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Month: October 2011

Riot dog

You may have heard about the famous riot dog that’s become a symbol of Greek resistance (or Greek mayhem, depending on your point of view). Well, check out these photos. And this being Halloween, be sure to check out the very last one on the linked page. I’m surprised cops haven’t puppycided him yet.


Monday miscellany

The road from self-reliance to self-pity. Whole gangs of “constitutional sheriffs” in Northern California? Wonders never cease. (Too bad this intriguing article never gets around to mentioning the very important state of Jefferson.) Via Wendy McElroy: You’ll never believe the latest group the FBI considers a threat. (I’m going to have to create a new topic category for Stupidity Above And Beyond the Call of Even the Government.) While I don’t agree with this writer’s snarky take on Occupy Wall Street, it sure does seem some young lefties are learning some real-life lessons. Including one right out of Atlas Shrugged.…


New from Jake and Friday links

Just one new chapter from Jake MacGregor this week. But it’s a sweet one. Good on you, Canadians, especially all you patient gun-rights activists. It seems you’re finally, really and truly to be rid of that ridiculous long-gun registry. (D’you suppose the gov will actually wipe all trace of it from existence, though? Only if your politicians and bureaucrats are more honest than ours.) The real contagion risk from Europe or how the U.S. treasury market might go blooey. (Tip o’ hat to D.) A man of principle. Scott Olsen’s condition is improving and he is now conscious, but he’s…


Pain in the brain, Thursday miscellany & thoughts for Scott

Man, this round of deadlining is hurting my head and my whole self. I’ve just done the second draft of the most difficult article I’ve written in years. Probably wrote 15,000 words overall (that’s about 1/6th of a novel, people) to get 4,000 that I hope are useable. Write, rewrite, cut, cut, cut, rewrite, cut, cut. Have a feeling the client will still want one more session of slash and burn. Maybe tear the thing down to 3,000 or 3,500. After that, more deadlines. More challenging ones, in a way. Some days, I wish I’d taken up a promising career…


ONE MAN can shut off all broadcasting in the U.S.?

… Well, we’ll see about that on November 9. From Jim B. in a comment section, the feddies will try to take over all radio and television broadcasting at 2:00 p.m. EST on that date as a “test” of the system. As one of the commentors on that article put it, this isn’t actually a test — which would be done at oh-dark-thirty. This is a demonstration. Of power. And fear. Odd, too. The old Emergency Broadcast System (EBS), which has been around since the cold war, relied on the discretion of the broadcasters (which, granted, could be fallible). The…


Monday miscellany

Some ammo for the next time some statist tells you that laws should be obeyed just because they’re there. Give ’em something to think about. This has been around a few months, but it’s pretty interesting if accurate: “Real-Life Rearden Metal?” A Lyttony of bad writing: Every winner of the Edward Bulwer-Lytton contest, 1983 to the present. That’s the contest where entrants write just the opening paragraph of a really, really, really bad novel. (Thank heaven that’s as far as they go!) Speaking of really bad, these guys (source) look like like something from the opening scene of a really…


Bug-out bag links and a friends-and-family preparedness group

“The bug-out bag resource list — covering the best sources online.” Excellent collection of links on multiple aspects of bug-out bags — everything from “What is a bug-out bag?” to special-needs bags. Great site in general. Links, links, links on many aspects of preparedness. (A couple of the links are to this blog, I’m happy to say. But there’s so much more.) —– Speaking of preparedness, here’s a real-world idea from a real do-er. One of the readers of this blog, who doesn’t want to be named, is helping his friends develop their preparedness mindset and skills in a way…


Thursday miscellany

It’s amazing — and encouraging — how many commentators suddenly seem to be realizing that the problem isn’t “right” or “left” or even a matter of a system needing “reform.” The problem is oligarchy. Tuesday I linked to a very good article about The Bigs. Novelist Barry Eisler is among the first to come right out and use the proper term. (Tip o’ hat to J.) That noxious Louisiana law banning second-hand dealers from transacting any business in cash. You may have read about it. Ellendra in the comments points to an article that says it was passed in virtual…