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Month: September 2012

Good read; good deed — Shiver on the Sky

Do you like yourself a rip-roaring novel now and then? Then may I suggest you get yourself right on over to Amazon and check out Shiver on the Sky Go ahead. I’ll wait. If you’ve got a Kindle, the book is just $.99 on Amazon. Whether or not you have a Kindle, you can read the book free with only one small catch. I’ll get back to that free-book offer in a second. Shiver is a “contemporary fantasy detective novel.” Its author, David Young, is a regular reader and occasional commentor here at Living Freedom. But I wouldn’t recommend the…


What I’m doing on my sorta vacation

What I’m doing on my summer fall vacation First I fixed a broken gun. It’s an old .22 single-action plinker probably not worth a gunsmith’s fee. That morning I met someone who claimed to be a gunsmith and he was such an ass & irritated me so much I finally tore into the thing myself. It was either fix it or get one of these. Which I really don’t need. Maybe I didn’t really have to tear it down into such itty-bitty pieces; I don’t know. This hoogie-ma-jigger here turned out to be the whole problem. Instead of turning the…


Taking time off

This coming week looks like a nice, long pause between rounds of deadlines. So I’m taking time off. I hesitate to do it because I have this terrible fear that all you lovely readers will stampede to somebody else’s blog if I miss more than a few days and never return. Yeah, I know better. If you’ve put up with me so far, I have faith you’ll put up with me a week from now. Besides, even in my absence, there will probably be conversations going on in the comment sections. And there are always Amazon links in need of…


Sweetie (Georgia Brown) update

Sorry for the sorta funky picture, but it’s what I’ve got. Better yet, it was taken yesterday at a vet’s office, where Sweetie the deaf heeler — now Sweet Georgia Brown — was declared heartworm free! at her three-month post-treatment checkup. Reports Linda, her foster-care coordinator: Her 3-month test was negative! She weighs 44.4 lb. and was a good girl w/ the vet. She’s so pretty and sweet – Foster Dad Ted has a new forever dog, Doc – mixed breed about 5 years old and she and Doc have become fast friends – Ted says they play constantly. Yesterday…


Friday links

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Obama. We eat this stuff??? Occasionally, there is justice of a sort after a puppycide. But no real justice until the cops know they’ll have to pay personally. Otherwise, it’s just more of the usual from thugs, cowards, and incompetents. Gold bars salted with tungsten: not just a paranoid rumor any more. Beloved service dog Bingo Hein has died, leaving a legacy of giving. J.D. Tuccille takes apart that report on the angelic innocence of Eric Holder. Or at least the media coverage of it.


Help save the Buckyballs!

Help save the Buckyballs! No, not the molecule. Last I heard that needed no saving. I’m talking about the nerdy magnetic executive toy. The fedgov is trying to ban it because … erm, people might feed it to their children? The company has repeatedly challenged Scott Wolfson, communications director of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, to debate Buckyballs CEO Craig Zucker live on TV. Mr. Wolfson having ignored the challenge, Zucker is now offering to defeat Wolfson in an arm-wrestling contest. (H/T S)


Oh, thank heaven

You will be relieved to know that there was NO coverup of the Fast & Furious gunwalking operation. … according to a Justice Department study commissioned by Eric Holder. —– ADDED (with H/T to Bear who put this link into the comments): Here’s a more thoughtful look at the report from the unmatchable David Codrea.


Escape from Terra

Congratulations to friend and occasional Living Freedom visitor Sandy Sandfort. Also to long-time freedomista Scott Bieser and illustrator Lee Oaks. Their graphic novel, Escape from Terra: Volume 1 has been named Freedom Book of the Month by the Freedom Book Club. July’s winner, High Desert Barbecue, was also by a friend of this blog, J.D. Tuccille. Both are fun, freedom-oriented novels. August’s winner was also by a familiar and friendly name, L. Neil Smith. I confess I haven’t yet read Down With Power: Libertarian Policy in a Time of Crisis. Guess I’d better get cracking on that! It’s either an…


Wednesday links

Great anti-drone ad from the New York Civil Liberties Union. And speaking of the (many) reasons not to give trust or power to police … if the eye-witness account is true (something that might be confirmed by a necropsy on the dead dog), this cop should never walk among civilized beings again. This really deserves a blog post of its own, but I couldn’t stand to write it. Beware: this makes the standard cop-puppycide case look loving by comparison. (H/T Wendy McElroy) Let’s change the subject and do some badly needed lightening up. Here’s a quiz for you: Which politicians…