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Living Freedom Posts

Monday miscellany

A 10-year-old artist’s work is booted from an exhibition. Seems to me the reasons given for removing it are the very reasons it should have stayed. A history of the Raggedy Ann doll. Why care? Well, turns out the story involves some very contemporary-sounding issues about vaccines. Caveat: Three different sources give different accounts (others here and here). The latter is the most dramatic and so much at cross-purposes to the other two that it makes one’s head spin. Or maybe it’s just government spin. Hm. I’ve heard sociopaths sound sound just like this after being caught: trivializing the pain…


Uh oh. We’re the new “extremist threat”

When I first saw this article this morning, I didn’t pay a lot of attention and didn’t read all the way to the end. Seriously now, what comes to mind when you hear that somebody sent letters to state governors telling them to resign in three days or “be removed”? Idiotic, moronic, and blindingly stupid are words that spring into the brain, yes? Along with the clever concept of “painting a target on your own back.” Ho hum. But I should have read on. It turns out that people like me — and very likely, people like you — are…


“We are everywhere”

… says Mike Vanderboegh. And, if his idea catches on, that means even within the IRS, thanks to the health-care bill, with its need for thousands of new agents to enforce our state-defined well-being. Damn good post. Also, with tip o’ the hat to Wendy McElroy … 0


Late Thursday miscellany

One year ago today, a man named Ian Tomlinson was attacked by police. He died minutes later. They tried to cover it up, of course. Most Americans have probably never heard of Tomlinson. Let’s just say our country has no monopoly on armed thugs roaming the street in uniform. Tip o’ the hat to Jim Bovard for this lovely interactive map that shows current rates of return for census forms. Good going, Texas! Some of your counties have rates as low as 19%. Interesting that basically the whole southern tier of states is balking at the snoopery. (To see your…


Lactobacillus acidophilus:Yeah, it’s a mouthful

I’m adding a new archive category to the blog today: Health. In the years of ObamaMed, we’re going to need to take even better care of ourselves. Those doctor appointments you’ll be forced to pre-pay for are going to be harder than ever to come by. I add a health category with trepidation. For one thing, I’m one of those lucky ones who’s been blessed with good genes and mostly inclined toward … well, at least moderately healthy habits. So I’ve been able to take health for granted. For another, there’s an excess of contradictory, sometimes bogus, sometimes self-interested health…


Money matters: Credit Karma

Things have happened in the last few years that have prompted me to make life changes. No details right now. It’s not the business of the whole, wide world. Just say there’s room for ghosts, agitators, and moles, and more in freedom. One change, though, is that after years of having a house but no money, I sold Cabin Sweet Cabin last summer and moved into a friend’s trailer. So now there’s a little money but no house. That’s how I was able to go to Panama. Anyhow, after a long sometimes-painful, often blissful, non-relationship with money, its on my…


The times they are a changin’

Yep. Times are a changin’. And the Times it is a changin’ — even if only slightly. Ten years ago, the New York Times published a snarky piece about that tiny group of loons and wackos who objected to census snoopery. Among other things, the author, Gail Collins, quoted my pal Jim Bovard. Here’s a portion of her snarkfest: How many of you out there have strong reservations about the United States Census? May I see a show of hands? I thought so. Everybody’s cool. Once again, the radio talk-show circuit has plunged us into a violent debate about an…


Monday Miscellany

A collection of stuff that’s accumulated in my, “Gee, isn’t that interesting!” file over the last week or two. Well, actually some of it is from the, “Gee, isn’t that scary?” file: Step-by-step plan for fed takeover of private retirement funds. Hey, they’re gonna need the money, you know. The most important chart … of the whole century. Debt saturation and the diminishing return on every dollar. Very dramatic. Very simple. Definitely one for the scary file. When you work hard and play by the rules the house wins. From the comments section: Philalethes linked to this excellent article, “Linux,…


Linux: This time, it really IS time

Every once in a while, I beat the drum for Linux. I swear it’s not just for geeks any more. After all, I’m no geek and I’ve been using Linux — and watching it get better and better — for 12 years. Windows users usually ignore me when I bang my Linux drum. Ah well; so it goes. But a couple of things happened recently that convinced me Linux has finally, truly, really, no-kidding gone beyond being a contender against Windows for the average desktop user. It has become clearly superior to Windows for the average desktop user. So, you…


A Pict Song

Still need some bucking up after Sunday’s ObamaCare disaster? Well, here’s one small reminder that even we ignored and “powerless” individuals can — and will prevail. Okay. Maybe not exactly in our most idealized way … 0