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Living Freedom Posts

Midweek links

After an eight month paid vacation, the officer who shot Justine Damond has been charged with murder and manslaughter. But for most bad cops, there’s still no fear of being caught. Take happy family photos at the gun range, get suspended from school. Sigh. New Jersey again. Scott Greenfield on those odd income disparities uncovered in a study this week. Yes, the bizarre outcomes are probably a lot more than mere racism. What if some girls just don’t want STEM careers? A VPN you use on your own server, no need to contract with a provider. That would be great.…


Basics of Resistance — pre-orders coming

I’ve been intending to blog this, but my writing partner Kit Perez got there first. Our new book, Basics of Resistance, will be published on April 19. Pre-orders for the Kindle version start April 1. There will also be a paperback; I’m not sure whether that will be released simultaneously or shortly after. We were originally hoping for a first-quarter 2018 release, but life intervened. That we are still so close to goal is largely Kit’s doing. She has been in “steamroller mode” to keep this project moving and doing a brilliant job. The ongoing final edit she mentions is…


Self-driving car kills a pedestrian

Uber suspends all testing of self-driving vehicles after one of their cars — in autonomous mode but with a human at the wheel — kills a woman crossing the street. Self-driving cars are a lot farther from prime time than their starry-eyed proponents would like us to believe. (H/T PT)


Hiking with Furrydoc

Furrydoc, our dogs, and I went woodswalking yesterday. Given Furrydoc’s schedule with the vet clinic and her active, hyper-accomplishing family, we manage to do this only a couple times a year With all the recent forest closures, we had to go 10 miles out of town to DNR lands to find a great place to hike. We climbed a logging road for about a mile before picking up a well-marked equestrian trail that took us deeper into the woods. We’ve been here before but not for a couple of years. The trail we were looking for ends in a magical…


Morning on the estuary

I spotted these guys while out walking Ava this morning. Two were familiar faces. This one objected to our presence even though we were probably 30 yards away. I have no idea what this guy is. Do you? When I first saw the three from a long distance, I thought he (she?) was a blue heron; there’s one that hangs out in the vicinity. But this bird was small and graceless. It might be a heron, but only in its dreams. I didn’t actually get a good look while I was there. We were pretty far apart. Seems one of…