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Friday Freedom Question: What’s your superpower?

Okay, I presume you don’t have x-ray vision and you can’t deflect machine-gun rounds with your cool and stylish bracelets. If you turn into a giant green thug when something triggers you, I don’t want to know. But what trait do you have that you secretly think sets you above your peers? Leaving aside highly developed skills or book-learned knowledge for the moment, is there something about your character, behavior, or innate talents that you’re very proud of or that might cause others to turn to you, confident that you can handle yourself? For instance, you might be an exceptional…


It’s the sweet little details (and the pleasant surprises)

The past week I’ve been staggering between working on the new bedroom and editing the book Kit Perez and I are writing. The manuscript went to Kit yesterday for her comments and revisions. It will probably go back and forth a few more times, but for now it’s out of my hands. Yay! The bedroom project has turned from grueling into fun. I’ve reached the finishing stages, where work can be done a relaxing hour at a time, and where each hour produces more aesthetic improvement than entire weeks did not long ago. Even though it’s not done, time to…


Thursday links

  • The NSA’s mission statement as of last year. The NSA’s mission statement today. Seems they’ve given up on “honesty” and turned “transparency” into pure authoritarianism. But then, did anybody believe them in the first place? (Via The Intercept)
  • “When Corruption is a Job Perk” (cops and “get out of jail free” cards for their friends and relatives). But no worries! The cop union plans to cut corruption by as much as 1/3. Maybe even 1/2 for retired cops.
  • Commander Zero has interesting observations on a little-known experiment in starvation — and also offers his readers a chance to get in on a heavily discounted bulk buy of those excellent Mountain House foods. 13 Comments
  • Things to do during the government shutdown

    With those ever-helpful “moderates” trying to forge a deal to restart the non-essential parts of the federal government, you might … Well, wait. First we should establish what govocrats consider essential: Ahem. But while there’s still time (if the cannibalism and urban torching in your neighborhood haven’t gotten too intense), here are a few things you might consider doing any time a government isn’t looking: I’m sure you can think of more. (All images H/T MJR).



    ALERT ā€” ALERT ā€” ALERT The federal government has shut down. Please use the comment thread on this post to report all instances of rioting in the streets, highway robbery, rise of warlords, cannibalism, human sacrifice, and instances of non-essential employees reporting to work that you observe today. Iā€™m sorry that your Commentariat friends will be unable to rescue you if you are besieged in your house by zombie hordes. We will all be dealing with survival issues of our own. I plan to make it through the week on lentils. Beyond that, I may have to eat the cat.…