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Living Freedom Posts

Those gorgeous waning days

Yesterday was the best of this extraordinary October. Temps in the low 70s, no wind, sunshine. It was also, I knew, the last of the great days, which made it very poignant as well as making me want to stay outside — a choice of which Ava heartily approved. We managed by running errands, taking extra walks, and then (because of construction traffic) a long detour into the country. —– This particular detour is a pretty as anything we’ve got around here. It runs along river and wetland, through tiny pocket neighborhoods, and past farms. Friendly and bucolic. It also…

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Autographed copies of Basics of Resistance

Just in time for Christmas (well, according to the displays in stores), I have 20 copies of Basics of Resistance to sell. These will be autographed personally to the buyer or the buyer’s intended recipients (by me; co-author Kit didn’t sign these copies). They’re $17.50 apiece postpaid, which is just hair above Amazon’s retail price for the book and shipping, depending on where they’ve mysteriously set the price on any given day. These are the only copies I’m ever likely to have to sell. Amazon gives amazingly good terms on author’s copies, but they make up for it by taking…

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Tuesday links

  • It’s only about 60 years overdue, but Congress is finally considering ending its absurd switchblade restrictions.
  • There’s been a lot of this going on, but this is big: Harvard calls for the retraction of dozens of papers by a cardiologist whose work is so groundbreaking that it influenced major medtech and startup businesses.
  • Who gives a rat’s patoot about Fauxcahontas’s DNA (which shows she may have some dim connection to Latin America)? Not her fellow Dems, who find it rather distracting three weeks before an election that’s making them increasingly nervous. 9 Comments
  • Monday links

  • Today the trial begins. A group of Asians is suing Harvard for racial discrimination in admissions. Some supporters of affirmative action have persuaded themselves that this is white supremacy in action.
  • Another powerful expose of drug war cruelty and corruption by Radley Balko.
  • Scott Greenfield takes down the notion that we need two new states. (Hey, if they get DC and Puerto Rico, we should get Jefferson, at the very least. There’s an official movement.) 6 Comments
  • Friday freedom question

    This week’s Friday Freedom Question is one we’ve visited before, but it’s always timely. I also figured I’d put it in poll form this time. Feel free to elaborate in comments. What’s your top preparedness priority right now? Find a place to relocate Improve food supplies Improve security and defense capabilities Improve first aid supplies/skills Practice with what my family and I already have Network with others/improve communications My priorities are already pretty well taken care of I’m just not focused on preparedness at all right now I have no idea; I’m overwhelmed Other Please Specify: Created with Poll Maker


    In the garden

    From yesterday: There’s something about watching a healthy young guy do sweaty, muscle-taxing “man’s work.” After he’d chopped up three designated planting areas for me. The Wandering Monk and I talked a while. We unfortunately agreed that much of the upcoming crop of young men — with their declining testosterone, estrogen-mimicking soy-and-plastic diets, and cultural castration — will be incapable of doing this sort of work. And that will be a loss both to them and to the women of their generation. To society, as well. Of course, my generation wasn’t fond of sweaty manual labor, either, and as a…


    Midweek links

  • Global warming will be responsible for …. a colossal mental health catastrophe. (Betcha thought they’d never be able to find a way to merge those two drummed-up modern crises.)
  • Google’s recent behavior shows a dark pattern for a company that once pledged not to be evil.
  • And here you thought a mere 1,000,000% inflation rate was bad. FEE sez Venezuela’s on track to hit 10,000,000% next year. 6 Comments