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Month: July 2011

Friday miscellany

Three new chapters this week in Jake MacGregor’s novel The Advisor. Chapter 19 and 20 on Tuesday. Chapter 21 last night. Good news from the lemonade wars. Well, if anything can be considered good news in this business of cops and code authoritah shutting down kids’ front-yard ventures. Can you imagine the kind of person who would — with “official” blessing — go out of his way to yell at little girls for selling lemonade? The mind boggles. But then, I suppose we’re supposed to be grateful that the criminal little lemonade pushers weren’t beaten and tasered to death. (NOTE:…


What would your legacy be?

The local downtown (such as it is) features a series of tiny parks — just green squares, really, maybe with a badly carved and crumbling wooden statue. Each of these parkettes is named after somebody. Always somebody I’ve never head of. Usually somebody even local old-timers can’t remember. In one case (I know because the plaque says so) it’s a man who owned a print shop that lasted until 1936. These sad plaques attempting to honor forgotten people got me thinking about legacies. Getting something named after you is usually supposed to be a tribute (not always, as in the…


Mad as hell and not gonna take it any more

A first-class rant from an ordinary small business person, Jim Garvin: Sad that he still feels a need to talk with the minions of Mordor at all. But I’ll bet you millions of folks who eventually listen to this will be cheering, “Yeah! What he said!” — starting with his very first question to His Betters: “Are all of you completely crazy???”


Tuesday miscellany

August 20 is Lemonade Freedom Day. “Because selling lemonade is not a crime. (H/T C^2) The Farmer Veteran Coalition. Beats the heck out of them coming back and joining the LAPD or the Podunkville “finest of the finest” SWAT team. (Thanking J. for this one) Yes, your dog really is reading your mind. (P 🙂 ) Are you the addictive type? Sez here you might be leadership material. From Ellendra in a recent comment section who says, (finally) “even the Wall Street Journal is starting to notice” that there are too many federal laws and regulations. And that the feds…


Monday miscellany

Radley Balko, who posts a lot of photos on his blog, has just posted the best two ever, bar none, no possible comparison: Cory Maye as a free man. How come Al Quaeda is always responsible, even when Al Quaeda isn’t responsible? “Playing to Your Strengths.” For some, this might be a no-brainer. But for others (e.g. who were forced or simply fell into their career paths), not so. Charles Hugh Smith is a wonderful thinker. He’s just come up with the best analysis of what the Euro really is and what the current goings on in European finances really…



Fred Reed nails it. As usual. This ties in nicely with my ongoing rants & is why I titled them for residents of the police state, not citizens of. Via Rational Review News.


Would you buy a used gun from this woman?

Well, how about a raffle ticket for a used gun? Or maybe bid on an auction for a used gun? See, here’s the deal. A person calling himself the Easter Bunny (seriously; he doesn’t dare go by Anonymous because these days the FBI will bust you for that) has offered me a gun to raffle or auction. Here’s the further deal. His catch is that I design my own camo pattern (he suggests Peeps and melons but I dunno about that) and offer this as the world’s first (and perhaps only) Claire Camo firearm. The probable gun is a Mini-14,…


A new way of routing around ‘Net censorship

To those of a certain age, “Telex” may evoke memories of large, unwieldy, chattering ancestors of the fax machine. Today Telex is something else: a potentially revolutionary way to route around Internet censorship. S., who found the information, comments (this will make more sense if you’ve read a bit on the above links): I suspect there will be a number of interesting variations on this technology. For example, the The Mental Militia forum is almost certainly monitored by one or more Three-Letter Aacronyms. The Telex approach requires many different machines in the network to run a Telex server, and is…

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How Irish Dancing Started

Okay, enough heavy stuff for the moment. On the lighter side … Have you ever wondered why those legions of Irish clog dancers almost never move their arms? Seems silly, doesn’t it, to flat-out not use such an expressive part of the body? Well, this brief video explains why by showing the origins of Irish dance. —– Shamelessly stolen from Patrice Lewis’s Rural Revolution blog