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Month: June 2012

Responses to the Nazgul

So how did you react when you heard the woefully misnamed Supreme Court had upheld Obamacare? I first felt a flat, cool anger — without passion because it was so without surprise. I had expected the court would shoot down the individual mandate while leaving the rest — a recipe for economic disaster, of course, since the individual mandate pays for the whole — but a snarkily satisfying slap in the face and at least a small nod in the direction of the Constitution. But nothing those government supremacists do could surprise anybody who’s observing carefully. Their actual decision is…


Greenwald on Granderson

… and what Granderson’s embarrassingly horrible “don’t be nosy” rant says about the state of establishment journalism. Thanks to real journalist (though he probably wouldn’t call himself that), Jim Bovard for the link to the always-wonderful Glenn Greenwald. BTW, for those of you who might lose lunch if you have endure Granderson’s spewings again, be aware that Greenwald quotes nearly the whole “Don’t Be Nosy about Fast & Furious” monstrosity.


Wednesday links

Show this to the innocents in your circle the next time one of them says if you obey the law you have nothing to fear. Whole family loses everything and goes to jail for … failure to speak Spanish when the feds use a Spanish speaker to frame them. Should we ban the word “trillion”? Naw. Good think piece, though. “Pry the Big Gulp from My Cold, Dead Fingers.” (H/T MJR) Sheldon Richman gives another good whack to David Brooks. “Why My Child Will Be Your Child’s Boss.” (Hint: because my child isn’t being turned into a risk-averse ninny.) (Tip…


“Don’t be nosy about Fast & Furious.”

Earlier this month, the Tubz were rattling over David Brooks’ plea for us all to know our places and respect our betters. And I was surely glad to see Radley Balko give Brooks and his Olde Establishment snobbery a good fisking. But me, I laughed. Brooks’ demand for obedience to Authoritah (any old Authoritah) was so pathetic, so obviously a dying cry from the Ancien Regime, that it delighted me. Yay! We’re out of control! Hooray! We point and snicker at the undersized dangly bits and bloated bellies of our naked emperors! That’s just how things ought to be. Today…


I hate to be sappy, but …

The simple fact is, I’m very, very grateful. Last night I was talking with somebody who has a lot of the same problems in his life that I do. They grind him down and I think he’s becoming (or more likely long ago became) very bitter. I was bitter when I was young. I’d be lying if I said things don’t get me down, even now. I’ve bled all over these blog pages often enough that you surely know I get depressed, frustrated, head-banging, angry, sad, and all the other dreary etceteras of life. More than once — heck, more…


Be a patron of the arts!

Your contribution can help a starving writer/crafter (no, not me) write his next novel and develop a novel new idea involving handmade papers and seeds. I’m talking about Carl-Bear Bussjaeger, long-time freedomista, who explains it all at that link. Once he reaches his goal, 50% of all further contributions will go to three named charities — one for animals, one for guns, one for kids. Even if you can’t contribute, please spread the word via your blog, your Facebook page, or any appropriate forums and listservs.


Monday links

EPA requires refiners to add unobtanium (or at least unable-to-obtanium) to their products. (Via Wendy McElroy) How to make an herbal raw honey ointment to treat burns and wounds, provided you don’t mind slathering something that looks like gelled split pea soup on yourself or those you love. And speaking of those you love but (take it from me) others probably don’t, Malaysia Airlines, bless the marvelously shriveled little hearts of its executives, is experimenting with child-free sections on its aircraft. I’ve marveled at how, when I get on an airplane, I’m always seated in the crying-baby section. Or next…


Weekend read: Some silly old stuff

A tumble down the rabbit hole reminded me of something I don’t do any more — write political satire. I swore off the satiric stuff for reasons written up here. I marvel that anybody can write political satire these days, since every time you turn around, government does something weirder than any satirist could dream up. No surprise people are always mistaking Onion articles for real news. But it’s a great surprise to me that Onion writers don’t scream in despair and run off and get jobs as White House press lackeys. Same talents, probably higher pay. Regardless, at the…