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Living Freedom Posts


According to a Rasmussen poll: “62% of Likely U.S. Voters believe that no matter how bad things are, Congress can always make them worse.” OMG, ain’t that the truth? And ain’t that an example of uncommon sense from the v*ters? And in the weird news of the day … faux “FBI agents” take the law into their own hands. And get arrested. Nice try, boys & girl. Nice try.


A good word for cops

Well, okay. A good word for one cop, anyhow. In one specific circumstance. One of the little towns near here recently had a holiday weekend “do,” that included a kiddie carnival, a parade, a barbecue, and suchlike — along with a series of prominent locals volunteering for their turn in a dunk tank. You know the thing I mean: throw a ball, hit a target, and into a cold tank of water falls the mayor or the town’s richest citizen. Well, my friend Leslie, who found me my house, has a son who’s a cop in that town. (Yes, I…


Non-news: Nobody shot my dogs

The dogs and I are getting to know the logging roads near my new house. Logging roads are familiar territory, even though these specific roads aren’t, and we have an established routine with them. If a road is gated but open to walk-ins, we never enter if somebody else’s vehicle is parked near the gate. If a road is open to vehicles, I cruise it in the truck to see if anyone else is around before settling on a place to walk. Don’t want to disturb any hunters or other dog walkers — and don’t want to disturb my own…


Books, books, books, not to mention actual reality

Okay, patient people. With some luck your patience might soon pay off and I’ll be back to regular blogging. Friday, I’m scheduled — for the second time — to get Internet at home. That’s the good news. The bad news is … it’s via Comcast. And opinions on Comcast (oh, thank you, G.W.F.) are so very cheery. However, Comcast was my only alternative. So there it is. If all comes together as hoped, you should see more of me after Monday. And here’s more in the patience-will-be-rewarded category: By October, I should have two new books out! One you know…


A pox on CenturyLink

A small rant. About an inconsequential matter. But … well, “it’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to.” CenturyLink. The company formerly known as CenturyTel. CenturyTel was a very good company. OTOH, if you attempt to deal with CenturyLink (a metastasized version of C’Tel and something called Embarq) you may be taking your brains into your own hands. If you have any left after listening to the screaching music and shouted sales messages they have on their (I use the term lightly) customer service line. The short version: On Monday I signed up for DSL Internet. No telephone.…


Embracing the Chaos

A week without blogging! I’m sorry, guys. Between unpacking, scrubbing, trash hauling, and exhaustion (not to mention the library’s limited hours, which limit my wifi), I haven’t had it in me. I thought about blogging several times. But I figured you really wouldn’t be interested in my observations on greasy kitchen lamps or the incredibly strange mechanisms that open (or actually don’t open) old-fashioned garage doors. That’s about all that’s been on my mind the last week. I’m starting to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel now. But this week is all about article deadlines, so…


What every well-equipped home should have

Greetings from the Pacific North(very)Wet! And thanks for being patient. As Joel has been posting, I made it to my destination, but am currently sans Internet. So what little blogging I can do (between hauling trash, unpacking, and painting the insides of kitchen cabinets before putting my stuff away) will be sporadic for a while. Stick with me, please … Thanks for all the good wishes and offers of help. You have no idea how great it felt, after the crappy start of my journey, to know I had friends waiting along the road. As it turned out, the final…


Oh lord, stuck in Lodi again

Have I mentioned that I dislike travel? Yes, I do believe I’ve said that I dislike all forms of travel. Or at least all forms available to people who don’t flit around in private jets and have mechanics on call for their fleet of vintage Bentleys. I may have even used words like “hate” and “loathe,” even though, properly, terms like those should be reserved for politicians, puppy-torturers, and people who dump truckloads of litter in the woods. To wit: Here I am, a whole, whopping 150 miles from my departure point. The last last 40 of it my truck…