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Living Freedom Posts

That was creepy, though.

Yesterday was pleasant and relaxing. But there was this one startling moment. We were about to get out of the car at one of our stops when Furrydoc’s smartphone suddenly screeched with a voice crying, “Alexa, play _____” (with the blank part being a particular streaming song list from Amazon). The voice belonged to one of Furrydoc’s office staffers, and she recalled the moment the previous day they were all trying in vain to get Alexa to deliver them a little Jimmy Buffett for their Friday afternoon wind-down. I think merely talking to Alexa is creepy enough. Furrydoc — having…


A market day

Sorry again for lite blogging. If it’s not days of house-project work, it’s a day of very busy “rest.” Today Furrydoc and I traveled out of town for an afternoon at farmers markets, bulk-food stores, and veggie vendors. It doesn’t make for the most compelling blogging, but it does make for a pleasant interlude. The best of it was a little coffee house where we had an unusual lunch. We each ordered a grilled chicken-apricot sandwich. Yes, chicken-apricot. Which I already knew to be a great combo. But on a sandwich? Better, that wasn’t the only surprising combination between those…



Today in 1984 Red Dawn hit theaters. I never liked the movie much, but you can’t fight history; it has become an icon of American resistance. So on its 34th anniversary, here’s some Red Dawn trivia.


During those few moments it’s actually summer

If I owe you an email (or for that matter, a blog post), please bear with me. We’re having another mini-summer and I’ve been out taking advantage of it. Today I scraped and repainted a few peeling fascia boards and set up a 60-foot overhead cable dog trolley (in hopes of eventually replacing Ava’s deplorable makeshift yard). Just as I was conditioning her to her newly enlarged (“But what’s that thing hanging over me, Mom?”) space, the lumberyard truck arrived with two yard guys and 168 long-awaited 8x16x1.5 concrete blocks. The blocks are as ugly as … well, as plain…


Lawn murder, gravel, and oh my aching back

The kid didn’t show. The 13-1/2-year-old boy whose father said he’d be glad to help with some shovel-and-wheelbarrow work is nowhere to be found — though he lives next door. I don’t think Dad forgot to tell him about the potential gig; Dad’s a hyper-responsible mill supervisor and a very involved, but traditional father. He’s eager for his oldest boy to take responsibility. As soon as I knew it would come to having to chase the kid down, I knew it wasn’t worth chasing him down. Maybe next year. —– Now I have this large area, about 30 x 30,…


Laddie’s travels

A month before MamaLiberty died, she gave her beloved corgi, Laddie, to two very nice young freedomistas from Montana. That must have been heart-wrenching. But they were great guys who already knew Laddie and would do their best for him. It turns out that their best is to rehome him. Laddie’s always been an only dog, and even after two months in their care, he doesn’t tolerate their border collie. (Two male herding breeds; not easy.) Although I was the official backup plan for Laddie, my border collie mix is considerably less tolerant (and tolerable) than theirs. The young men…