full of shoes they never wear. Even thrift-store impulses can bite you. Ask me how I know.) Turns out that drug-dog and bomb-dog handlers are unconsciously signaling the animals to produce false positives. That’s aside from the ones who do it deliberately. ADDED: Radley Balko has more on this study and others that show how cop-canine interaction is used to hurt the innocent. “Dogs must be banned from all public places!” (Never fear: spoken with tongue firmly in cheek.) Still, the Brits…

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Shunning TSA thugs

This is great and gutsy. YOU GO, boss! And hats off to a few cops, too. (Tip o’ hat to S.) —– UPDATE 2/24: Some blogs are calling this story a hoax. The OP has followed up and finds at least circumstantial evidence that the cafe refusing service to TSA agents exists. No solid proof, though. One good thing, though. As Joel points out, the story has spawned one of the best comment threads ever. And yeah, Joel. I’ll bet that first commenter wishes he’d never opened his mouth.


Anonymous, HBGary, and the Feds

It was wickedly funny when Anonymous hacked the computer system of HBGary after the CEO of subsidiary HBGary Federal, Aaron Barr, boasted that he “pwned” Anonymous and was going to expose their identities. Barr, it appears, was a publicity-seeking, fed-contract-seeking fool who got a grand comeuppance, and parent company HBGary was exposed as being the most laughably insecure “security” company on the planet. (So far.) But since Anonymous put its captured HBGary documents online, the story has gotten thicker and stranger, and the links revealed between the various Gary companies, the feds, and other powerful DC organizations are downright sinister.…