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Welcome to Claire's Cabal and the Living Freedom Blog!

Well, for the moment, make that welcome to the FUTURE home. The Cabal and the blog are already going strong. This page, however, is in progress. Many features (polls, login, most links at the top of the page) aren't yet activated. For all-things-Claire, check the links below. 

More Claire and Friends:

  • The Living Freedom Blog

    It's now on this site! Click and bookmark this URL:

  • Claire's Cabal is a member site where you'll find a private discussion forum, downloads of a couple of my books, books by Joel Simon, and other things being added over time.

  • My Old Wolfesblog

    Brief writings by me and several friends. Ended in 2007 and now archived by Bill St. Clair. Click here.

  • Other writings at Backwoods Home

    You will find quite a few of my articles, including Hardyville stories, indexed among the "Ws" at BHM. Click here.

  • My Old Wolfe's Lodge

    Longer-form writings by me and others, featuring the amazing Patricia Neill. From the 1990s, but still a most beautiful site. Also archived by Bill St. Clair. Click here.

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