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Month: August 2011

Pix from Montana

I have about two more days of deadlining before I can get back to serious posting. In the meantime, here are some pix from the Montana ranch where L. and I stayed over the weekend. Here’s our cabin: The cabin featured solar power, a composting toilet, a claw-foot bathtub, on-demand hot water, and despite the satellite dishes, a blessed absence of all electronic media. It was a short walk from our hosts’ house, but our nearest neighbors weren’t human. This is Ben, a rescued Belgian draft horse, and one of his buddies. In the same pasture were Highland cattle. They’re…


ATF does it again

As if promoting the local scoundrels wasn’t bad enough … (Here’s the non-editorialized version for those who’d rather have their news filtered through the MSM rather than through Sipsey snark and righteous outrage.)


Raffle rifle — before picture

Here it is: The “before” picture of the rifle a reader generously donated for me to customize and raffle. Next step: Sometime in September I’ll be posting two or three custom camo candidate designs for you to vote on. Sometime in October (assuming no major glitches), I’ll have the rifle painted and ready for your online inspection.


I’m ba-a-a-ck

Returned from a lightning trip to Montana last night bearing warm memories and a freezer full of Highland beef (which my friend L. and I will divvy this morning, with some going to my vet in part payment for excellent dog care). I also returned with the generously donated raffle rifle. It’s not the Mini-14 we talked about but a rebel rifle that offers even more potential for Customized Claire Camo. I should be posting photos later today. Also plan to be catching up with both email and deadlines. I had less Internet access on the trip than I anticipated…

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Two from S.W.A.T.

People sometimes ask how I feel to be writing for S.W.A.T. magazine. Am I conflicted? Hooboy, am I. The short version of the reason I write for S.W.A.T. is that Rich Lucibella, the publisher, is more stubborn than I am. The slightly longer version is that I have the utmost respect for both Rich and Denny Hansen, S.W.A.T.’s long-time editor. I think Rich and I are pretty much attuned, philosophically. Denny and I … not always so. But he puts up with me in gentlemanly fashion and both guys have always been wonderful to work with. Both are also men…


Brilliantly sarcastic signs

A find from MamaLiberty. Brilliantly sarcastic responses to completely well-meaning signs. Not all are safe for work. But most are pretty darned hilarious. And some of them make a wonderful amount of good sense. MamaLiberty and I both sort of favored this one:


Random photo nonsense post

I’m deadlining madly for the next two weeks. And when not making my way through a pile of assignments, I’ll be making my way to Montana and back. It’s a whirlwind trip; just a few days. But the cause is excellent. A rancher — and blog reader — and his wife (who he says is a much nicer person than he is) are giving me a side of organically raised grass-fed Highland beef and are paying part of the cost of the freezer to house it. All I have to do is cover the butcher’s fees. My friend L., whose…


Monday miscellany

“Five Financial Lessons You’ll Learn from the Zombie Apocalypse.” Uh … yeah. Bovard on raising hell in subsidized housing. Typical government solution to a government problem. I’ve been wondering how long it would be before commentators started predicting the killer-rabbit moment. “Pope Tells Pilgrims to Stay True to Faith.” Why is this “news”? Why on freaking earth is this news? It’s right up there with the headline the MSM prints every six months or so: “Pope Prays for World Peace.” I mean, nothing against Catholicism. As religions go, it was one of the best I ever tried out. The pope…